SafeVision by Hoya is a leading North American provider of prescription safety eyewear programs through the company’s partnership with thousands of independent eyecare providers. “We provide customized solutions to protect the vision of manufacturing and industrial employees based upon the diverse needs of their unique environments,” said Bruce Scott, VP of Hoya Global Safety and Hoya wholesale division.

Scott added, “Hoya’s Global Safety Eyewear division is seeing record growth rates this year. While the global economy is suffering with dramatically rising inflation rates, production and manufacturing across the U.S. continues to be strong with the U.S. Bureau of Labor showing 2022 manufacturing jobs rising a consistent 5 percent versus the prior year. That’s good news for American workers, which in turn results in a greater need for safety eyewear.”

Scott also pointed out, “The staffing challenges experienced by so many eyecare professionals over the past two years have also affected their priorities toward prescription safety eyewear patients. With many ECPs short-staffed, more and more practices are requiring that all patients—including safety eyewear patients—make an appointment for their fitting and dispensing. This can be a challenge for a manufacturing worker who needs prescription safety eyewear in order to start their new job.”

Scott also noted, “As always, a prescription safety eyewear patient can carry many additional revenue opportunities for an independent eyecare professional. Those patients often need a new refraction. Additionally, they will normally need new dress eyewear or prescription sunwear and they may have a spouse or children who need eyewear. These opportunities are often the result of a local manufacturing employer sending their employees to local eyecare professionals—and additional foot traffic is often the one thing most desired by a business owner.”

Hoya said its best-in-class Pentax safety frame line continues to grow with new styles every year. The Pentax Classic 56 is a stylish, prescription ready, safety frame with permanently attached, anti-reflective coated side shields. The latex free, thermoplastic rubber nose pads and temple tips help keep them comfortably secure throughout the day. It is currently available in three colors: Gloss Black, Gloss Demi and Matte Tortoise. Like all Pentax safety frames, the Classic 56 meets ANSI Z87.1 standards for high mass and high velocity impact resistance.

The Pentax GT20 is a non-conductive, fully sealed goggle which comes with a removable insert for prescription lenses. A scratch resistant coating has been applied to the exterior of the polycarbonate shield and the interior has been treated with an anti-fog coating. The Pentax GT20 meets ANSI Z87.1 standards for high mass and high velocity impact resistance. The sealed design also meets the fine dust (D5) rating per ANSI Z87.1.