Spy Optic to Debut ‘Happy Lens’

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Happy Lens
Top Line: The Spy Happy Lens from Spy Optic is designed to “harmonize” with the body's physiological preference for a specific bandwidth in the visible light spectrum (450nm – 500nm) where “uplifting” effects of blue (i.e. happy) light are most prevalent.
Close Up: Allows in long-wave blue light. Other lenses block out a majority of this range of “good” rays. Blocks and filters out “bad” rays, including 100 percent of UVA, B, C rays and more than 99 percent of the “bad” and glaring light. 15 percent visible light transmission with contrast enhancement—suitable for conditions ranging from bright sun to overcast settings. Trident Polarized with black mirror coating eliminates more than 99 percent of glare.
"Put simply, the innovative new Spy Happy Lens blocks the sun's harmful rays while letting in the good long-wave blue light that makes us happy,” said Jim Sepanek, Spy Optics’ vice president of optical. “This, coupled with an accurate, crisp, color contrast-enhancing lens and Trident polarization technology enables the Happy Lens to rival any top grade lens on the market. Spy is the first eye wear company to bring this patent-pending technology to the market, and we're very excited about sharing this with our customers starting February 1."
Vital Stats: The Spy Happy Lens is available in polycarbonate for the plano version and standard plastic for the Rx version. The Rx range is:
8 base: sphere: +3.00 to –6.00D; cylinder: +/-2.00
6 base: sphere: +2.00 to –6.00D; cylinder: +/-4.00
www.spyoptic.com; (800) 779-3937

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Uvex AcoustiMaxx Eyewear Delivers Eye Protection and Hands-Free Voice Communication

Uvex AcoustiMaxx
Top Line: Honeywell Safety Products is introducing Uvex AcoustiMaxx Stereo Bluetooth eyewear, an all-in-one solution combining maximum impact protection with hands-free voice communication. Uvex AcoustiMaxx enables workers in remote or noisy environments to focus on the task at hand while remaining protected and in contact with their teams, improving safety and productivity on the job. This marks the first time Bluetooth-enabled eyewear is available for industrial applications, according to Honeywell.
Close Up: Uvex AcoustiMaxx Stereo Bluetooth eyewear features a wrap-around lens design for maximum versatility and meets the ANSI-Z87.1-2010 standard for impact protection. It comes with Genesis S lenses in both clear and gray to serve a variety of applications, as well as Uvextreme high-performance anti-fog lens coating for long-lasting wear. An easy, economical lens replacement system extends the product’s lifetime value. At only 52 grams, the dual-purpose eyewear offers lightweight comfort.
In addition, Uvex AcoustiMaxx end-users enjoy crystal-clear, acoustically isolated, in-ear voice communication. Uvex AcoustiMaxx allows communication with cell phones, smartphones and any other Bluetooth-enabled voice communication product. Dual-microphone technology reduces ambient noise pick-up, while a high-performance balanced armature driver delivers superior stereo sound. Howard Leight SmartFit and Accusonix replaceable eartips ensure sound isolation for extremely clear communication.
Vital Stats: Uvex AcoustiMaxx provides six hours of continuous talk and approximately seven days of standby service. Its lithium-polymer rechargeable battery lasts up to 12 months. Water resistant, the product is FCC and Bluetooth SIG certified.

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Smart Mirror Mobile App Now on iTunes

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Smart Mirror Mobile App
Top Line: ABS ACEP is now offering its Smart Mirror Mobile app, the mobile version of its Smart Centration System, for iPad. The frame selection features of the app are available on iTunes for 99.99; the rest of the features (lens simulations and measurements) require a login, password and measuring kit for iPad that has to be purchased directly from ABS.
Close Up: The Smart Mirror app enables patients to take up to four pictures or short videos so they can see themselves wearing their old frames and new ones chosen from the dispensary. Patients can enlarge images and compare styles, shapes and colors, enabling them to narrow down their choice quickly with side by side comparison and different viewing angles. By e-mailing pictures or videos, patients can get helpful recommendations from family, friends or coworkers, and can post the pictures on their Facebook page directly from the app.
Extra app features available to current ABS accounts only:
• Digital Centration: Smart Mirror Mobile App ensures a proper lens fit for the most sophisticated personalized progressive lenses. It delivers monocular PDs, seg height, pantoscopic tilt, wrap, back vertex distance and more. Portable, fast, accurate, and easier to use than big standalone devices, according to ABS. The measurement kit is required to use this function and can only be ordered by ABS current customers.
• Premium Lenses Simulations: Using interactive Augmented Reality, animations and images, patients will be able to visualize how they will see through their lenses. Simulations explain and show the benefits of anti-reflective, polarized, photochromic and aspheric lenses. Easily compare multifocal lenses based on the patient’s Rx. This feature is only available for ABS current accounts.
Vital Stats: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

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Merge Releases New Eye Care Imaging Solutions

Merge Eye Care PACS Update
Top Line: Merge Healthcare has released an update to its Merge Eye Care PACS solution that includes support for the DICOM OPT (OCT) standard as well as support for video.
Close Up: As a standalone application integrated with an Electronic Health Record (EHR) Merge Eye Care PACS integrates all diagnostic devices and clinical applications utilized in an ophthalmic practice into one end to end system, giving physicians the ability to review all of their patient's images and diagnostic reports side-by-side from anywhere, at any time via a web browser or web-enabled device.
"Merge is proud to be one of the first vendors to support the OCT standard, as this standard is becoming an increasingly indispensable modality at eye care facilities to obtain valuable images and data," said Jeff Surges, CEO of Merge Healthcare. "Eye Care is a critical segment for Merge and it's important that we continue to evolve our market-leading solution."
By supporting the OCT standard, Merge Eye Care PACS can be used as a single viewer, delivering multiple eye care modalities, in a vendor neutral viewing environment. Like other advanced review tools in Merge Eye Care PACS, the controls for viewing and manipulating OCT images enable users to view images side-by-side, scan through frames, and slices, and perform detailed measurements. And as the industry OCT standard continues to develop, Merge Eye Care PACS will become more advanced as well.
Vital Stats: In addition to OCT image viewing, Merge Eye Care PACS 4.0 allows for full HD video viewing and web-based SD/HD video upload and remote management.

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