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June 06, 2013
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Santinelli’s High Curve Tracer

Briot/Visionix Debut New Website


BPI’s Compact PAL Mark Identifier


Santinelli’s New LT-1200 X-treme-D Features High Curve Frame Trace Capability

LT-1200 Xtreme-D High Curve Tracer
Top Line: Santinelli International’s new generation display screen tracer, the LT-1200 Xtreme-D, features high curve frame trace capability with fully automatic operation. The unit’s unique mechanical design includes a variable fulcrum stylus which keeps the axis angle perpendicular to the frame at any curve.
Close Up: The LT-1200’s ability to reproduce optimal digitized frame data, regardless of frame curve, is achieved with sophisticated software that algorithmically calculates the effect that the curve imparts on the frame size. The potential for distortion is eliminated on even the thinnest, most flexible of frames as the tracer utilizes 50 percent less stylus pressure than previous models, according to Santinelli. The stylus approach is 90 degrees perpendicular to the frame, as well as horizontally parallel, at any height of the curve. This method disperses stylus pressure over a larger area of the frame than just at the point of contact.
Constructed of durable tungsten-carbide material, the unit’s newly designed stylus tip prolongs the life of the stylus. Additionally, this new design reduces abrasion and friction, consistently producing a smoother, more accurate digitized trace of any frame. The three-axis assemblies—horizontal, vertical and rotational—which control and guide the stylus operation, are 100 percent gear-driven and provide an effective, free-floating center axis of dimension capture. The unit’s stylus turret is void of obsolete belts, pulleys or bearings, protecting its functionality from harmful debris. Upon closing, the upper and lower frame sliders interlock in a “tongue-and-groove” design, thereby protecting the mechanical core of the tracer. An integrated door is fitted on the unit as secondary protective measure. As a result, the LT-1200’s technology will provide years of trouble-free operation and optimum performance.
The unit’s 10.4” color, LCD touchscreen gives the operator a quick view of traced data confirmation, as well as other pertinent information for lens processing, such as “A”, “B”, “DBL”, “ED”, and “C-Size”. The ergonomically-designed, tiltable touchscreen is highly intuitive for ease-of-operation, featuring an array of functions that include Shape Editing Mode for creating customized rimless and semi-rimless eyewear. The on-screen display allows tracing data editing “by quadrant”. Frame angle data entry and/or adjustment (“Z-Tilt” angle) are also possible when necessary, if tracing demo lenses or patterns of high curve frames.
Vital Stats: Using proprietary 3-D patented technology, the LT-1200 captures tracing data by digitizing 1,000 reference points per eye for maximum precision, consistently achieving a 99.9 percent level of accuracy and greater one-cut edging results. The unit is a simple “plug and play” and is VCA compliant.; (800) 644-3343

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Luxottica Updates Online Purchasing Via New B2B Site,

More Images
Luxottica is rolling out a major update to improve online B2B purchasing for its accounts via the new, with a number of new site enhancements. Multi-lingual options, real-time order tracking, enhanced product images and best seller lists are among the new features.
Top Line: “Over the last two years we have been on a journey to simplify our processes and make it easier for our customers to do business with Luxottica. As part of this effort we realized that our customers rely more and more on our B2B site as an essential tool to access our services around the clock and with the convenience of an online engine,” pointed out Holly Rush, SVP sales, Luxottica USA. She added, “We also realized that our site, designed more than five years ago, wasn’t quite up to date with the most recent developments happening on the web that all of us are becoming accustomed to. For this reason we have conducted focus groups with our customers to better understand their feedback and factor their needs and wants in an entirely redesigned interface which we are thrilled to introduce with the new name of We are working on a number of new features which will be rolled out over the course of the next few months as our customers become more familiar with the new look and feel of the tool. The full redesign of our B2B site is only one part of a broader set of initiatives we are working on aimed at making the experience provided by Luxottica unrivalled in terms of service.”
Close Up: Luxottica accounts will need to register for the new site and set up new passwords. The new B2B functionality tailors to each account, the company said. The new site enables accounts to set up multiple users. They can search by brand or product feature or click on “Inspire Me” to see trends and new collections. Users can filter and search by brand and size, and view multiple frames per page or single views. Many frame models, soon to be all, can be viewed as a 360-degree view. Entered orders will also display measurements of all frame sizes, including bridge, a/b measurements, temple length and material. The site will display real-time availability. Accounts will see their frame rep’s contact info as well as all pending orders. Another new feature enables users to reset their own passwords rather than call into customer service.
Vital Stats: Luxottica is slowly rolling out the new B2B site to accounts by invitation. However, registered accounts who are interested in signing up and gaining access to the new site can request it via an enrollment form.

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New Briot and Visionix Website Features Equipment and Instruments

Briot/Visionix Website
Top Line: Briot and Visionix recently unveiled a new website which offers a contemporary look that allows the company’s U.S.-based consumers and global consumers to use one interface focused on streamlining the user experience. The site features both edging systems and instruments, and is designed to be a one-stop-shopping trip for practices looking to upgrade or build their exam rooms, pre-test areas, and labs.
Close Up: The site features enhanced resources and functionalities that are facilitate interaction with Briot and Visionix teams based in the U.S. Users have the opportunity to browse our selection of equipment and instruments, download and print brochures, view accessories, browse technical support questions, view career opportunities, and more.
  • Interactive sales team map by territory
  • E-catalog of all edgers with downloadable PDF brochures and product videos (not applicable on every machine)
  • E-catalog of all instruments with downloadable PDF brochures and product videos (on Wavelens Pro)
  • E-Catalog of accessories with photos, descriptions, and part numbers for ease of ordering
  • FAQs and technical support for edgers by machine type allows users to see if their issue can be resolved by the diagnosis/steps process to repair or calibrate.
Vital Stats: Clickable links to Briot/Visionix social media on every page provide information about career opportunities, company history, industry partnerships and trade shows.; (800) 292-7468

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BPI Intros a Portable, LED-Powered PAL Mark Identifier

BPI Mini ID Tech (#18302)
Top Line: BPI (Brain Power Inc.) is introducing the Mini ID Tech, a compact, affordable and lightweight unit designed for lens inspection and progressive lens mark identification.
Close Up: The majority of progressive lens manufacturers employ laser-etched molds to help opticians identify the manufacturer, lens style and add power of the lens. The BPI Mini ID Tech, which is battery powered, uses a multi-LED light source with a multiple crossed Foucault knife edge pattern for improved viewing of those marks.
Vital Stats: The Mini ID Tech has a very small footprint.; (800) 327-2250

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