OptoTech Intros High-Performance Production Cell for Digital Lenses

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Products: ESM Twin-A, Flash Twin-A, ASP 80 Twin-A
Top Line: OptoTech is introducing “smartLAB ultraline,” its high-performance production cell for digital lenses. The centerpieces of this new line are the separation of the milling and turning process on two machines which are specially designed for the relevant production step, as well as a new polisher.
Close Up: The new ESM Twin-A is a milling machine equipped with two spindles to simultaneously process two digital lenses. A high-class drive concept with direct driven async motors combined with an optimized loading unit and a high resolution CNC-controller leads to an unmatched output of more than 150 jobs/hour.
The ESM Twin-A is the ideal pre-cutter for the also introduced Flash Twin-A. The new digital surfacing-turning machine Flash Twin-A is an enhancement of OptoTech’s tried and tested Flash series. Due to the usage of two Fast Tools, the Flash Twin-A is able to simultaneously process two digital lenses. Considerably increased speed of the tool spindles, combined with a high-class air bearing, leads to significant improvements in quality and quantity, offering an output of up to 120 jobs per hour. With the patented OptoTech async mode unwanted vibrations can be minimized, resulting in very smooth surface qualities.
To complement the new Twin-A machines, OptoTech developed the new Digital-Surfacing-Polisher ASP 80 Twin-A, designed for full automatic high speed polishing of two toric/atoric or backside progressive lenses simultaneously. The ASP 80 Twin-A is equipped with two revolving tool spindles each equipped with two pre-polishing tools and two fine polishing tools, which adapt themselves to the topography of the lens surface. This machine is equipped with the new OptoTech edge polishing technology, which offers faster polishing times, longer tool lifetime and higher removal rates. The ASP 80 Twin-A has an integrated, fully automatic cleaning station and an optimized handling for uninterrupted polishing and highest throughput.
Vital Stats: To make lens processing easier, all new Twin-A machines are equipped with a 15-inch touch screen and Windows 7 based Opto-Lab software for a user friendly operation. Polycarbonate, Trivex, standard plastic and high-index materials as well as backside progressives, atorical, individual, front progressive, standard toric and blended lenses can be processed.
“With our new smartLab ultraline OptoTech has the most powerful processing line on the market today,” said Jeff Grumbling, COO of OptoTech Inc. “Our new Twin-machines ESM Twin-A, Flash Twin-A and ASP 80 Twin-A will set a new benchmark in digital lens processing. Despite the high output, a big plus of our line is that you can also use existing digital surfacing/turning machines for the pre-cutting process.”; (877) 412-8350

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SightRisk USA Helps ECPs Educate Patients About AMD Risk Factors

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Product: SightRisk USA
Top Line: SightRisk USA is a proprietary cloud-based software program
distributed exclusively by MacuHealth Distribution Ltd., that helps eyecare professionals educate patients about their risk for developing Age-related Macular Degeneration.
Close Up: SightRisk USA was developed through the collaboration by a team of research scientists who assessed and documented both modifiable lifestyle and non-modifiable risk factors of thousands of patients studied, who were diagnosed with AMD and through a detailed review of over 300 published scientific manuscripts. The proprietary algorithm behind the SightRisk questionnaire prioritizes, compiles and weigh’s the risk factors based on the patient’s answers creating a unique report that the eyecare professional and staff can review with their patients. This report will help identify young and healthy patients with risk profiles that through consultation and ECP recommendations may delay or even prevent the onset of blindness from Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) later in life.
“It is important to take preventative action,” said Frederic Jouhet, managing director of SightRisk. “Modifiable lifestyle factors such as smoking and a poor nutritional diet have been scientifically and clinically shown to increase the risk of developing AMD. Educating patients and continued monitoring of patient choices as early in life as possible will help reduce these risks. Optometry has an opportunity by implementing SightRisk to provide greater value to their patients overall healthcare and as a contributing member of an ACO.”
Vital Stats: An editable PDF can be emailed or faxed to a patient to be completed prior to their eye appointment. The staff takes the patient’s answers, adds in the answers for five clinical questions from the doctor, and the report with a set of unique recommendations is created. The questionnaire can be easily integrated with other practice patient history forms so the patient can complete in the comfort of their home.
(866) 704-0845;

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Frames Data Launches New Online Resource for Opticians

Product: Frames Data Resources Blog
Top Line: Frames Data has launched a new blog-style resource featuring dispensary hacks, how-to features, and tips for eyecare professionals. The blog focuses on how to use Frames Data products, but also includes features that will be helpful for all dispensaries.
Close Up: Frames Data has launched a new source of information specifically for optical dispensaries in a blog-style format. This new resource, which can be found at, or in the main navigation bar of, features a range of topics from support for Frames Data products and how to use them most effectively, to more general advice on topics of interest to all optical dispensers. Examples include “nuts and bolts” topics like how to update your browser and how to connect your barcode scanner. The responsive design allows visitors to view the blog on any platform – may it be on a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. The search feature also makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for by simply typing the topic into the search bar.
“You’ll see that we’ve created quite a bit of useful content—articles to help you use Frames Data effectively of course, but also ways to manage your business more efficiently—and we wanted to create a central repository for all of that valuable information,” said Tom Doyle, director of marketing & key accounts for Frames Data. “Now it’s all in one place, organized for easy browsing, and searchable.”
“We also found that many of our customers needed basic help becoming comfortable with their technology,” said Doyle. “That was an obstacle for Frames Data because they were not always getting the full benefit of their subscription. That’s why we’re including so many features that could be for anyone trying to be more productive or who is not as comfortable with a computer.”
Vital Stats:; updated weekly with new content; topics of interest to Frames Data subscribers and optical dispensaries in general.; (800) 821-6069, Ext. 1

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