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September 25, 2014
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UPI Debuts Outdoor Chillers


US Ophthalmic’s Digital Refraction System


Optelec Releases ClearView C


Universal Photonics Introduces Custom Outdoor Chilling Systems

Product: Chillmate Outdoor Series
Top Line: Universal Photonics Inc., (UPI) is releasing the Chillmate Outdoor Series. A first to hit the optical industry, the Chillmate Outdoor Series takes the heat out of the lab, and with a zero footprint, frees up valuable lab space.
Close Up: Removing chillers from the lab takes the heat they generate right along with them. Ambient room temperature can be controlled with less effort and at a much lower cost and moving the chilling process outside of the laboratory presents a new range of possibilities for increased productivity. While chillers are anchored outdoors, the Chillmate Control Center is conveniently accessible within the lab. “We have a commitment to providing solutions. Our customers presented a problem and once again, UPI delivered an innovative, state-of-the-art solution,” said John Pecorella, member of the UPI Technical Sales force.
Vital Stats: The Outdoor Series is an extension of UPI’s patented Chillmate line and as such has been engineered to maintain constant cool temperatures, eliminating unwanted fluctuations in temperature and reducing lens defects. Like all chillers in the Chillmate line, the Outdoor Series can be used with fining and polishing machines, as well as centrifuges, delivering the same optimum results. The Chillmates, available for water or slurry systems, utilize a fully hermetic compressor and CFC-free refrigeration. All are available as standalone units and can be retrofitted into nearly any existing system. The Outdoor Series, made of high grade galvanized steel, is built to withstand years of extreme weather exposure. They are offered in a range of models, including custom to meet any lab’s production level. Outdoor installation, by a team of UPI technicians, is quick and seamless, with daily lab production left virtually uninterrupted.; (516) 935-4000

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US Ophthalmic Debuts All-In-One Digital Refraction System

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Product: Ezer Digital Practice 7800
Top Line: US Ophthalmic is introducing the Ezer Digital Practice 7800, an all-inclusive refraction system.
Close Up: The Ezer Digital Practice 7800 is made up of three powerful devices—the ERK-7800 Autorefractor/Keratometer, the EDR-7800 Digital Refractor, and the ECP-5400 Chart Projector.

  • The ERK-7800 combines all of the necessary visual pre-testing functions in one instrument. Operators can perform refractometry and keratometry alone or simultaneously, while benefiting from features such as the auto-fogging mechanism. The measurement range is -25.00D to +22.00. Retro-illumination, an IOL mode and more all work together to make the ERK-7800 exceptionally powerful. Sharp images with easy-to-understand icons make the unit’s 6.4-inch color TFT LCD interface user-friendly as well as comfortable, thanks to the monitor’s tilt mechanism.
  • The EDR-7800 Digital Refractor is recently re-engineered device featuring a full range of built-in tests, routines and units that are fully customizable. Users simply program their preferences into the EDR-7800 so the doctor or technician can reliably perform the refraction steps in a specific order. The 8-inch LCD touch panel is a powerful communication and programming hub that also allows practices to accurately perform color blindness tests and assess near vision using built-in charts and images. The unit offers 180° of tilt. It also features a key pad with well-organized keys grouped by function. Numerous tests and charts are readily available. Lens operation is speedy and accurate. The EDR-7800 allows for direct comparison of objective test results with the subjective test result.
  • The ECP-5400 is clear, sharp and quick. It features a versatile, programmable remote control. Operators can randomly select any of the 31 test charts or use the program feature to create two user-defined chart sequences. The masking controls allow users to isolate horizontal and vertical lines or individual characters. The red/green filter can be applied to any chart.

Vital Stats: All components carry a 2-year warranty and are EMR compatible as well as Bluetooth ready; (888) 334-4640

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Optelec’s New Desktop Video Magnifier Features Innovative Design

Product: ClearView C
Top Line: Optelec, U.S. is introducing the ClearView C desktop video magnifier. Developed in conjunction with end users. It is the first video magnifier that features a contemporary and sleek design and is built from high quality materials. Equally important, the new Optelec ClearView C provides much more space and comfort to perform daily tasks such as reading a newspaper, enjoying craftwork and writing without restricting the users’ movement.
Close Up: “When we started to develop this video magnifier, we wanted to eliminate the difficulties users experienced with their desktop magnifiers. After extensive research involving our clients, we came up with a completely new design for a more natural reading experience,” said Maarten Bosch, CEO of Optelec. The new design has another important advantage, noted Stephan Terwolbeck, president Optelec, US. “There often is an emotional aspect when someone is diagnosed with low vision. People can accept their impairment and adjust their lifestyle and mindset. That’s where we come in; we develop cutting edge products for this group to take away the concern they often feel about using a low vision aid.” Thanks to its superior digital video processor, the Optelec ClearView C offers sharp magnified images in high contrast. An optional speech module allows the user to listen to text as it is read aloud. The ClearView C is customizable to the user’s needs. The user can choose from a space saving or wide comfort set-up, high definition or standard camera and preferred monitor size.
Vital Stats: The Optelec ClearView C is available through Optelec’s authorized dealer and distribution networks.; (800) 826-4200

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