Briot Debuts Alta Pulse, a Multi-Functional Edger

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Alta Pulse
Top Line: Briot USA’s new Alta Pulse multi-functional edger is the culmination of six years of continuous development and improvement based on market demands. It won the Silmo Ponts d’Or award for Edger of the Year.
Close Up: The Pulse is designed for the ECP who wants to be able to do more with their edger and work with popular high wrap styles. Positioned between Briot’s Alta NX and its high volume Alta Pro edger, the Alta Pulse focuses on flexibility, reliability, and stability. Highly accurate and capable of edging all types of lens materials, the Alta Pulse offers superior finishing, drilling, grooving, and safety beveling capabilities, according to Briot.
Key features:
  • Variable tilt from 0 to 30 degrees
  • Special bevel for best fit into wrap frames
  • Mini bevel
  • Inclined grooving based on lens curvature
  • High Finishing Accuracy: 1/100 mm
  • Edges high wrap eyewear
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Small footprint
Vital Stats: 20.1 inches wide by 24.2 inches deep by 22.4 inches high
152 lbs.
To watch a video about Alta Pulse and to get information about Vision Expo East Show Specials from Briot, click here.; (800) 292-7468

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Costa Releases C-Scape, a Progressive Lens Optimized for Distance Vision

Product: C-Scape
Top Line: Costa’s Rx division is launching C-Scape, an exclusive progressive sunlens design. Specifically engineered to accommodate the distance vision needs of water sports and outdoors enthusiasts, Costa’s new C-Scape technology widens the field of view from left to right and enhances peripheral vision. Building on Costa’s patented 580 lens technology, which eliminates reflected glare and haze while enhancing color, contrast and definition, the C-Scape progressive lens design development is part of Costa’s growing Rx program, which includes an expanded state-of-the-art in-house optical lab.
Close Up: In addition to increasing distance vision, the C-Scape lens design maintains excellent image recognition across the entire lens, according to Costa. The design eliminates “swimming,” allowing wearers to quickly adapt to their new Rx sunglasses. Costa utilizes Waypoint digital processing technology specifically designed to eliminate the blurry edges that can bother active wearers of wrap sunglasses. The process is computer guided for accuracy, and also incorporates the behavior patterns of the active wearer, the high base curve effect of the wrap lenses and specific frame data. This leads to a wider field of vision and provides improved clarity and comfort, allowing Costa’s Rx sunglasses to be worn all day without eyestrain and headaches.
“Our new C-Scape technology is one of the biggest achievements in progressive lens design,” said Chas MacDonald, president of Costa Sunglasses. “Now, anyone who spends time outside can take advantage of the clearest sunglasses on the planet while maximizing their distance vision.”
Vital Stats: Costa’s 580 Rx sun lenses are available in glass (580G) or lightweight, impact resistant Trivex (580P). Featuring Costa’s proprietary C-Wall lens coating that repels oil, water and dust from the front of the lens—as well as an AR coating on the back of the lens—Costa 580P Rx lenses are available in Waypoint technology for both single vision and C-Scape progressive vision. The 580G Rx lens is available in single vision. Both 580G and 580P Rx lens colors include gray, copper, blue mirror, green mirror and silver mirror.
Costa’s 400 Rx sun lenses are available in standard plastic (400P) as well as with an optional anti-reflective coating on the back of the lens; the lenses are also available in Waypoint technology for both single vision and C-Scape progressive vision. 400P Rx lens colors include gray and amber.
To order Costa’s Rx sunglasses, eyecare professionals (ECPs) should send patients’ Rx information by email to or via fax to (855) 267-8280.

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M&S Offers Near Vision Test for Android Tablet

Product: Smart System Computerized Near Vision Testing
Top Line: M&S Technologies’ Smart System product line now includes computerized near vision testing using an Android-based tablet in lieu of a standard remote control.
Close Up: Integrated with M&S Technologies’ Smart System android-based tablet, eyecare professionals can easily display a variety of near vision targets, including fully randomizable Sloan letters and Lea Symbols, in a portable, easy-to-handle, high-tech solution. Users can customize the look of the screen to make the tests more prominent. For maximum value, users can toggle from 16 inches to a 10 foot distance thus allowing a convenient method for screening vision at health fairs, nursing homes and other situations requiring both a distance and near acuity chart.
“By developing a convenient and portable tool for effective near vision testing, we continue our goal of helping eyecare professionals to streamline and maximize their practice. This technology further differentiates M&S from others in the industry selling eye charts that simply replace the manual projector. The near vision testing app delivers the accuracy and dependability that customers get from all M&S products,” said Kevin Butler, director of technology for M&S Technologies.
Vital Stats: M&S Technologies is a software company specializing in visual testing systems and dedicated to developing products for eyecare professionals, optometry schools and universities, and products used in clinical trials. To date, over 20,000 systems are in use across 39 countries with a growing network that includes 23 distributors and several strategic industry alliances.; (847) 763-0500

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Eschenbach Intros VisoLux+, a Stand Magnifier With an Exceptionally Large Field of View

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Top Line: Eschenbach Optik of America.
Close Up: The VisoLux+ features:
  • A unique, double lens system that provides a large, distortion‐free viewing area.
  • Ease of use. Simply push the On button and place it over reading material, photos, coins, or stamps.
  • Patented cera‐tec lens coating that makes the lenses nearly hard as glass.
  • A field of view that is larger than most 12-diopter stand magnifiers—a full 100 x 75 mm or 4 by 3 inches.
  • Two bright SMD‐LEDs provide uniform illumination.
  • Two color options: a standard bright, white light and a softer orange colored light which can be selected by sliding a filter over the LEDs.
Vital Stats: Visolux+ comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects.; (800) 487-5389

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