New Patented PAL Process Delivers Better Fit in Frame

Diamond Clear Lenses
Top Line: Diamond Clear Lenses, a newly established, Internet-based lens supplier, is introducing digital progressive and single vision lenses made with a proprietary pre-blocking process. The process ensures that the patient’s prescription will be located in the frame as specified within 0.2mm, which is up to 10 times more accurate than conventional digital lens processing, the company said.
Close Up: Diamond Clear lenses are produced using a slow-turning process that is a combination of proprietary digital technology and free-form, high-definition back surface cutting. The result is a lens that the company claims to be the "sharpest, clearest, most precise progressive lenses commercially available,” according to Diamond Clear. The company claims that its lenses substantially reduce adaptation difficulties with new prescriptions.
Vital Stats: The precise fit of the Diamond Clear lenses is achieved by using reflected light from a camera flash on the subject's pupil. Customers can send a flash photo of themselves to Diamond Clear via e-mail or on a thumbdrive, along with their new or old frame. Diamond Clear will proportionalize the photo and then use it to locate the lens in the frame. The company will also inspect, clean and straighten prior to new lens installation.

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Vision Council Unveils iPhone App, Website for UV Campaign

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Vision Council’s iPhone App
Top Line: As a part of its three-year ultraviolet (UV) campaign, “UV Been Missing Something,” The Vision Council launched a free suitcase-packing iPhone app and campaign website.
Close Up: The goal of the campaign is to educate men, women and families about the harmful effects of UV exposure and to ensure consumers wear sunglasses, or other protective eyewear, that offers UV protection. The new iPhone app, called PackLists, is designed to help promote UV protection for consumers’ eyes. Besides offering UV levels in cities around the country and reiterating the importance of wearing sunglasses year round, PackLists generates a packing list that is customized to the user’s gender and destination.
Vital Stats: PackLists is available through the App Store or can be downloaded directly from an iPhone. In addition to the app, The Vision Council launched a new campaign website The site includes an interactive UV map, information about the importance of protecting both adults’ and children’s eyes and tips for selecting the best types of sunglasses for various sports and activities.

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Transitions Optical Updates ‘Eye Didn’t Know That!’ Site

Eye Didn’t Know That web site
Top Line: Eyecare professionals looking for fun, consumer-friendly education to use in their offices or to share with local schools can visit the updated Eye Didn’t Know That! website. Through the site, Transitions Optical offers complimentary posters, fun resources for kids and classroom curriculum that can be shared with teachers to educate students about eye health. To coincide with the back-to-school season, Transitions Optical will be promoting the expanded site through community outreach efforts and a consumer campaign at the end of July.
Close Up: The Eye Didn’t Know That! program was created to help people of all ages learn more about healthy sight. Developed in conjunction with optical industry partners and education experts, the educational program is designed to help eyecare professionals further connect with their communities by promoting the importance of healthy sight. The Resource Center includes an expanding variety of materials that can help optical staff educate parents and young patients, and to reach out to their community including:
  • Lesson plans, developed by More Health, provide a clear and engaging script to lead eyecare professionals through the presentation information and to facilitate interaction with students.
  • Fact sheets and checklists are available to help parents and teachers understand the steps for healthy sight and to determine if a child may be struggling from a vision problem.
  • Brochures, posters and coloring pages are available for eyecare professionals to use in-office to promote and educate patients on healthy sight for children.
Vital Stats: As part of the consumer campaign beginning the end of July, community outreach efforts with the Bess the Book Bus mobile literacy program and the Eyenstein Mobile Eyecare clinic will be leveraged to drive traffic to the website. Blogs, photos, videos and expanded activities will be added in an effort to gets kids to see an eyecare professional before going back to school.

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Vigor Optical Intros Pint-Sized PD Meter

Product: 35.605 PD Meter
Top Line: Vigor Optical is introducing a unique PD Meter.
Close Up: The small, lightweight 35.605 meter features a flat faceplate with a digital raster display. Adjusting for monocular & binocular PD is as simple as pushing a button. The wide measuring range is from 45 to 82mm. Battery life is protected with an auto shutdown when the instrument is flat.
Vital Stats: The PD meter uses one 12-volt battery (Duracell #MN21/A23 or Energizer A23), which is not included. It is protected by a one-year warranty. The unit is priced at $150.00.

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