Universal Photonics Centrifuge System Boasts Cost Efficient Features

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HKS P220 Centrifuge System
Top Line: The HKS is an efficient centrifuge system for optical laboratories that includes frequency controlled pumps, ultrasonic level sensors and other features that are “firsts” in the U.S. market.
Close Up: The HKS offers a number of cost-effective features. An automatic, single source system, it has the capability to monitor and/or adjust operation from on-site or off-site locale. This can be done from office desktop or remotely from any mobile computer, including smart phone technology.
The system automatically monitors and adjusts itself; additions of coolant, water, or de-foaming agents are all managed by the system. The higher and cleaner coolant flow results in greatly reduced generator maintenance. An offsite system troubleshooting and required adjustments available via Universal Photonics and HKS. The highly efficient delivery and recall result in longer coolant life and reduced cost. Modular design, custom fit to space requirements, allows system growth in keeping with business expansion, ending whole system replacement. One hundred percent of the coolant in system runs through centrifuge assuring cleaner, reusable coolant.
Vital Stats:
• Cleaner coolant with longer life yields greater than 50 percent reduction in the annual amount of coolant purchased.
• Coolant is “squeezed out” so plastic chip waste is virtually dry and nearly every drop of coolant is returned.
• Virtually dry waste output.
• Up to 70 percent less plastic chip volume means smaller dumpsters and fewer refuse pick-ups.
• Frequency controlled supply pumps and variable speed motors allow generators to operate upon demand, thereby conserving energy.
• Advanced heat exchange system constantly gauges temperature, regulating coolant at very close tolerances.
• All pumps and motors are efficiency rated to save power and cut costs.
• Closed loop system means less housekeeping is required. Floors are dry and clean (plastic-chip free).
• Generator to dumpster waste removal; no employee waste handling needed.; (516) 935-4000

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Zeal Z3 Offers Data Display Plus High Performance Optics

Zeal Z3
Top Line: The Zeal Z3 goggles record and display data such as a skier’s real-time speed and altitude, and also has GPS integrated into it. It allows the wearer to control the data via wireless remote which can be attached to their wrist or arms. Data is displayed on the inner right lens.
Close Up: The Z3’s features include:
• Anti-Fog Infused Lens Process
• Impact Resistant Frame Technology
• High Density Lens Technology
• 100 percent UV Protection
• Helmet Compatible
• Dual Strap Adjustments
• Optimum Lens
• Available in Polarized Automatic
• Integrated with Recon MOD GPS System
Vital Stats: In-goggle view-finder displays all stats on a 16:9 widescreen

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Modern Optical International Debuts New Site

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This leading provider of value eyewear has modernized its website to showcase its 3,000 skus and eyewear collections and to enhance the ease and productivity of online ordering for its customers.
Top Line: Modern Optical International has debuted a resource-rich new website for its eyewear collections, “designed to create the most customer-friendly e-commerce experience possible” for its customers, primarily independent ECPs. This new, visually appealing site showcases the company’s diverse product lines and reflects its spirit as a company.
Close Up: “As a volume-driven, value-provider of quality eyewear, our challenge was to create a site that showcases our massive product selection in a logical, clean, manageable format,” noted Paula Weissman, vice president of marketing.
Vital Stats: The new Modern Optical site, built by Jobson Interactive, features a navigation system that’s highly intuitive to all users, regardless of experience with e-commerce sites, including a simple menu bar and drop-down sub-menus. The site offers efficient search tools, where customers can easily and quickly search for a frame whether by specific style, collection, price point, material or size. High-quality imagery and complete product information facilitates purchasing decisions. Modern’s site supports efficient e-commerce functionality with paperless statements, online payments, shipment tracking. It also offers customizing options to streamline the shopping experience for users, including catalog on demand and EZ Ordering, which allows users to begin typing a style name to dynamically generate a list of styles with that combination of letters. From there, users can select the style, color and eye size combination, and enter a quantity to add to the cart.

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PSI Releases Glass Master Polishing Pad

Glass Master Polishing Pad
Top Line: Practical Systems, Inc. (PSI) is releasing the Glass Master Polishing Pad.
Close Up: The Glass Master polish pad produces a brilliant shine and luster on all types of glass lenses, with shorter cycle times, according to PSI. Its unique material is compatible with both diamond fining and emery fining processes. Glass Master adheres properly to bare tools or gripper pads. The new, strong and durable bonded material maintains its integrity with virtually no shedding or erosion during the processing cycle.
Vital Stats: Glass Master Polish Pads come in a roll of 250, part #362W.; (800) 237-8154

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