New Auto Refractor/Keratometer Measures Basic Refraction Error and Provides Spatially Resolved Refraction Map

Huvitz Auto Refractor/Keratometer Series (Model HRK-8000A)
Top Line: Coburn Technologies is releasing the Huvitz Auto Refractor/Keratometer Series (Model HRK-8000A). The unit is part of a complete line of Huvitz diagnostic systems that Coburn Technologies is now distributing in the U.S.
Close Up: Unlike many conventional diagnostic devices, this series utilizes a unique wavefront technology algorithm that surpasses conventional and simple refraction. It has the ability to measure not just the basic refraction error of a patient, but to obtain a spatially resolved refraction map. The system utilizes joystick control with one-touch locking and automatic three-dimensional eye tracking for fast and accurate measurement.
The 8000 series also offers the world’s first contact lens fitting function in an auto ref-keratometer which enables users to see fluorescein liquid with blue illumination then analyzes and simulates the lens fitting status with automatic calculation and recommendation.
Vital Stats:
  • Optimized Wavefront Technology
  • Micro Lens Array
  • Customized Lens Manufacturing
  • Graphical Zernike Refraction Map
  • PSF and Image Simulation
  • Peripheral Keratometry Measurement
  • Ultra High Precision KER Data
  • Contact Lens Fitting Assistance Guide
  • Auto Eye Tracking
  • Animated On-Screen Guide
  • Vision Comparison Function
  • Auto-Cut Printer
  • Network Connectivity
www.coburntechnologies.com; (800) 843-1479

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Nike Vision Launches 'Takeover' of Site Featuring Co-branded Nike Max Transitions Products

Top Line: Signaling the strength of the partnership, and confidence in the technology and brand, Nike Vision has launched a "takeover" of NikeVision.com, featuring the company's three co-branded products with Transitions Optical. Nike Max Transitions Golf, Speed and Outdoor Tints are each highlighted in three separate videos that demonstrate each product’s adaptive technology in changing light conditions.
Close Up: The videos and social media assets are available for eyecare professionals through the Transitions professional Facebook page.
"It goes without saying that we’re tremendously proud of our partnership with Nike, one of the most elite sports brands in the world," said Grady Lenski, managing director, adjacencies, Transitions Optical. "The homepage takeover and product demo videos are a reflection of the power of this collaboration – this is a perfect opportunity for eyecare professionals to leverage the power of these two brands."
Steve Tripi, marketing director, Marchon Eyewear/Nike Vision, noted, "These sunglasses have generated a buzz among athletes already. Anyone looking to up their athletic performance recognizes the inherent advantages of superior vision."
Added Lenski, "We know that eyecare professionals can benefit directly from recommending premium brand offerings to patients. In fact, 89 percent of patients say the lens options offered to them by their ECPs is important to them. This is a guaranteed way to increase patient satisfaction, by recommending Nike Max Transitions lenses as a second-pair sale, or a primary sunglass pair for contact lens wearers or patients with no prescription."
Vital Stats: The homepage takeover will be featured on NikeVision.com for several weeks. Visitors to the page are directed to the videos first, and can also link to pages with additional product technology details, available frame styles and ordering/purchase information. All three Nike Max Transitions products are available for purchase at NikeStore.com. Eyecare professionals can order product and point of sale materials through their Marchon representative.

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American Optometric Association Updates Website

Top Line: The American Optometric Association (AOA) has launched a new website to better serve its members and the profession. The new site features responsive design, an enhanced Doctor Locator, and single sign-on for many AOA features. The new site keeps the same URL, www.aoa.org.
Close Up: AOA President Ron Hopping, OD, MPH, said, "We proactively engaged our members as the site was under development to ensure that the navigation would be user-friendly, and that we were reflecting the progress AOA has made as an organization since the first site was launched in 2003."
According to AOA executive director, Barry Barresi, OD, PhD, the launch is the first phase of a series of upgrades and enhancements that give members the online access they need to resources essential for professional development and current best practices in practice management. "It was a priority to incorporate responsive design, which automatically formats content for any device including desktop, tablet, or smart phone. This is essential for how all of us are living our lives now," Dr. Barresi said.
Additional convenience has been added by providing single sign-on for several popular services including EyeLearn online continuing education resources, Optometry’s Career Center, and AOAExcel.
Vital Stats: In the coming months, sections of the site will continue to be developed. Ongoing enhancements for the AOA's online store, branded as AOAMarketplace, will include an expanded product selection and an improved customer experience. The area of the site dedicated to providing the public and patients with information about common eye conditions will be updated in the future as well.

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BPI Offers 20-pair Production AR Lens Rack

BPI 20-pair Production AR Stripper Lens Rack (#15603)
Top Line: BPI (Brain Power Inc.) is introducing a non-metal, production AR stripper lens rack.
Close Up: The rack measures 10" (25.4cm) left to right and 7.25" (18.4cm) front to back. It holds 40 lenses and is compatible with BPI AR Dry stripper solutions. BPI can also supply a compatible tank for use with this rack.
Vital Stats: The rack may be used with uncut lenses, although it may be adjusted to hold smaller lenses if they are all of the same size.
www.callbpi.com; (800) 327-2250

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