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February 13, 2014
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WOS Adds Online Product Demos


Arch Crown’s Winter Catalog
Santinelli’s Titanium Pad Arm Kit


Western Optical Training Videos

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Product: Western Optical Live!
Top Line: Western Optical Supply (WOS) has added a new element to its product catalog: online product demonstrations of the company’s exclusive line of hand tools and dispensing accessories.
Close Up: Visitors to WOS’ website,, can see over 50 video demonstrations by clicking on Western Optical Live! or on the product demonstration links.
Vital Stats: “We are constantly coming out with new tools that make the optician's tasks easier,” said WOS president, Joshua Freilich. “However, the tools are unfamiliar. In a catalog the product is lifeless on the page as opposed to when we demonstrate the tools at a trade show. We love it as opticians’ faces light up when they comprehend how the tool will make their life easier. We wanted to bring that experience to a wider audience. Additionally, there is the situation where a tool sits in a drawer and goes unused because an understanding of its function has been lost over time. With Western Optical Live! the optician can get a refresher course on the tool's functionality.”; (800) 423-3294

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Arch Crown Releases Winter 2014 Op-Tag and Label Plus Bar Code Technology Catalog

Arch Crown Winter 2014 Op-Tag and Label Plus Bar Code Technology Catalog
Top Line: Arch Crown’s 40-page catalog features a full line of bar code technology products and over 100-style stock, pre-printed and custom printed Op-Tags and labels.
Close Up: New TT368 thermal transfer tags for OfficeMate software users are available in seven colors: yellow, lavender, pink, orange, green, blue and white. TT368 tags are recommended for color-coding and inventory control. Paper tags have full adhesive tails and are compatible with most thermal transfer printers.
Save $50 on Arch Crown’s Thermal Transfer Starter Package featuring the Datamax-O’Neil E-Class Mark III-A Advanced Printer. Starter Package includes everything needed to print tags using your own computer. The Mark III-A is economical to operate, requires minimum power, reduces material waste, is easy-to-install, easy-to-operate, and can lower your material costs.
New BarTender software is easy-to-use for thermal transfer printers. Professional label design software offers benefits of thermal transfer printing to businesses that currently do not have bar code printing capability.
Vital Stats: Free tech support is available from authorized factory trained technicians. Free samples and catalog are also available.; (800) 526-8353

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Santinelli Offers Titanium Pad Arm Kit

Titanium Pad Arm Kit
Top Line: Complementing its new collection of optical tools, supplies and working aides, Santinelli International now offers a simple and effective way to add nose bridge support to plastic frames with its Titanium Pad Arm Kit. The addition of nose pad arms is a perfect solution for patients with low nose profiles who prefer wearing plastic frames. The pad arms raise the frame, allow for greater adjustment of pantoscopic tilt and, most importantly, prevent the frame from continuously sliding.
Close Up: After removing the existing integral nose pads on either a zyl or optyl frame, the pad arms can be mounted by simply drilling a tiny hole into the frame’s bridge with the provided pin vice and drill bit. The titanium arms are inserted into the frame and securely held in place by the specially designed “barbed-end” posts of the arms. The process is simple and clean without the need for any glue or chemical adhesive.
Vital Stats: The kit includes a pin vise, drill bit, punch tool, 15 pairs of PVC nose pads and titanium arms in assorted colors, all stored in a handy organizer to keep tools and parts secure. Pad arm refills are available in a variety of colors, styles and sizes.

See the Titanium Pad Arm Kit in action by viewing the video at To place an order or request Santinelli’s new catalog, call (800) 644-3343 (option 6).

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