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December 12, 2013
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MaximEyes EHR Software Complies with IHE HL7

WEB TECH Try-on App for iPhone and iPad


OptiSource Intros IFP
Eye Designs Lab Organization Kits


First Insight's MaximEyes EHR Software Complies with Interoperability and IHE HL7 Standards

MaximEyes EHR Software
Top Line: First Insight Corp. has successfully passed the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s 2013 Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) Eye Care Connectathon four-day onsite supervised testing by demonstrating MaximEyes EHR interoperability capabilities using the IHE Technical Framework.
Close Up: “MaximEyes certified EHR addresses the issues of connecting and communicating with other systems and devices so healthcare professionals can easily exchange data and interpret shared data,” said Nitin Rai, president and CEO of First Insight. “Interoperability enables better workflows and clinical summaries so health care professionals can share data accurately, effectively, securely and consistently with other information technology systems, software applications, and networks in various settings.”
Vital Stats: MaximEyes EHR conforms with IHE ADT (patient registration) and OP (Order Placer) actors, and adheres to all transactions required in the IHE Technical Framework to support the IHE integration profiles and profile options. In addition, MaximEyes EHR supports IHE HL7 standards for exchanging, integrating, sharing, and retrieving electronic health information seamlessly with other medical applications. For more information about the MaximEyes IHE Integration, view the MaximEyes IHE Integration Statement.; (800) 920-1940

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WEB TECH's Virtual Try-On App Now Available for iPhone and iPad

Top Line:’s virtual try-on app is now available for iPhone and iPod touch devices. Its 3D-fit technology was launched for the iPad in July and introduced in VMail April 15, 2013. Online shoppers can now virtually try on and purchase’s growing inventory of branded eyeglasses and sunglasses using all of Apple’s mobile devices.
Close Up: Similar to the iPad app, the iPhone and iPod touch iteration is free in the iTunes store and allows users to easily and virtually try on hundreds of frames from the comfort of their own home, on-the-go or anywhere they have an internet-connected Apple device. The user experience is based on the iPad version, with modifications and enhancements to cater to a smaller screen, a more mobile experience, and iOS 7.
Vital Stats: With the iPhone and iPod touch app, shoppers can still view their 180-degree 3D rendering from all angles, compare multiple glasses and sunglasses side-by-side, and share favorites with friends and family via social media and e-mail. For accuracy, a zooming option provides users a closer view of their rendering and the same level of product detail, regardless of screen size. Shoppers can now send their photos via text message, and opting for push notifications will alert them of current promotions or new brands available. With iOS 7, the app now includes blink detection technology to identify the user's blinks and remove them from the rendering. is a division of 1-800 CONTACTS, Inc., a subsidiary of WellPoint, Inc.
To download the app for iPhone and iPod touch, visit the iTunes app store. To download the iPad version, click here.; (800) 266-8228

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OptiSource Introduces Super Intermediary-Film-Pad (IFP)

Super Intermediary Film Pad (IFP)
Top Line: OptiSource International has developed a second generation anti-slip film disc designated for the challenges of today’s and future hydrophobic coating developments. Lens and coating companies are pushing technology boundaries with higher surface contact angles, leading to slicker, more oil-resistant coatings. The Super IFP is a clear, thin film pad that has a specially formulated high-tack adhesive designed to grip to the smoothest, slickest, most oil-resistant surfaces; while its top side is designed to have any standard blocking pad adhere to it. After edging, the Super IFP is easily removed and leaves no residue on the lens.
Close Up: OptiSource introduced the original IFP over eight years ago as one of the original solutions to edging hydrophobic AR coated lenses. The IFP was a solid performing pad that many labs and ECPs have come to rely on to improve edging success and reduce breakage. “Today’s super hydro/oleophobic lenses are more advanced than just six-months ago,” said Daryl Squicciarini, president of OptiSource. “Edging pads have been challenged to keep up with these ever-changing coating demands. Our Super IFP Pad eliminates slippage while edging these lenses and provides a cost effective solution to the customer.”
Vital Stats: Due to its high-strength adhesive, Super IFP is only recommended for use on super hydrophobic and oleophobic rated coatings.; (800) 678-4768

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Eye Designs Introduces Lab Organization Kits

Eye Designs Lab Kits
Top Line: Eye Designs Lab Kits create a more efficient and convenient work space where each lab tool and frame order has its place and is easily accessible.
Close Up: Lab Kits feature wall-mounted panels along with a variety of accessories such as aluminum shelves, open bins and multi tool holders. The wall panels are constructed of marine-grade plastic for extreme strength and durability while the specialized accessory components snap and lock into place for stability.  These panels and accessories easily organize every item in the lab and keep prescriptions organized and ready for delivery in individual trays. With a neutral gray finish and anodized aluminum and black components, Lab Kits are modern and stylish to also enhance the overall design of the lab environment.
Vital Stats: Lab Kits are available in three different options to meet all storage and organization needs. Each individual Lab Kit includes two wall panels with a variety of accessories and measures 24” w x 48” h.; (800) 346-8890

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