Carl Zeiss Vision Unveils i.Terminal 2

i.Terminal 2
Top Line: Carl Zeiss Vision has announced that i.Terminal 2 by Zeiss, Carl Zeiss Vision’s next-generation digital centration device is now available for shipping and installation in North America.
Close Up: i.Terminal 2 builds on the centration technology that debuted in Carl Zeiss Vision’s pioneering i.Terminal by Zeiss device, which was launched in the U.S. in 2007. Like its predecessor, i.Terminal 2 takes all measurements necessary for standard and personalized lenses with 0.1mm accuracy, and provides sophisticated try-on and consultation features.
According to Claude Labeeuw, Carl Zeiss Vision’s vice president of marketing, improved technology and user feedback have led to dramatic improvements in i.Terminal 2 compared to its predecessor. “i.Terminal 2 has been redesigned both inside and out. Improvements in software and the user interface make it both faster and easier to use, so it integrates ever better with practice flow. Outwardly, the design is sleeker and fits more easily into a practice’s layout. It also adjusts to a wider range of heights readily accommodate more patients.”
Vital Stats: i.Terminal 2 includes a try-on system and a consultation mode featuring new demonstrations of the advantages of premium lens technology. Said Labeeuw, “With higher performance products such as customized lenses, it is critical to provide tools that help patients visualize how good their vision can be with the right eyewear. i.Terminal 2 uses the vivid, patient-friendly demonstration graphics used in our i.Demo app.” The i.Demo app is available as a free download from the Apple Store for Carl Zeiss Vision accounts.

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iCoat Intros Stainless AR with 'Low UV' Reflection Technology

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Stainless AR with LUV
Top Line: In light of recent research studies on anti-reflective (AR) coatings causing elevated UV reflections, iCoat is introducing Stainless AR coating with advanced UV reflection protection. The new low UV technology (LUV) helps eliminate significant amounts of UVA and UVB rays reflected off the back-surface of AR lenses.
Close Up: AR treatments are designed to eliminate surface reflections and glare while allowing maximum amounts of visible light to be transmitted to one’s eyes. However, regardless of the lens material, AR treatments were recently found to reflect measurable amounts of harmful UVA and UVB radiation from the back-surface of the lens into the eye. This is true whether applied to clear, sun, polarized or photochromic lenses. Stainless AR with LUV technology, engineered by iCoat, addresses this issue by providing maximum UV reflection protection from the invisible dangers of UVA and UVB while maintaining maximum visible light transmission for clear and crisp vision.
Vital Stats: The advanced super oleophobic and anti-static properties of iCoat’s Stainless lenses repel dust, oils, water, finger prints and smudges so lenses stay clean longer.
www.icoatcompany.com; (800) 832-2628

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VSP Unveils 'Virtual Optical Assistant' App at VEW

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Top Line: Today at International Vision Expo West, VSP Optics Group is introducing otto (one touch to optical), a new app that serves as an eyecare practice’s virtual optical assistant.
Close Up: otto is an easy to use app for the second and third generation Apple iPad that helps eyecare professionals (ECPs) simplify measuring and dispensing advanced digital lenses, and brings eyewear consulting, electronic claim filing, and more to the point-of-care.
“otto is a game changer for independent ECPs who are looking to take their practice to the next level,” said Don Oakley, president of VSP Optics Group. “In otto, we have developed a fun, empowering and intuitive mobile app that streamlines and automates key processes from the time the patient enters the practice to the time they leave. At its core, otto helps the independent eyecare practice deliver more personalized eyecare and eyewear to their patients.”
Vital Stats: With the swipe of a finger, ECPs can streamline activities in the practice and enhance the patient experience by employing otto's robust modules which assist with:
  • Patient Check-in and Care: Patients can use otto to fill out registration forms, questionnaires, medical history, privacy policy and insurance information. ECPs can check eligibility and obtain VSP patient authorization and explanation of benefits as well as estimate patient out-of-pocket costs for select plans.
  • ‘otto-mated’ Measurements: Take photos of your patients with the iPad and otto calculates measurements like pupil distance and segment height. With the ottobox plug-in attached to the iPad, ECPs can take photos of the patient wearing their selected frame and otto automatically calculates measurements like pantoscopic tilt and back vertex distance to simplify dispensing today's most advanced digital lenses.
  • Vision Screening: Wow your patients with paperless vision screenings to detect changes in vision.
  • Frame Styling: Use otto to access Marchon and Altair frame catalogs or the Frames Data database to offer more frame choices to patients. Patients can also transmit photos of themselves wearing different frames to friends or family in order to get opinions on their choices using Facebook, Twitter or email.
  • Patient Consultation: Demonstrate the benefits of lens options like anti-reflective and scratch coatings, photochromic and tinted lenses, polarized sunwear and more.
  • Product Selection: Create new orders for ophthalmic eyewear, sunwear, and contact lens orders. Use otto to educate patients on the advantages of multiple pairs of eyewear and premium choices with pre-selected packages or custom lens packages tailored by the practice. Orders are easily confirmed and can be sent to the lab for processing.

To demo otto at Vision Expo West, visit the VSP Global booth, or visit www.seeotto.com

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Vigor Reintroduces Double Jointed Cutter

Double Jointed Cutter
Top Line: Vigor Optical is reintroducing double jointed cutters to its extensive line of tools.
Close Up: The double joint allows for superior strength suitable for both stainless steel and titanium up to 1.5mm diameter. Also the double joints provide for better torque and easier cutting with less pressure. The tungsten carbide blades provide sharpness and ease of cutting.
Vital Stats: The new cutters are available in two styles: an end cutter with a 20mm cutting edge, 5 ¾ inches long, and a heavy coil spring. Model # 46.218; a side cutter with a 15mm cutting edge, 7 inches long and a leaf spring. Model # 46.219.
www.vigoroptical.com; (888) 447-6238, x353

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