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March 31, 2016
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Santinelli Debuts LE-1200 Edger


New Chair/Stand from US Ophthalmic
Optovue AngioVue System


Santinelli Expands LE Line With New Edger

Product: LE-1200 Edger
Top Line: Santinelli International is expanding and refreshing its popular LE line with the addition of the LE-1200 model, which features advanced technology and a new look.
Close Up: The new lens edger delivers a shorter cycle time for higher productivity and a high luster finish, thanks to design and engineering improvements.
The unit’s on-board tracer offers heightened levels of shape detection and size measurement accuracy for a wide array of frames, including sport styles. Lens and pattern tracing are now easier, with the magnetic-mounted pattern setting assembly and simple, one-touch operation.
The LE-1200’s redesigned software adds a tailored “mini bevel” function at the push of a button, providing a custom fit lens for thin, metal eyewire frames, such as Ray-Ban aviator style. As a result, the cosmetic appearance of the finished eyewear is enhanced. Additionally, the new software senses the lens blank diameter. Together with lens measurement data and lens material, it automatically selects the most-efficient lens processing method and cycle time. Therefore, even today’s super hydrophobic coated lenses can be edged without axis shift.
The LE-1200 produces ready-to-insert, beautifully finished lenses every time with its unique groove and safety bevel “multi-disk arm.” Furthermore, customized shapes for unique eyewear designs can be created easily with the unit’s Shape Editor function.
Vital Stats: Added features and benefits, like the tailored mini-bevel, provide ECPs with the ability to dispense fine eyewear to their patients, while achieving increased profits, according to Santinelli.; (800) 644-3343

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US Ophthalmic Intros Versatile Chair and Stand

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Product: Ezer ERU-2600 Chair/Stand from US Ophthalmic
Top Line: US Ophthalmic is introducing the Ezer ERU-2600, an affordably priced stand and examination chair.
Close Up: The ERU-2600 is an ophthalmological motorized chair that can be easily operated using the unit's built-in control panel. The ERU-2600 features an elevation system for the seat, backrest and legs—all of which are driven by quiet, oil-free electric gear motors. Several positions can be achieved, including sitting upright, lying down at full tilt, and intermediate positions. The chair is built to last, using durable yet attractive materials that are easy to clean. It is designed to provide quiet, precisely controlled operation.
• Simple, one-handed operation Chair control operations are performed by simple touch command buttons. Operators have complete control over elevation and tilt adjustments, all of which are triggered at the control panel.
• 180° reclined.
• The articulated movements of the padded headrest that allow the right angle for any procedure. The padded headrest also offers height adjustment.
• The chair's armrests lock in place and feature a release mechanism that allows for exit on either side of the chair.
• When both hands are needed for exam procedures, the chair can be raised, lowered and reclined using an optional footswitch.
• The retractable foot-rest can be opened or closed to allow patients to rest their feet.
• Auto return. A one-touch “back-to-zero” button makes it possible to efficiently return the patient to the upright, seated position to facilitate his or her easy exit.

The ERU-2600 stand complements any of Ezer's examination chairs, putting selected diagnostic instruments at arm's reach. The stand is functional and compact. It features convenient controls, an overhead lamp and slit lamp and refractor pantographic arms. ERU-2600 is powerful and built to last, according to US Ophthalmic, which distributes it.
• The ERU-2600 stand features a slit lamp pantographic arm with smooth up/down movements and swivel. It also features a locking mechanism.
• The ERU-2600 Stand is offered standard with an included refractor pantographic arm. A single lock phoropter arm is available as an option at no additional charge.
• The ERU-2600 offers total control at arm’s length. The console switches turn on the chart projector, raise and lower the chair, and return the chair to an upright position.
• The ERU-2600 features a membrane switch design for longer lasting use. The switches are also backlit.
• Three recharging wells ensure a steady power supply for medical equipment.
• The overhead arm on the ERU-2600 is equipped with a low-voltage bulb to provide bright, safe direct lighting.
• The ERU-2600 is made of carbon steel SAE 1020 with an epoxy surface treatment and polystyrene finish.
Vital Stats: The internal structure of the ERU-2600 is composed of carbon steel SAE 1020 with surface treatment and epoxy paint. It also features a polystyrene finish that allows for easy cleaning. The chair is padded with a density-controlled injected foam that features a technologically advanced anti-deforming system. The curved upholstery offers rounded corners and an anti-mold coat. The equipment is provided at 110/220V, with manual voltage selection.; (888) 334-4640

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Optovue’s AngioVue Imaging System Receives FDA Clearance

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Product: Optovue AngioVue Imaging System
Top Line: Having recently received FDA clearance for its AngioVue Imaging System, Optovue is launching the system in the U.S. The technology provides a non-invasive way to visualize abnormal blood vessels in the retina to help physicians determine an appropriate course of treatment.
“We are thrilled to announce FDA clearance of our AngioVue System, which will bring significant benefits of our innovative, non-invasive retinal imaging to patients in the U.S. suffering from retinal diseases that lead to progressive blindness,” said Jay Wei, founder and chief executive officer at Optovue. “Since we first introduced this technology to markets outside the U.S. 14 months ago, the technology is in daily clinical use at over 525 clinical sites where it provides a more patient-friendly approach to diseases of the retina that lead to progressive blindness.”
Close Up: The AngioVue System, with its proprietary technology, provides physicians with a non-invasive, dyeless technique for quickly visualizing the presence or absence of flow in the blood vessels. This enables the assessment of new information from the microvasculature and perfusion in ocular diseases with extraordinary detail.
Vital Stats: Optovue is the first company to develop and commercialize this pioneering OCTA technology. Utilizing light rays to form detailed three-dimensional images of the retina, physicians are able to quickly visualize the blood vessels. In less than three seconds, the AngioVue System acquires a single image that complements the current angiography imaging standard, fluorescein angiography (FA), but with a number of advantages. Unlike FA, the AngioVue System does not require the use of dye injections, which can often obscure the target anatomy and can lead to side effects and other complications associated with dye-based, invasive procedures.; (866) 344-8948

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