Briot USA Launches 'Emotion', an All-in-One Edger

Emotion edger
Top Line: Briot USA is launching Emotion, an all-in-one edger. The Emotion edger has a sleek all in one design and state-of-the-art technical features and capabilities, which include shape modification, customized grooves, and angled drilling. The Emotion edger also has an easy to use touch screen that is suitable for all user levels, including beginner.
Close Up: Input zone features a patented Briot multi-axis tracer that precisely records the frame’s characteristics, shape and curvature. A sealed door to protect against dust and any water sprays. Unit can accommodate metal and plastic frames, patterns and demonstration lenses, and can measure both eyes in a minute. The memory can store 300 mountings and 200 patterns. The customization and drilling zone features built-in Digiform software that is easy to modify (dimension A or B separately, proportional, etc.). The drilling view screen allows the user to add/delete and verify holes (position coordinates or displacement on the screen). Holes and notches can be created in diameters from 1 to 6mm; up to 20 holes per lens. Customization feature allows drill hole and notch to be oriented 10°. Blocking is prism- and parallax-free and can be done in three steps. Block insertion is easier because of a “mistake-proof” slot and visualization of block position. All finishing and sub-finishing operations can be seen on a single screen that provides an overview of all parameters, including bevel and counter-bevel.
The Emotion can edge all types of lens materials (standard plastic, polycarbonate, Trivex, hi-index, glass). Its small edging wheels (90mm diameter) are ideal for wrap frames.
Vital Stats: A high-resolution touch screen simplifies data entry. All commands on the screen, display of both eyes at 1:1 scale, command flow systematically the same regardless of the edging process, and easy-to-understand icons for almost immediate learning.; (800) 292-7468

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OWC Offers Extra Large Conventional Reclaim System

Top Line: Optical Works Corp. is expanding its high production surfacing equipment line with the addition of the OWC CRS-XL (Conventional Reclaim System – Extra Large).
Close Up: A lower cost alternative to OWC’s ARS (Automated Reclaim Systems), the new OWC CRS-XL allows the mid-to high-production lab to utilize the modern digital temperature control of the ARS Reclaim Systems, with the non-automated loading and unloading of conventional reclaim systems. This heavy duty, high production unit is manufactured with a full stainless steel tank, work tray, lid and full length piano hinge.
The unit features a high capacity, full length work tray that can accommodate 40 large blocks with alloy. It compatible with all common alloy melt point types as well as with all spectacle lens block types. The large alloy recovery tank has a capacity of over 150 pounds, allowing for a significantly longer time between alloy draining.
The system utilizes a digital temperature control system which assures precise alloy temperature control, enhancing blocking consistency and alloy life. A highly efficient drain valve system allows the operator full, momentary control of an isolated drain valve heating system. This provides a method to assure a steady flow of alloy from the tank as required.
Vital Stats: The OWC CRS-XL is available in 115 and 220 VAC versions.; (800) 688-1806

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Optos Intros Ultra-compact Daytona

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Top Line:
The newest addition to the Optos family of retinal devices, Daytona is designed as a desktop model with key features similar to Optos’ earlier retinal imaging devices. According to Optos, it was built to meet the demand for more exacting clinical imaging and analysis capabilities within practices seeing a health patient based with some need for managing ocular disease by annual comparisons and referring images to specialists.
Close Up: Daytona represents the next generation of Optos ultra-widefield retinal imaging technology, and has been scaled to accommodate smaller office spaces while providing high resolution imaging, and adding new auto-fluorescence capabilities. Weighing only about 25 kg, Daytona’s new, ergonomic body is designed to increase patient comfort, as well as make it easier to correctly position the eye. In addition to the smaller, sleeker design, Daytona features an improved user interface with its intuitive, workflow based software. Daytona also offers “plug-n-play” installation, a modular robust build-design to simplify product support, image review capabilities and electronic image storage options. Four image types are offered: color composite view, green laser view, red laser view. Other features include improved images quality, improved visualization of retinal nerve fiber layer, enhanced small vessel and macular detail, automated iris detection and workflow-based software.
Vital Stats: Daytona comes in a wide selection of colors.; (800) 854-3039

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Cassius Eyewear Offers iPhone App

Cassius Eyewear Application for Apple iPhone.
Top Line: New Zealand-based Cassius is releasing an iPhone application that allows you to try on the brand’s entire eyewear collection with the swipe of a finger. By utilizing the iPhone’s built-in front camera, you can browse the current range and try the frames directly on to your face. Tap a button to switch to the back camera, and interact with another person.
Close Up: The app provides straightforward, simple browsing. It also allows users to snap and save a portrait directly onto their personal device, then scroll through the brand’s optical and sunglass collection using the iPhone’s Retina display screen. Photos can be save and upload to Facebook and Twitter. The app’s location services can find the Cassius Eyewear outlet that is closest to the user.
To mark the launch of the Cassius Eyewear application, the company is encouraging users to share what they see. Utilizing the Wear function on the application, users can snap, share and upload photos of how, when and where they would wear Cassius Eyewear to the company’s official Facebook Page. Winners will be selected on May 1, 2012. The top five winners will receive their choice of Cassius Eyewear, subject to availability.
Vital Stats: Click here to download the Cassius Eyewear App from iTunes Store.

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