Frames Data and FlexScanMD Announce 'Immediate Data Access' Integration

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Product: Frames Data IDA, FlexScanMD
Top Line: Frames Data announced that FlexScanMD, an inventory software by Kestrel Software LLC, is now compatible with Frames Data IDA (Immediate Data Access). This integration will allow users of FlexScanMD, who also subscribe to the Frames Data service, to access a database of frames over the internet in order to populate their product inventory.
Close Up: Frames Data IDA, which launched late last year, transfers detailed frame information to the user’s software via a web service. “We update our database daily with new frames and price changes,” said Tom Doyle, director of key accounts at Frames Data, “An integration with our IDA product means you can access those updates nearly as soon as we have them. It’s a huge change when you consider that a year ago subscribers were required to wait for a physical disc in the mail.”
Similar to other Frames Data products, Frames Data IDA allows users to forgo hours of manual data entry of product information. According to Doyle, in the short term it’s a labor intensive task that is nearly eliminated, but in the long term also has ramifications for the practice as a whole.  
“Sometimes practices never fully make use of their frame inventory and reporting features of their software for the simple fact that keeping inventory updated can be such a hurdle,” he noted. “When you consider what it takes to hand enter 100 twelve digit UPC codes—and how easy it is to enter a long string of numbers like that incorrectly and make errors—you get a sense of what practices are up against. But if you have the data in your system and it’s accurate, you can jumpstart the process from the beginning. This product has the effect of helping practices fully use functionality that they can use to better manage their businesses.”
FlexScanMD focuses on inventory for medical practices, as well as optical dispensaries. “We’re really excited to have completed this integration,” said Stephen Lacy, FlexScanMD’s vice president. “Tracking inventory in an optical dispensary is key to improving profitability, and FlexScanMD is a powerful tool with a wide range of features that can help eyecare professionals do that. Adding the Frames Data integration now makes it even better.”
Vital Stats: FlexScanMD is the second software to integrate with Frames Data IDA, joining My Vision Express, an integration that launched in October 2013.;

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Vertical Motion Launches eTrove for Optometrists

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Product: eTrove
Top Line: Vertical Motion, a Calgary-based software and mobile development firm, is launching eTrove in beta for optometrists.
Close Up: eTrove is a mobile-based two-way loyalty program platform to enable optometrists to engage with clients and build loyalty. It provides visibility into key performance indications that display whether customers are engaging and participating in social networks, referrals and rewards, while motivating them to do so with points earned through a mobile app that replaces cards, tokens, and stamps.
The system also allows administrators and front-desk staff to have more control and less hassle than with traditional programs as they can set and monitor their auto-adjusted on-hand inventory, amount of points awarded for specific actions, and points redemption values.
Vital Stats: The team behind eTrove invites organizations and individuals who work in the optometry industry to get in touch at to find out more about how eTrove will help their business.;; (888) 815-4365

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Gulden Ophthalmics Intros Rowe OCT Model Eye

Product: Rowe OCT Model Eye
Top Line: Gulden Ophthalmics has added the Rowe OCT Model Eye to its extensive array of well-designed, practical eye models. This solid-state tissue phantom is easy and simple to use by simply clamping it to an instrument and initiating an OCT test. It eliminates the need to use staff members or patients to check, practice, and use OCT equipment. Because it produces a standard test result based on a normal macula it provides a stable, long-term benchmark for OCT instruments.
Close Up: The OCT Model Eye features a realistic, six-layer retina 300um thick, 4.8mm in diameter; a 120um deep foveal pit; photoreceptor inner segment (IS)/outer segment (OS)/retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) layer with choroidal transition.  It is fluid free and easy to image with a large 12.6mm cornea and 8mm diameter pupil and is 23.5mm in axial length. Images using the OCT Model Eye exhibit clear layer structure, foveal pit, and IS/OS/RPE layer.
Vital Stats: The OCT Model Eye is provided and stored in a wooden case with instructions, an attachment rod for mounting on an ophthalmic instrument chin rest, and a mounting clamp.; (800) 659-2250

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