Konan Medical Announces New Edition of ColorDx Color Vision Tests for Children and Adults

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ColorDx Tests
Top Line: Konan Medical is now offering its ColorDx tests in print with value added features. Using the latest colorimetry-corrected printing methods, the ColorDx Standard 24, is the newest edition of Terrace Waggoner, OD’s naval-validated print version of the 6-confusion color test for color vision deficiencies (the “PIP 24”). The Standard 24 features the military validated adult / literate test, new administration features, enhanced reporting, a market-proven illiterate / pediatric test section, plus the addition of the novel “Blind Spot Amsler” pioneered by Dr. Waggoner.
Simultaneously, a new edition of Color Vision Testing Made Easy, has been released as ColorDx Pediatric 15. This test is designed for young children, very young children and mentally challenged individuals. The test is widely considered to be the gold standard for pediatric color vision assessment and as such has been used exclusively by the Special Olympics for testing Special Olympian’s color vision skills.
Close Up: Both tests feature the latest in colorimetry-corrected production methods that were unavailable with earlier editions. “By incorporating 21st century production methods, the new ColorDx versions of these proven color vision tests are the closest ever to theoretical values of Dr. Waggoner’s CIE confusion colors,” said Charles Wm. Stewart, OD, CEO of Konan Medical USA. “This is terrific complement to the electronic versions of ColorDx and rounds out the product offering for full flexibility in color vision testing methods.”
Vital Stats: Konan’s ColorDx products are family of proven tests for assessment of color vision deficiencies, sometime called colorblindness. Tests are available for genetic and acquired deficiencies, adult/literate and pediatric/illiterate, and in multiple formats: print and as applications on Windows, Android, Mac, and soon on Apple’s iPad. Additionally ColorDx is available on Chart2020, the premier visual acuity and ocular performance testing platform as a guided, self-scoring Wizard. ColorDx includes military-grade color vision testing that is routinely used at NAMI (Naval Aerospace Medical Institute) for qualification of Naval aviators, and specified for use by the FAA for qualification of civil aviation pilots. The electronic version is self-administering, self-scoring, and self-reporting. ColorDx is FDA listed and CE marked, and is used world-wide in academic, research, and clinical eye care practices.
www.konanmedical.com; (888) 310-0740

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RevolutionEHR Launches RevMarket Online Marketplace for Apps and Services

RevMarket is an online marketplace that connects RevolutionEHR customers with integrated apps and services.
Top Line: By accessing apps and services through RevMarket, customers can enhance the capabilities of the RevolutionEHR optometric, cloud-based practice management and electronic health record software. “RevMarket is a classic win-win for our customers and partners” said Scott Jens, OD, FAAO, CEO of RevolutionEHR. “We’ve streamlined the experience for our customers to discover, learn more about and get started using a wide variety of apps and services that will enhance their practice. At the same time, we’ve provided our partners a place to promote their offerings.”
Close Up: RevolutionEHR leverages the power of its cloud-based architecture to ensure all customers are experiencing the same version of software at all times. Through the development of its secure web-services API (application programming interface), RevolutionEHR simplifies the integration efforts for its partners.
Vital Stats: RevMarket currently lists close to 20 apps and services available to RevolutionEHR customers. Most are tightly integrated partner apps which deliver capabilities such as e-prescribing, claims processing, patient communications and analytics. Apps and services developed by RevolutionEHR can also be found in RevMarket. Current RevMarket partners are 4patientCare, ApexEDI, Demandforce, EyeconX, EyeDock, Frames Data, iManager, Marco Connect, myRev, RevAssure, RevCycle, RevIntegrator, RevolutionPHR, RxNT, Solutionreach, The Edge, TriZetto Provider Solutions, WebSystem3, and WHITEC.
www.revolutionehr.com; (877) 738-3471

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Coburn Technologies Intros X-Edge Finish Blocking Pad

X-Edge finish blocking pad
Top Line: Coburn Technologies is introducing its latest consumable product for retail and wholesale lens labs; the X-Edge finish blocking pad.
Close Up: Coburn’s new X-Edge pads are designed for general use lens edging applications including uncoated, hard coated and standard AR lenses. Coated on both sides with a high cohesive strength synthetic rubber PSA, the high-density cross-linked EVA copolymer foam creates a pad that can resist high shearing forces while still providing easy and clean removal from the lens.
Key features:
  • Extremely high shear strength
  • Clean removability
  • Moisture resistant
  • High-density cross-linked EVA copolymer foam
  • High cohesive strength synthetic rubber PSA
  • Outperforms leading brands, including 3M LEAP III, in lab and end-user tests
"We are very excited about the response we have gotten to this product. Offering a better product at a better price compared to competing brands, is ultimately the best outcome for our customers," said Dan Clarke, product development manager for Coburn’s Lab Works division.
Vital Stats: X-Edge pads are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate a large variety of finish blocks.

Product is available worldwide, and online for U.S. customers at www.shopcoburn.com. For prices, package offer information, contact the Coburn Lab Works division directly at (866) 450-0412) or call Coburn’s main number (800) COBURN-1 and ask for Lab Works.

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