Coburn Introduces Complete Digital Refraction System

Digital Refraction System
Top Line: Coburn Technologies is introducing a complete digital refraction system (model HRT-7000).
Close Up: The HRT-7000, manufactured by Huvitz, is a compact and ergonomic design for the most effective use of space with the smallest footprint. It features a unique handle mechanism to facilitate the movement of the upper table and equipment with ease. A power arm for manual or digital refractors offers 45 degree soft movement to accommodate any patent comfortably. Integrated keypad buttons offer easy control of power arm and chair to provide convenience for positioning of patient’s eyes.
Vital Stats: Available in Keratometer (as shown) or Slit Lamp configuration; available with Chart Projector (as shown) or Digital Chart.; (800) 262-8761

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M&S Smart System Now Interfaces With Reichert Auto Phoroptor

M&S Smart System, Reichert Auto Phoroptor
Top Line: M&S Technologies is introducing the Smart System interface with the Reichert auto phoroptor. Eyecare professionals can now easily operate the Smart System functions using the control pad of their Reichert auto phoroptor.
Close Up: The Smart System images will even be conveniently displayed for the operator on the Reichert control pad. The M&S interface offers the added flexibility of controlling Smart System functions using any M&S input device, including the remote control, keypad or tablet.
Vital Stats: Smart System features include validated Contrast Sensitivity tests, the exclusive LEA Symbol charts, customizable input device settings, and immediate access to patient education images and videos.; (847) 763-0500

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MacPractice Integrates OneTouch EMR SaaS and Native App for iPad With MacPractice Practice Management Software

MacPractice MD
Top Line: MacPractice, Inc. announced integration of MacPractice MD with OneTouch EMR. With OneTouch, a cloud based EMR/EHR, doctors can easily record and access medical records using any modern browser or OneTouch EMR’s native app for iPad.
Close Up: Fully certified for Meaningful Use, OneTouch EMR for MacPractice is simple-to-use, storing data in the cloud for easy access from the app for iPad or from any modern browser. Integration with MacPractice MD eliminates the need for the re-entry of demographic data into OneTouch. Charges created in One Touch are electronically forwarded to MacPractice for review and posting by the front desk, even when charges are posted from outside the office.
Vital Stats: OneTouch operates without popup windows and can incorporate custom forms, templates and macros. OneTouch EMR for iPad is available as a free download from the App Store.
Register at to view demo videos of MacPractice and of OneTouch EMR working with MacPractice.

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EyeTrain Launches OptiQuiz, an ABO Exam Study App for Opticians

More Images
Top Line: EyeTrain is launching OptiQuiz, an app quiz game to help opticians review test content for certification exams. Founded by master optician, Monica Scott, EyeTrain Apps encourages certification and licensure and is dedicated to providing new ways to enhance and supplement optical education.
Close Up: OptiQuiz app provides a convenient means for optical students, apprentices, and professionals to supplement prep for certification exams and test current optical knowledge, according to EyeTrain. OptiQuiz will be a great addition to any other study aids and a fun way to stay up to date on basic optics. OptiQuiz app quizzes the user with over 300 exam-style questions that are based on current test specifications.
Vital Stats: OptiQuiz app is available for download on the Apple App Store. OptiQuiz for Android is coming soon on Google Play App Store. Updates about OptiQuiz will be posted via Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. Click here to view a video about OptiQuiz.; (706) 305-0102

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