MauiPure Lens Combines Ultra Light Weight and Impact Resistance With Glass-like Clarity

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MauiPure Lenses
Top Line: MauiPure is expanding its line of polarized lenses with the addition of MauiPure, a glass-polycarbonate hybrid lens that combines ultra light weight, with superior impact-resistance and glass-like clarity. MauiPure lenses will be available beginning April 1 in a new line of three sunglasses designed for active lifestyles.
Close Up: MauiPure offers crisp optics that blends the optical brilliance of Maui Jim’s SuperThin glass with excellent scratch- and impact-resistant properties. The hybrid, injection-molded, de-centered lenses are the lightest lens material in the Maui Jim portfolio, combined with the optical clarity of glass, with an Abbe value over 50.
MauiPure lenses feature PolarizedPlus2 technology with bi-gradient mirrors to cut 99.9 percent of glare and block 100 percent of harmful UV rays. A distinguishing benefit of PolarizedPlus2 is the color vibrancy that results from the use of three rare earth elements causing blues to be bluer, greens to be greener, and reds to really pop.
"This is the perfect lens for people on the go," said Linda Glassel, vice president of marketing at Maui Jim. "This is a light, comfortable lens that you could forget you’re wearing because it produces distortion-free, colorful views and packs all the protection you need for long days in the sun."
Vital Stats: Sunglasses with MauiPure lenses will arrive in stores in mid-March in three new styles. Olowalu is the smallest style in the collection and features a rectangular lens. Mala has a slightly curved rectangular lens designed for average face sizes. Nakalele gives a nod to a rimless aviator in a larger style. Each 8-base rimless style features beta-titanium temples and adjustable Rabalon nose bridges for ultra-lightweight comfort. Each style comes in three colors: Black, Rootbeer & Copper or Translucent Gray. Three lens colors are available: Neutral Gray offers the highest level of light reduction for bright, sunny days; HCL Bronze enhances contrast in variable conditions; and Maui HT (High Transmission) is the lens for when most lenses would be too dark. The MauiPure collection is covered by the company’s standard warranty.
www.mauijim.com; (888) 628-4546

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Eschenbach Updates Webinar Schedule

Free Low Vision Webinars
Top Line: Eschenbach offers on-line low vision education on a variety of topics to assist practitioners in maximizing their low vision patient outcomes. The topics range from device category reviews to clinical and practice management topics including clinical tips, patient case studies and marketing. These one-hour webinars are easy to attend and convenient.
Close Up: For more information, click on the Upcoming Webinars link in the Resource Center for Professionals at our website at www.eschenbach.com. To register for any of the webinars, send an email to dsommers@eschenbach.com.
Vital Stats: Eschenbach has scheduled for following webinars:
  • March 7, 2012
    How to Make Low Vision a Profitable Service in a Private Practice
  • March 21, 2012
    Visual Acuity, Magnification, Illumination and Contrast Sensitivity
  • April 11, 2012
    Case Studies with Peripheral Field Loss and Cataracts
  • April 25, 2012
    Low Vision Patient History—Making the Office Visit More Efficient
  • May 9, 2012
    What Should I do Now? When the initial treatment plan doesn’t work!
  • May 23, 2012
    Stand Magnifiers
www.eschenbach.com; (800) 487-5389

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focalCenter Develops 'eyecareScore' Survey Instrument

Product: eyecareScore Survey
Top Line: focalCenter, a solution provider in eyecare patient experience metrics, has announced completion of its validated and standardized eyecareScore survey. This innovative measuring instrument enables eye doctors, clinics, optical retailers, or vision plans a standardized method for determining how their patients’ experiences compare to their peers and over time.
Close Up: eyecareScore is a visit specific patient experience measure developed with the latest survey science methodology. focalCenter has identified the key touchpoints and best questions to ask about the eyecare experience. The qualitative development of eyecareScore included a comprehensive literature search, probing consumer focus groups, polling eyecare experts, and reviewing patient cognitive interviews. Quantitative testing included psychometric and statistical analysis of potential questions for reliability and validity, while population sampling and normative studies set the eyecareScore benchmarks.

eyecareScore’s benchmarks and metrics enable vital comparisons of key patient experiences, drivers of satisfaction and advocacy. Psychometric analysis enabled focalCenter to develop questionnaire composites within eyecareScore for simpler and more reliable reporting. For example, “accessScore” is a single metric that encompasses 6 performance measures around “scheduling”, “waiting”, etc. eyecareScore encompasses additional composites: “drScore”, “opticalScore”, and “planScore”.
Vital Stats: focalCenter will be launching the copyrighted eyecareScore survey as an online subscription tool during the second quarter of 2012.
Parties interested in more information on eyecareScore can email info@focalcenter.com or visit: www.focalcenter.com; blog: http://focalcenter.wordpress.com.

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Eyemaginations Launches New Vision Simulator iPad App

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Luma Vision Simulator
Top Line: Patient education provider Eyemaginations launches the new Vision Simulator App for iPad allowing doctors to explain the most of common diseases of the eye.
Close Up: The new app, known as the Luma Vision Simulator features on-screen drawing functionality and gives the user the ability to markup images as well as view disease progressions and point-of-view scenes side-by-side on one screen. The Luma Vision Simulator enhances patient education by allowing doctors to explain the most of common diseases of the eye. In addition, when used with Apple’s Airplay, users of the new Luma Vision Simulator are able to share the iPad screen images wirelessly to a television when used with AppleTV.
Vital Stats: All of the Luma Eyecare Apps are available for download in iTunes. They are free to all Eyemaginations Luma clients and as a free demo for all others.
corporate.eyemaginations.com; (877) 321-5481

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