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August 28, 2014
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MaximEyes, Vestrum Health EHR Integration


CooperVision’s LensFerry Service


Tech-Optics’ Monoculars and Loupes


First Insight, Vestrum Health Announce MaximEyes EHR Data Aggregation Integration

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Product: MaximEyes EHR Integration with Vestrum Health’s EHR Data Aggregation Technology Platform
Top Line: First Insight, developer of MaximEyes cloud-based practice management and 2014 Certified EHR software, and Vestrum Health announced that MaximEyes EHR is now compatible with Vestrum Health's EHR data aggregation technology platform.

Close Up: "Vestrum Health is a proprietary, secure and regulatory-compliant EHR data aggregation platform where participating physicians can securely transmit their EHR data to a proprietary database, without compromising the stability and security of their EHR system," said Nadeem Ahmad, Vestrum Health's director of operations. "Physician and patient identifiers are removed in accordance with HIPAA regulations and the data is made available to participating physicians for analytics and clinical research. Physicians always retain control over how their data is utilized. In addition, in an industry first, Vestrum Health shares a significant portion of revenue generated by data sales in the form of royalty payments to participating physicians who choose to commercialize their de-identified data. Vestrum Health provides physicians with the ability to finally capture a monetary return on their EHR investment."

Nitin Rai, First Insight's president and CEO, commented, "First Insight securely uploads a participating physician's de-identified patient data from MaximEyes to the Vestrum Health servers where it will be converted by Vestrum Health into an easily analyzable format. Our goal is to always provide our customers with the best experience, service and value in the EHR industry. By collaborating with Vestrum Health, we are providing additional value to our physician customers."

Vital Stats: Vestrum Health was founded by retina specialists in 2012 to provide physicians with the opportunity to unlock the value of their EHR data. The company’s patent-pending technology platform facilitates the aggregation and de-identification of EHR data for clinical research, analytics and commercialization.;


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CooperVision to Launch E-commerce Service for Contact Lens Ordering

Product: LensFerry
Top Line: CooperVision is unveiling an e-commerce service designed to help independent eyecare practitioners build their contact lens business and provide patients with an online method of purchasing their lenses from the ECP’s practice. The service, which will be part of WebSystem3’s EyeCare Prime suite later this year, includes contact lenses from all manufacturers at ECPs’ specified prices.
Close Up: CooperVision is offering the service, called LensFerry, through its WebSystem3 subsidiary. Now in its U.S. beta release, LensFerry allows wearers to quickly and conveniently order replacement contact lenses from any manufacturer via their mobile device, tablet or computer for fast shipment to their homes. The prescribing practice receives the sales revenue as if the lenses had been ordered in-office, and all LensFerry communications are customized with the practice’s name and/or logo.
Vital Stats: CooperVision said LensFerry was developed with input from a group of U.S. optometrists representing a range of practice sizes and locations. The service’s beta launch period is anticipated to take place over the next 90 days, accounting for testing and final design. LensFerry is then expected to roll out to other U.S. practices, with the potential for select international availability in 2015.;

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Tech-Optics Releases Task-Vision Custom-Mounted Monoculars

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Product: Task-Vision Custom-Mounted Monoculars
Top Line: Tech-Optics International, a manufacturer of low-vision and optical accessories, is introducing monoculars and loupes that can be mounted in its proprietary frames or the patient’s frame.
Close Up: Tech-Optics offers monoculars, with 4X or 6X powers, with a variable working distance between 6 inches to infinity. Loupes ranging in power from 8X, 10X 15X and 22X power are mounted into frames or into Tech-Optics’ custom clip so they can be used for trial purposes or sold directly to the patient.
Vital Stats: Once mounted, the patient just slides their reading material along the clear housing of the loupe to maintain a clear, fixed focus.; (800) 678-4277; (800) 795-8585

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