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August 09, 2012
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Coburn Technologies’ True-Form System


Perkins Debuts Smart Brailler

Alcon’s FreshLookColor Studio


Coburn Technologies Intros New True-Form System for High-Volume Free-Form Lens Processing

True-Form System
Top Line: Coburn Technologies is introducing the True-Form high-volume production system for free-form and traditional Rx lenses. The True-Form System consists of the new CobaltDS high-speed digital surfacing generator and CobaltDP dual spindle soft-tool digital polisher.
Close Up: There are several critical differences that set the new True-Form System apart from other high-volume digital surfacing systems currently on the market, according to Curt Brey, vice president of marketing and business development for Coburn Technologies. “The CobaltDS Digital Surface Generator uses a new cold mist cutting technology which combines the benefits of a dry cut generator with those of a wet cutting process,” said Brey. “The result: the CobaltDS eliminates the need for a large, high-maintenance water reclamation system, yet it produces a surface finish that may just be the best in the industry.

“The CobaltDP Digital Polisher is a dual spindle, high-speed polishing machine which uses only three (3) soft-tool laps to process the widest range of lenses, fast, and with crystal clear results,” Brey noted. “Together the matched technology of the True-Form system can surface all plastic lens materials precisely, but notably processes polycarbonate faster and better than has been possible before. Both machines are also compatible with comparable competitive generators and polishers so most any lab can benefit from the innovation of True-Form technology.”

Vital Stats: Coburn Technologies has successfully completed field testing, and has begun demonstrations of the new system at its corporate headquarters in Connecticut. Coburn is currently taking orders for the new True-Form system and customer shipments will begin in August. The system will be formally released at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas, NV September 6-8, 2012.;(1800)-COBURN-1

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New Device Makes Learning/Teaching Braille Easier

Perkins Smart Brailler
Top Line: Perkins Products, a division of Perkins School for the Blind and maker of the Perkins Brailler, is introducing the Perkins Smart Brailler, a multi-sensory learning product.
Close Up: The Smart Brailler is unique in its multi-function, multi-sensory output using the standard braille keyboard. Fitted with a proprietary electronic device that displays large print, simulated braille images and provides audio output, the Smart Brailler allows non-braille users to access what is being typed. Because the device is built around a Next Generation Perkins Brailler, hard copy braille is also generated simultaneously. It not only functions as a mechanical brailler, it allows a student to save and transfer electronic documents via USB, and to edit documents. Even more important, with the audio feedback and the screen which displays what is being brailled, a sighted classmate or parent can work alongside the student.
Key features include:
  • Instantaneous audio and visual feedback
  • Save and transfer electronic documents via USB
  • Acapela Text to Speech from Acapela Group
  • Document editing—Erase buttion with sensing
  • Headphone jack and volume control
  • Rechargeable and removable battery
  • Operates as a mechanical Brailler for extended use
Vital Stats: The Perkins Smart Brailler is built upon the newly released Next Generation Perkins Brailler—Version 2 platform, an upgraded version of the Next Generation Perkins Brailler which includes significant improvements to enhance its durability and performance.;(617) 972-7308

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Hoya Vision Care North America Launches New Consumer Website

More Images
Hoya Vision’s new consumer site speaks to patients with easy-to-understand information about the latest advancements in vision correction, offering straightforward explanations about the differences between Hoya lenses and other lens brands.
Top Line: After a yearlong market research study to better understand how consumers approach buying premium eyeglass lenses, Hoya Vision Care North America has launched a new consumer website designed to empower eye care patients. The approach is in direct response to research findings that consumers are focusing more on their lens treatments and frames than on what they actually see through, said Ron Barnes, director of project marketing at Hoya North America.
Close Up: Hoya’s Barnes pointed out, “After quantitative and qualitative studies, we found the vast majority of eyecare consumers don’t care about their lenses—because they don’t understand our industry jargon. That’s why so many patients still think lens brands are all the same, just commodities. So they base their purchase decisions on price alone.” In addition to the educational benefits for patients, the new Hoya Vision site can be used as a pre‐emptive sales tool eyecare professionals, Barnes said, “a way to give their patients a head start in learning about their premium lens options before their next appointment.”
Vital Stats: Detailed overviews about the advanced nature of Hoya lens products and technology, combined with general overviews and explanations about vision correction itself, invite eyecare consumers to be a part of their treatment and better inform their questions prior to their office visits. The new site will let patients know they can wear a premium lens brand, not just designer frames. Hoya will emphasize “the most advanced prescription eyeglass lenses on earth are only available at independent eyecare practices.” A “Find a Provider” section enables patients to enter their zip code to locate their nearest Hoya authorized practice.

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Alcon Upgrades Features of FreshLookColor Studio

Alcon’s Upgraded FreshLook Color Studio
Top Line: Alcon has upgraded the FreshLook Color Studio to make it easier for patients to choose color contact lenses. The new site is a fun, convenient online resource where patients can upload photos and virtually “try on” different lens colors prior to seeing their eye care professional.
Close Up: The updated FreshLookColor Studio enables patients to virtually try on color contact lenses and easily choose the best color for them. Patients who narrow their choice prior to an appointment with their ECP save time at fitting, the company pointed out.
Eye care professionals can direct their patients to prior to their office visit. An interactive application that allows users to upload photos. Patients can now zoom in/out for better clarity and “before and after” views.
Vital Stats: Consumers can now virtually try on and experience FreshLook brand contact lenses via their iPad, iPhone or Android with the free mobile app. Patients can also share their color selections with their friends via Facebook.

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