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April 09, 2015
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RevolutionEHR, Optovue Integration

WEB TECH Redesigns Website


Santinelli’s Nose Pad Cushion Kit


RevolutionEHR Announces Optovue Integration

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Product: RevolutionEHR, Optovue Integration
Top Line: RevolutionEHR, a provider of cloud-based practice management and electronic health record software for the optometric community, has integrated with ophthalmic device maker Optovue for streamlined workflow and increased efficiency with entering patient demographic information.
Close Up: With the integration, RevolutionEHR customers are now able to add patient demographic data to Optovue products with just one click, which not only saves time but also eliminates the risk of lost reports and inaccuracies due to errors in data entry. “Our customers expect us to continually add capabilities to better operate their practice,” said RevolutionEHR CEO Scott Jens, OD, FAAO. “Our integration with Optovue is a strong example of improving the efficiency within clinical care by delivering a seamless launch of the powerful image views within the Optovue software.”
Vital Stats: Clinicians are now able to review the Optovue exam presentations dynamically, again with the click of a button, in RevolutionEHR.; (877) 738-3471);; (866) 344-8948

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WEB TECH’s New Website Uses Photos to Tell Stories

Top Line: has launched a new brand identity that includes a new logo and website redesign. Based on the mission to “change the way the world sees glasses,” according to Doug Harris, VP of production and operations, part of the rebranding goal is to reduce the eyeglasses re-purchase cycle by “changing the way of thinking about glasses from being a medical utility to more of a stylish fashion accessory.”
Close Up: An integral element of conveying this message involves using photography on the website from established and upcoming photographers selected from throughout the country to appeal to viewers’ own sense of self-expression. New photography appearing on the website “tells more of story and puts glasses into context,” said Amy Larson, VP of e-commerce and marketing. This approach is an intentional evolution from traditional eyewear photography that she described as “studio-perfect shots that are tight on the face. We want to show how the glasses fit the entire style of the person, so the photography is pulled back a lot more to show who the person is and what environment they are in. It is meant to tell a story.”
The redesigned logo also centers on self-expression and a departure from its former “techy” design, according to Larson. “The logo stands for something and how we want consumers to think about glasses, to be proud. Self-expression begins with your face. People make a statement with their glasses as we are making a statement with the logo.”
While the website already includes award-winning virtual try-on technology, it recently launched a new try-at-home program that will receive more of a marketing push from the redesigned website. One complete pair of glasses, including prescription lenses (single vision or progressive), is sent to the consumer, who has 15 days to try them out. Their credit card is then charged if they keep them, or they can send them back for no charge, including free shipping both ways. While customers can “take advantage of this program as many times as they want,” Larson said, only one pair is shipped at a time “to keep them focused,” because, she explained, “sometimes people can’t make a decision when they have too many options.”
Vital Stats: Brands and pricing will remain the same on the redesigned website. “We are not making any updates to the collections or price points with the rebranding. We’ll continue our relationship with over 60 top brands such as Ray-Ban, Coach, Oakley, Kate Spade and Maui Jim and offer six private-label collections for our customers who would like the styles at a more affordable price point,” a company spokesperson said.; (800) GLASSES; (800) 452-7737

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Santinelli Intros Silicone Adhesive Nose Pad Cushion Kit

Product: Silicone Adhesive Nose Pad Cushion Kit
Top Line: The new Silicone Adhesive Nose Pad Cushion Kit from Santinelli International includes thirty pairs of individually-wrapped cushions in three sizes: small, medium and large. These self-adhesive nose pad cushions are made of high-quality silicone pads, sourced from B&S GmbH. Neatly packaged and sold in a self-contained point-of-purchase countertop display keeps them highly visible for resale or readily available for complimentary customer “thank you” gifts.
Close Up: These cushions will enhance the stability and wear-ability of acetate or zyl frames by adhering a thin silicone cushion layer on the nose pads. Well-indicated for patients who have a difficult time with wearing frames that continuously slide down the nose. They also provide a soft, cushioning effect and eliminate or reduce pressure marks that may appear on the skin due to skin contact with plastic. Adding these cushions to plastic frames is simple and quick.
Vital Stats:
  • Butterfly-shaped cushions for right and left placement
  • Display outer dimensions: 3 ½ inch Length x 2 ½ inch Width x 2 ½ inch Height
  • Cushion Dimensions: 19mm Length x 7mm Width (same Length and Width for all sizes)
    • Small: 2.0mm thickness
    • Medium: 2.4mm thickness
    • Large: 2.7mm thickness; (800) 644-3343

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