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July 18, 2013
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Ultra Optics 'OTB' System
Eyefinity, MMI Partner on EHR


Signet Armorlite's Kodak Lens IDS


Vision Dynamics Glass Polish


Ultra Optics Debuts 'On The Block' Backside Coating System

Product: Ultra Optics "OTB" Backside Coating System
Top Line: Ultra Optics is introducing a new innovative design in backside coating application.
Close Up: The OTB (On The Block) Backside Coating System retains the time- proven durability and reliability of Ultra Optics’ MRIII backside coating unit, while moving the lacquer application process to a new level of performance. The OTB system provides features and benefits as follows:


Front-side lens surface protection
Material support for thin high index lenses
Post-surfacing (coating) de-blocking
Heated wash process
Monitored water and air quality
Measured UV light intensity
Interactive software

Less scratch related breakage
Eliminates lens warping

Improved workflow and yields
Less "pit" related breakage
Consistent quality and yield
Consistent cure and film performance
Proactive diagnostic and maintenance

Vital Stats: 25” Wide x 30” Deep x 76” High. Physical Location: Air exchange rate of 4 to 5 cycles per hour. A normal HVAC system will provide 3 to 6 air exchanges per hour.; (800) 365-9993>

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Eyefinity and Modernizing Medicine, Inc. Form Technology Partnership

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Eyefinity EHR
Top Line: Eyefinity and Modernizing Medicine, Inc. (MMI) announce a new technology partnership that will integrate Eyefinity’s award-winning practice management portfolio with MMI’s Electronic Medical Assistant (EMA), a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) solution, resulting in a fully-integrated offering for the optometry industry. This partnership will provide optometry practitioners and physicians with the next generation of cloud-based technologies that will enable their practices to meet the demands of an evolving industry, with an adaptive learning engine and intuitive user interface built by medical industry experts and optometrists for maximum workflow efficiency, the companies said.
Close Up: Eyefinity is launching the new product, Eyefinity EHR, in late 2013.
Eyefinity EHR features include:
  • Native iPad technology: Provides fast, easy workflow in the palm of your hand.
  • Cloud-based documenting: Charts available at multiple practice locations eliminating costly hardware; built-in data backup included.
  • Adaptability to diagnosis style: Adaptive learning eliminates the need for complicated templates.
  • Enhanced communications: Features intra-office e-mail, as well as built-in call and task buttons to order tests.
Vital Stats: For the latest information on Eyefinity EHR, including videos about this new product offering coming later this year, visit Customers interested in this new technology can register on an exclusive list to be the first to learn more.;

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Signet Armorlite Intros Kodak Lens Dispensing Software

Kodak Lens Intelligent Dispensing Software (IDS)
Top Line: Signet Armorlite is introducing the Kodak Lens Intelligent Dispensing Software, also known as Kodak Lens IDS.
Close Up: Compatible with the latest version of the iPad with Retina display, Kodak Lens IDS is an app composed of three separate sections: frame, lens and measure. The frame section compares and shares photos of patient frame options. The lens section assists the eyecare practitioner in educating the patient about the visual benefits of Kodak progressive lenses including Kodak lens designs as well as polarized, photochromic and AR coating options. The measure section optimizes the use of an iPad by quickly turning it into a measuring device. With the help of a back plate with light and a frame measurement clip, patients’ prescriptions can be easily and accurately collected.
Vital Stats: To view an informational video about Kodak Lens IDS, visit the Signet Armorlite YouTube channel.; (800) 950-5367

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Vision Dynamics Intros New Glass Polish in Economical Sizes

Top Line: Vision Dynamics is introducing CrystalClear glass polish, a new high grade polish for polishing glass lenses. “As the processing of glass lenses shrinks, the cost of buying polish in traditionally available quantities has become quite expensive,” said Eric Lindquist, national sales manager. “At Vision Dynamics, our polish is available in smaller more economical weights to right size your inventory.”
Close Up:
  • Premium white rare earth cerium oxide powder ideal for polishing glass lenses
  • Color: White
  • Median Particle Size: 2.2u
  • Neutral PH
  • % Cerium Oxide: 95%+
  • Recommended Baume: 8° - 10°
Vital Stats: Available in one and five gallon buckets; (800) 797-2743

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