Chemalux Intros Digital Cut-to-Coat Free-form System

Chemalux DL CTC
Top Line: Chemalux DL CTC is a Digital Cut to Coat Free Form System which uses patented plannization hard coating and high-precision diamond turning technology
Close Up: The DL CTC generates surfaces which are ready for hard coating without any polishing. This will not only eliminate polishing step, but also making process more simple and cost effective, according to Chemalux. The unit has a small foot print and low capital investment.
Vital Stats: The generator has an air-bearing spindle with automatic chip segmenting for polycarbonate swarf. It uses mist technology during diamond cutting process which eliminate tank for cooling system., (800) 475-3628

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ABB Concise Debuts New Enhancements for Patient Reorder Website

Product: enhancements
Top Line: In an effort to help to bring more patients to their accounts’ powered web stores, ABB Concise has changed the website to be filled with patient eyecare information and a new Doctor Locator search engine. Patients searching on the internet for information about their eyecare needs will find When they are ready to order, they will be able to access the large directory of local ECPs and links to their powered web stores.
Close Up: ABB Concise’s enhancements encourages more patient traffic by submitting all websites to local search engines Yahoo, Google and Bing to maximize the page rank potential of ABB Concise accounts’ websites and make it easy for patients living and working in the accounts’ zip code to find them via PC, GPS or mobile Internet contact lens reorder website provides ECPs a response to the industry’s ever growing online competition. ECPs that utilize can remain competitive by lowering their transaction costs and making it easier for their patients to obtain lenses.
Vital Stats: ABB Concise’s service provides its accounts with an Internet reorder functionality that is easy to graft onto existing practice web sites in a transparent manner. The service can also be used as a stand-alone Internet reorder site, enabling patients to order. Free web store enhancements include: Patient Enrollment, Find a Doctor Feature, Exam Recall Reminders, Patient Activity Report and AutoShip. New free upgrades to existing web stores include: Personalized Template, Editorial Control, Rx Verification, Patient Self Enrollment and HTML/iframe capable.

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Arch Crown Offers Thermal Transfer Tag for OfficeMate Software Users

Top Line:
The Arch Crown TT368-TL paper thermal transfer tag is specially designed for users of OfficeMate software and the SATO CX208/CX400/C408 thermal transfer printers.
Close Up: The TT368-TL pressure sensitive tag is perforated and easily folds over Arch Crown’s 830 Op-Tag carrier keeping your frames free of adhesive. Op-Tag carriers give displays a clean professional appearance. Thermal transfer tags are ideal for bar coding.
Vital Stats: Available in rolls of 800 tags, white only. Free samples available., (800) 526-8353

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Salem Vision Group Intros Versatile Dry Polish Powder

pria Dry Polish Powder
Top Line: Salem Vision Group’s pria is a versatile Dry Polish Powder formulated for use in a variety of plastic lens polishing applications
Close Up: Dry powder is easily quickly converted into a slurry when simply mixed with water. Pria produces excellent surface finishes at rapid stock removal rates on all lens materials.
Vital Stats: The advantages of the dry powder format are reduced shipping costs, easy handling and storage.; (800) 234-1982

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