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December 19, 2012
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Zeal Optics GPS Model for $450

EXAMS / DISPENSING’s PD Measurement System
Superfocus Debuts Leonardo Collection


Hoya's Augmented Reality App


Zeal Optics Releases More Affordable GPS Model

Product: Zeal Z3 GPS
Top Line: Zeal Optics is introducing the Z3 GPS, a more affordable ski goggle for high tech consumers. With a suggested retail price of $450, it comes standard with Recon Instruments Mod GPS system and tracks GPS, speed, jump stats, altitude, temperature and other variables from an integrated 16:9 widescreen display.
“We have been doing this longer than anyone and our advancements have allowed us to really expand our offerings to bring technology to more consumers. A more affordable option has always been the goal and today we are excited to announce that it is here and almost $200 less than comparable products,” said John Sanchez, president of Zeal Optics.
Close Up: Features include:
  • Anti-fog infused lens process
  • Impact resistant frame technology
  • High density lens technology
  • 100 percent UV protection
  • Helmet compatibility
  • Dual strap adjustments
  • Zeal Optimum lens
  • Available in polarized automatic
  • Integrated with Recon MOD GPS System
  • In-goggle view-finder
Vital Stats: Zeal offers the Z3 GPS with an automatic lens that changes with the light so there is no need to carry an extra lens for $549 or with our Optimum lens for $450. To see a video about the goggle, click here.

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EXAMS / DISPENSING Debuts Accurate, Easy to Use PD and Frame Measurement System

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PD and Frame Measurement System
Top Line:’s new technology obtains PD measurements and frames sizes from a simple online photo that customers send to the company.
Close Up: To get a PD measurement for their prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses, customers simply need to place a compact disc (CD) under their chin, take a photo capturing a full headshot, and then e-mail the image to
“There was a huge need for this technology because many customers wanted to purchase prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses, but they didn’t have the appropriate pupil distance measurements to complete their order online, and it was a hassle to get the data,” said CEO and co-founder Dhavid Cooper, OD. “Many times, the information is omitted from the prescription, current tools require a simulated PD-ruler and we receive approximately one out of ten prescriptions without a PD.”
Vital Stats: The results of’s new prescription eyeglasses technology show that measurements on 70 percent of subjects were identical to, or within 1mm accuracy of the doctor’s measurement and no manual refining was needed by customer service, according to Clotilde Bedoya, marketing manager. “Our initial results suggest the tool may prove to be even more accurate than physical, human measurement,” said Bedoya. “This allows customers to save time, money and effort ordering their favorite eyewear online.”

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Superfocus Leonardo Collection Features New Styling and Redesigned Focusing Mechanism

Superfocus Leonardo
Top Line: Superfocus is introducing the Leonardo Collection, which features conventional styling and a redesigned focusing mechanism. The custom-crafted Italian acetate frames are available in light or dark tortoise. A new, easy-to-use focusing wheel is located on the bridge. This wheel enables the wearer to easily dial in perfect focus, at any distance without the blurriness, fuzzy zones or distortion associated with bifocals or progressives, according to Superfocus.
Close Up: The front lenses, incorporating the patient’s exact prescription, are held in the frame. A patented Focus Module easily snaps into the back of the frame.
The Focus Module is comprised of a transparent distensible membrane attached to a clear rigid surface. The space between the membrane and the clear rigid surface holds a small quantity of clear optical fluid. As a user moves the wheel on the bridge, the fluid is pushed forward to alter the shape of the membrane, thereby altering the flexible lens. Wearers can swap a Focus Module among different Leonardo frames.
“The Leonardo Collection offers the superior optical quality of Superfocus technology in new, more traditional styles,” said Adrian Koppes, president of Superfocus LLC.
Vital Stats: The Leonardo Collection may be ordered with SuperClear AR, Premium Tint AR or Transitions AR prescription front lenses to fit an individual’s fashion and lifestyle.

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AR App Lets Patients 'Experience' Hoya Lenses Before Purchasing Them

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HVC Viewer
Top Line: Hoya Vision Care has developed an augmented reality app for the iPad, known as the Hoya Vision Consultant Viewer, or HVC Viewer, that allows patients to "experience" the benefits of their Hoya lenses before they buy them.
Close Up: The optician picks the appropriate lens type for the patient form the available modules, for example progressive lenses, then the patient holds up the iPad and through the camera can look around the room and see the benefits Hoya progressive lenses will provide as they would experience them.
“This is an exciting use of technology,” said Barney Dougher, president of Hoya Vision Care, NA. “Everyone in the optical business is tired of trying to explain what ‘better’ means to their patients. Now we can actually show them what better means with a near real life experience. That is the power of this augmented reality app.”
The key to the HVC Viewer is that it is a consumer benefits driven sales consultation. Spectacle lens wearers will be able to simply experience the difference in performance between various types of lenses in real life situations.
The HVC Viewer has five modules:
  1. Progressive Lenses—Demonstrate the difference in performance across the range of progressive designs, show how fields of view and distortion change, and adjust the power and add to the patient’s prescription.
  2. Single Vision Lenses—Demonstrate the difference between bi-aspherical, aspherical, and standard designs, show how different distortion levels may affect visual and binocular perception as well as adjust the sphere, cyl and axis for a more precise experience.
  3. Indoor Lenses—Show the difference between standard reading lenses compared to other premium indoor solutions in a variety of situations such as computer lenses to combat CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome).
  4. Anti-Reflective Treatments—Easily show the increase in comfort derived from glare reduction, improved contrast and an increase in sharpness.
  5. Polarized Lenses—Show how polarization enhances comfort by increasing contrast and reducing glare.
“Hoya is working hard to make known both in the industry and to consumers directly the benefits of Hoya technology versus competing lens technologies,” noted Ron Barnes, director of project marketing for Hoya Vision Care, NA. “Together with Spectangle, the HVC Viewer gives independent ECPs the tools they need in order to demonstrate just how unique an experience the patient will receive when they are prescribed Hoya lenses. It is this type of technology that will ensure brand differentiation for independents when consumers are considering them, a big box or internet-based retailer.”
Vital Stats: The HVC Viewer app is $119.99 and can be downloaded from an iPad via the Apple iTunes App store.

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