Briot Launches Attitude, an Edging System That Gives Opticians New Capabilities

Product: Briot Attitude
Top Line: Briot USA is launching Attitude, a new edging system with advanced features that increase ease of use and broaden the scope of capabilities for opticians.
Close Up: Key features include TrueScan tracing technology, faster centering and blocking, a new motor capable of maximum speed with minimal noise, simplified drilling administration and shape modification, a color coded data input system to minimize errors, and the addition of patented Shack-Hartmann wavefront power mapping technology. TrueScan technology makes tracing faster, works with less pressure on the frame, and also features a unique “goose neck” stylus principle which enables perpendicular-frame-to-groove tracing during the entire tracing cycle, regardless of the frame base curve.
The Briot Attitude also combines a powerful high definition optical tracing technology with the ability to manually trace frames. Powered by Gravi Tech technology, the Attitude combines a rotating diffuse reflecting plate with a high speed camera and savvy engineering resulting in the best possible contouring of shapes and drill holes. The high speed processor used for image analysis makes the shape capture process fast regardless of the complexity of the contour. The high resolution camera is also able to detect the hidden laser marks on lenses. This enables the user to see whether the printing on the lens is accurate and review the add power of the lens and other data, such as lens design. the user will be able to easily detect scratches or lens defects that are hard to detect with the eye by using the “zoom” feature.
The Briot Attitude also features a high speed automated blocking process. The fully parallax-free centering process takes seconds. Opticians can expect the combined centering and blocking process to take no longer than 30 seconds which results in the ability to prepare up to 60 jobs per hour.
Vital Stats: The highlight of the Attitude is the use of wavefront technology based on a Shack-Hartmann Sensor. This fast and patented power mapping measurement delivers important information about a lens that is not available through conventional finishing systems. By touching the screen on any given point of the lens, you are able to see the measured power, and even overlay the final lens shape over the wavefront-based power map of the lens ensuring the best optics and functionality for your customer.; (800) 292-7468

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MaximEyes Software Integrates with OptikamPad and Eliminates Double Data Entry

Product: MaximEyes, OptikamPad Integration
Top Line: First Insight, developers of MaximEyes cloud-based certified EHR and practice management software for eye care professionals, and Optikam Tech, developers of OptikamPad, announced that MaximEyes and OptikamPad can now quick share patient data through a direct integration.
Close Up: “We’ve made it easier for OptikamPad users to import eyewear measurement data directly into a MaximEyes Rx Order patient record,” said Nitin Rai, president and CEO of First Insight. “Because time is money, we continually develop better ways to eliminate redundant data entry and reduce clicks.” Fields that import include: panto, wrap, A value, B value, ED value, DBL value, corridor R, corridor L, reading distance, lens model, frame model, and notes.
“The seamless integration between OptikamPad and MaximEyes reduces the time it takes to place an order,” said Marco Lancione, president of Optikam Tech. “All advanced measurement values for freeform or digital lenses are sent electronically—eliminating manual double entry and potential transcribing errors.”
Vital Stats: OptikamPad is a standalone iPad app that assists in all facets of the eyewear dispensing process—frame selection, lens demonstrations, and eyewear measurements using a single frontal image. The system measures in tenths of millimeters versus half millimeters. The Optikam image detection software quickly and efficiently finds all of the reference points, which makes it easier and faster than when taking measurements manually.,

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Younger Optics Launches Nupolar Gradient Web Site

Top Line: Younger Optics has launched a colorful new web site dedicated to answering ECPs questions about NuPolar Gradient lenses, the first polycarbonate polarized lenses with an encapsulated gradient. includes a short video, photos, and all the practical information ECPs need to dispense NuPolar Gradient lenses.
Close Up: This mobile-compatible site allows ECPs to look up availability and other information on their mobile phones or desktop computers with ease, all within a colorful and easy-to-navigate format. ECPs within the US and Canada may register to receive a complimentary pair of NuPolar Gradient lenses to show their patients.
Vital Stats: For a limited time, Younger Optics is offering complimentary NuPolar Gradient lenses to eligible ECPs who register at The complimentary lens offer is currently extended to ECPs currently practicing in the U.S. and Canada only. See site for details.;; (800) 877-5367

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