MEI Offers Compact Edger for Shops and Small Labs

Top Line: Born from MEI's experience in manufacturing industrial edgers, the company has designed EzFit, a small manual loaded unit (vacuum system integrated) that it recommends for shops and small labs.
Close Up: EzFit will enable shops and labs to increase edging productivity as well as flexibility through fast, accurate edging of simple and complex edge types. With the use of four spindles, lab will have the ability to process jobs that require straight bevels, inclined bevels, rimless with drills, grooves, and polishing in addition to step backs (shelf). EzFit edges most lenses up to 16 diopters, enabling even complicated jobs to be easily edged, MEI said.
  • Standard Edging
  • Straight (hide-a-bevel) and Inclined bevels (with or without polish)
  • Rimless and grooves (with or without polish
  • Drilling
  • Safety (pin) bevel
  • Inclined bevel with a step back (shelf)
Complex frame shapes and cutting processes can be designed with the Tecnocam software. Full auto configuration capability; due to the lens thickness detecting units, machine determines automatically the exact cutting angle and optimizes the cutting program job by job. Ability to process all types of lens surfaces with base curves from 0 to 16, including even the most decentered, high cylindrical, and problematic lens coatings.
Advanced Options:
  • Smart bevel for jobs with large differences between lens and frame curves
  • Frame curve bevel positioning
  • Cut multiple groove depths and widths on the same lens
  • Step back at variable depths to optimize lens fit and cosmetics
  • Drilling angle fully adjustable through the front of the lens
  • Variable inclination around the lens
  • Directly interface with any lens/frame tracer
  • Communicate via OMA through any Lab Management Software interface
  • Operates using Windows XP
  • Remote connection for support through internet connection
  • Slippery lens coating function
Vital Stats: Compact footprint (750 x 680 x 1,500); (847) 357-0323

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M&S Technologies Intros CustomLink for Smart System Wireless Tablet

Custom Link for the Smart System
Top Line: M&S Technologies' new CustomLink is a unique feature that enables users to customize all settings on the company’s Smart System wireless tablet, so that each user that logs in will work with only their particular preferences for vision testing.
Close Up: If seeing patients within multiple age groups, for example, the user can assign all the tests, functionality, features, and protocols that are required within that age group to a particular tab. Design another tab with different tests and features for another group. Each time a user logs on with their own ID, the tablet automatically populates to that particular user’s tabs and preferences. CustomLink allows eyecare professionals with sub-specialties to easily share the same exam room and the Smart System without compromising efficiency or throughput.
"The CustomLink feature of Smart System gives the user even more flexibility than before. We recognize that exam rooms may be used by different professionals for different aspects of vision testing. This feature was developed to maximize the multi-purpose exam room found in many clinics today," said Joe Marino, president of M&S Technologies.; (847) 763-0500

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Optikam Tech Releases OptikamPad iPad app

OptikamPad application for iPad
Top Line: Optikam Tech. is releasing the OptikamPad application for the iPad platform.
Close Up: OptikamPad contains four modules that help in all areas of the dispensary: measurements, lens demos, frame selection and augmented reality. The app is based on the proven Optikam EY-stick technology currently used in thousands of optical boutiques.
Vital Stats: Capture all measurements with one single frontal image: PDs, seg heights, pantoscopic tilt, vertex, wrap, A, B, ED and DBL. The patented EY-stick technology allows the user to capture precise measurements without having to be positioned at the same level as the customer.; (888) 356-3311

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Eschenbach Expands System Vario Plus Line

3.9x System Vario Plus (#1581-73)
Top Line: Eschenbach Optic is expanding its System Vario Plus with the addition of a 3.9x illuminated stand magnifier. The 3.9 System Vario offers maximum versatility and is designed for use at home, at school, or in the workplace. It is particularly suited for users who cannot easily hold magnifiers due to tremors or physical weakness, according to Eschenbach.
Close Up: 3.9x System Vario features and benefits:
  • Large lens size provides a wide field of view so more of the page can be viewed at one time.
  • The 1581-73 provides maximum brightness due to enclosed magnifier head.
  • Lens head can be tilted toward the user for more ergonomic comfort.
  • Works with any of Eschenbach’s four System Vario handles.
Vital Stats:
  • Magnification: 3.9x
  • Diopter: 11.4D
  • Illumination: Compatible with any System Vario handle, battery or electric
  • Lens size: 100 mm x 50 mm
  • Lens type: Aspheric
  • Mount: high grade white plastic
  • Lens material: aspheric PXM
  • Lens adjustments: tiltable lens
  • Case: 1500-5 (optional)
  • Case material: nylon; (800) 487-5389

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