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October 16, 2014
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Vision-Ease Lens Debuts MyCoat System


Versus Advantages Clinic


ReimbursementPlus Updates Service


Vision-Ease Lens Intros Compact, Easy-to-use AR and Mirror-Coating System

Product: MyCoat
Top Line: MyCoat is a compact, easy-to-use system capable of depositing anti-reflective and dielectric mirror coatings on up to six lenses at once.
Close Up: Operated with a simple, touch-screen control panel, the MyCoat system takes less than 15 minutes to deposit a multilayer AR coating on six lenses. By utilizing two optimum materials for the high and low index layers, the MyCoat system produces coatings with outstanding optical quality, according to Vision-Ease Lens.
After installation, Vision-Ease Lens provides full, on-site operator training. Recipes for various lens refractive indices are preinstalled. The operator just chooses the appropriate recipe from the simple, touch-screen control panel and presses “start”. The system is fully automated and can be operated remotely using an internet connection. Updates, troubleshooting and process tuning are securely delivered via an internet connection. Remote machine control can be used by the customer’s own trained staff or by Vision-Ease Lens’s engineers. Vision-Ease Lens supports the MyCoat system with a comprehensive product support program and on-site maintenance contracts. Turnkey service is required at intervals based on usage. Parts and consumables are held in stock at Vision-Ease Lens at all times.
Vital Stats: AR and mirror cycle time is under 15 minutes, depending on design.
Power requirements:
  • Coater - 208/220 V 60Hz 3 phase or
  • 230 V 50Hz 3 phase
  • Chiller - 208/220 V 60Hz Single phase or
  • 230 V 50Hz Single phase
  • De-ionizing air gun - 110 V
Other facility requirements:
  • Compressed air, dry and oil free, 4 bar
  • Argon, at least 99.998% purity, 2 bar
  • Oxygen, at least 99.5% purity, 2 bar
  • Clean, closed loop chilled DI water
  • Internet connection for secure, remote, real-time diagnostic support and
  • upload of new coating designs
Dimensions: Single unit, 28" x 32" x 68" (w x d x h); (800) 328-3449


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Versus Advantages Clinic Improves Patient Flow, Enhances Bottom Line

Product: Versus Advantages Clinic for Eye Care
Top Line: Versus Advantages Clinic for Eye Care from Versus Technology is designed to improve the efficiency of an eyecare practice’s operations, saving time on each patient visit, allowing ECPs to add more visits to their schedule.
Close Up: Advantages Clinic uses real-time locating system (RTLS) technology to provide visibility into current operations and automated alerts to streamline patient flow and reduce wait times, cycle times and overall lengths of stay. Plus, the system automatically collects historical data, allowing ECPs to benchmark and continually improve their processes. In fact, the system enabled one practice to increase capacity by 15 percent without increasing patient wait times, according to Versus Technology.
The solution can help produce such results by:
  • Proactively alerting staff when the patient completes each stage of care
  • Monitoring, in real time, optometrist and technician patient volume
  • Comparing scheduled appointment times and wait times for every patient
  • Knowing instantly which rooms are available, occupied or ready for turnover
Vital Stats: Advantages Clinic for Eye Care is produced by Versus Technology.; 1-877-9VERSUS

For more on Patient Flow, visit VM's Intelligent Office.

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WEB TECH Releases Update

More Images
Top Line: Reimbursement Plus, a leading supplier of cloud-based CPT & ICD Data Information Services, is releasing a major update to its medical coding and compliance service.
Close Up: According to company president John Rumpakis, OD, ReimbursementPlus’s proprietary and intuitive CodeSense and SmartTile technology makes coding questions and answers a single-click process. As a result of the update, the learning curve for doctors or staff has been eliminated, and ECPs have access to more relevant information than they have ever had before.
Vital Stats: Using, ECPs can easily get answers to questions about:
  • surgical global periods, physician supervision rules, and covered diagnoses for a specific procedures.
  • complex rules regarding which codes you can perform and bill on the same date of service? We Have The Solution.
  • setting fees to maximize income in a declining reimbursement environment;

For more on coding and compliance, visit VM's Intelligent Office.

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