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July 10, 2014
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Smart System 20/20 Software Update


Williams Group Launches
New Coppertone Website


M&S Technologies Releases 2014 Version of Smart System 20/20 Software

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Smart System 20/20
Top Line: M&S Technologies recently released a 2014 version of their Smart System 20/20 software.
Close Up: New features in this version include: ColorCheck Color Test, Dynamic Fixation Disparity (co-developed with David G. Kirschen, OD, PhD), the Harris Contrast Sensitivity and Visual Acuity Test (co-developed with Paul A. Harris, OD) and the Richer Glare Test (co-developed with Stuart P. Richer, OD, PhD). Customers with the Smart System Tablet also have four new features for stand-alone near testing.
“We continue to develop new technologies to further assist the eyecare professional. This release, one of our most significant, differentiates M&S from all other static resellers of computerized vision testing. Our continued development of the Smart System gives the practitioner more precise information in order to arrive at a better diagnosis,” said Joe Marino, president of M&S Technologies.
Vital Stats: The 20/20 system includes eETDRS, Contrast Sensitivity Testing protocols with normative data, electronic Low Vision Testing (eLVT), a variety of charts, rich multimedia and integration with the leaders in automated refraction technology. The 20/20 system provides all of the features and functionality of Smart System in an easy-to-install integrated computer and monitor, all developed and manufactured in the U.S.; (877) 225-6101

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Williams Group Launches Social Media Tool for Independent Practices

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Top Line: Williams Group has launched wgsocial, a comprehensive social media solution for independently-owned optometry practices. Designed to make practices more successful and productive, wgsocial sets up social media profiles, crafts content for various platforms, develops strategies to engage and grow a practice’s web following, and more.
Close Up: wgsocial is designed to help alleviate the time-consuming tasks associated with social media as well as help practices navigate and adjust to the constantly-changing landscape of social media. All content from wgsocial is built to play on current social media trends, making it highly interactive and shareable. Every weekday, practices receive content to post and connect with their audience. With so many great posts, ideas, and tips provided by wgsocial, eyecare professionals can effortlessly build an engaged online community.
To further boost the online visibility of each practice, wgsocial will also create a practice blog with a custom URL. Once a week, a new eyecare-related post will appear on the practice blog and cross-post to the practice’s social media pages. Each blog is optimized during setup to make it appear higher in search engine results and experience higher click through rates. This allows the practice to reach more web users and position itself as an authority on eye-related topics.
The social media channels handled by wgsocial include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. As a part of the program, clients will also benefit from a wgsocial blog, quarterly campaigns, custom imagery, analytics snapshots, weekly tips, and content templates.  
Vital Stats: For a limited time, practices interested in wgsocial can request a free seven-day membership trial here.; (800) 676-9076

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New Coppertone Polarized Lenses Website Connects With Consumers on All Devices

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Top Line: Vision-Ease Lens (VEL) is introducing the newly redesigned Coppertone Polarized Lenses website, The site’s mobile-responsive design delivers information to smartphones, tablets and computers, and its sharp layout and intuitive navigation allow consumers to learn more about Coppertone Polarized Lenses wherever they are—at home, at the optometrist or on the go.
Close Up: The new, sleek design prominently features Coppertone Polarized Lenses ambassador and U.S. soccer legend Mia Hamm. Visitors are encouraged to learn more about Coppertone Polarized Lenses through revamped navigation at the top of the page.
“It’s estimated that 65 percent of tablet shoppers and 59 percent of smartphone shoppers use their device to research product information,” said Jay Lusignan, marketing communications manager at Vision-Ease Lens. “As we adapt for these mobile shoppers who discover our product via social media and online ads, this new website will connect them with Coppertone Polarized Lenses and nearby providers.”
Vital Stats: Because the website is mobile responsive, the layout and design adjust based on the device accessing the site. This helps the website load more quickly on mobile devices, and presents the information in an engaging, user-friendly way.; (800) 328-3449

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