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September 05, 2013
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Vmax Vision's PSF Integra

WEB TECH Redesign
Transitions Optical's New Tech Resource


iSonic's New Pupilometer and Ultrasonic Cleaner


Vmax Vision Intros PSF Integra, a 'Complete Refraction Lane-in-a-Box'

Product: PSF Integra
Top Line: The PSF Integra from Vmax Vision is a complete "refraction lane-in-a-box."
Close Up: Vmax Vision's PSF Integra promises to add extra efficacy and productivity to users of the PSF Refractor. Reducing the refraction lane by a third it enables the achievement of the highest level of precision and accuracy but in one third of the space and without inducing accommodative response. Providing a 20 feet effective distance, it eliminates the need for practices to have a 16 to 20 foot lane. With the PSF Integra, eyecare practitioners can now double working capacity and revenue, without the need to create more space. They can fit the system in the pre-test area and perform the subjective refraction alongside the other pre-tests such as auto-refraction, OCT or retinal cameras, which up until now was not possible.
Vital Stats: The PSF Refractor from Vmax Vision uses Point-Spread Function (PSF) to measure patients' subjective visual response to a point source. It enables the correction of higher-order aberrations, resulting in refractions that are up to five times more precise than with a phoropter and measuring to 0.05D accuracy. Complementing the PSF Refractor are the Encepsion lenses, which are premium free-form lenses available as progressive or single-vision lenses. Manufactured using 100 percent digital, free-form Diamond Point Technology, they are designed to incorporate the patient’s lifestyle and individualized fitting data. The System also comes with voice-guided instruction software for the PSF Refractor, which audibly guides the patient through each refraction test. With the addition of this unique voice instruction, refraction training time is significantly reduced, while ensuring a consistent quality of testing.; (321) 972-1823

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Local Eye Site Relaunches Job Search Website

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Local Eye Site has unveiled a completely redesigned website. The move marks the first major rebuild of, the leading job search platform focused entirely on the eyecare industry. The new site has been developed from the ground-up to better manage increasing traffic, along with greater numbers of registrations and job listings. With more than 65,000 registered users, and nearly 700 listed jobs, “the upgrade will ensure that Local Eye Site remains the single most comprehensive resource for jobs in the eyecare industry,” said Brad McCorkle, founder of Local Eye Site.
Top Line: “Our goal with this redesign was to create an even better experience for our users, while also building an improved infrastructure that will handle greater traffic and future development on all platforms, especially mobile.” said McCorkle. A redesigned logo and refreshed color scheme also feature prominently on the new site. Added McCorkle, “We’re proud to have served thousands of job seekers and employers in our industry over our first six years.”
Close Up: Users should expect a familiar experience. “The new site offers enhanced functionality and more flexible job posting options, but what hasn’t changed is that employers still have access to the Power Network, and everything remains free for job seekers,” McCorkle added.
Vital Stats: features a seamless job search and application process along with a simple job posting template.; email at; (888) 919-0862

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'Transitions Tech Talk' Resource Sheds Light on the Technology Behind Adaptive Lenses

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Transitions Optical's "Tech Talk" Facebook tab
Top Line: Transitions Optical has launched a new "Tech Talk" Facebook tab on the company’s professionals Facebook page, The tab features Transitions researchers responding to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning adaptive lens technology, technical papers and a question-and-answer section, which allows visitors to ask a question directly of the experts.
Close Up: The Transitions Tech Talk tab includes content focused on the newest additions to the Transitions family of products. Only 54 percent of eyecare professionals who answered a recent survey on technical knowledge were able to select an accurate description of how Transitions XTRActive lenses work; and even fewer understood the performance behind Transitions Vantage lenses (48 percent) and Transitions Drivewear lenses (38 percent). Even out of those who rated themselves as "very confident" in their understanding of how photochromics work, only 12 percent were able to identify the correct answers for how all three of the above products perform.
Vital Stats: Included as part of the new Tech Talk education is a paper on Transitions XTRActive lenses. These lenses provide an option for patients who spend more time outdoors, and/or behind the windshield of a car, and want extra protection in those situations. After a brief introduction to how photochromics work, the paper provides a look behind the technology to explain how visible light activation was used to give consumers another choice in adaptive lens technology.

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iSonic Releases Pupilometer and Ultrasonic Cleaner

Product: Deluxe Pupilometer H4 and Ultrasonic Cleaner D7920
Top Line: The H4 pupilometer has self-checking features to ensure accuracy over time, patented needle protection against dropping, adjustable precision, shutoff time, brightness, manual/auto shutoff, LED light. The unit offers better quality and features than common pupilometers on the market, according to iSonic.
Close Up: The D7920 ultrasonic cleaner uses full waveband technology with cleaning efficiency two times higher than common personal ultrasonic cleaners using half waveband technology, iSonic said. A large 0.8 qt. tank can hold two pairs of eyeglasses. Recommended for use in stores. The company offers other models and a cleaning solution that are best for promotion or retail use.
Vital Stats: iSonic offers a full line of optical instruments, ultrasonic cleaners, pliers, screwdrivers, measurement gauges, repairing tools, accessory and trays, miscellaneous products and cutting tools.; email at; (847) 850-0404

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