Lens Technology Inc. Intros UV-Curable Spin Coater and Scratch Resistant Coating

Product: CrystalSpin UV-curable spin coater and CST-1 coating
Top Line: LTI Coating Technologies (LTI) is introducing CST-1, the next generation of advanced high performance solvent-free (100 percent solids) coating designed for CrystalSpin, LTI’s new UV-curable spin coater. LTI, formerly known as Lens Technology I, is a majority-owned subsidiary of SDC Technologies, (SDC) a supplier of abrasion resistant coatings. SDC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsui Chemicals.
Close Up: CST-1 coating is manufactured in SDC’s ISO 9001:2008 certified, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to ensure consistent quality.
CST-1 features:
  • Tintable hard coating with adhesion to all substrates, including high index materials
  • Excellent compatibility with anti-reflective (AR ) coatings
  • Delivers high Bayer abrasion ratio for premium scratch resistance
  • Designed to run on LTI’s new CrystalSpin UV curable spin coater
CrystalSpin UV-Cure Coater
CrystalSpin is a compact semi-automatic hard coating machine designed for application of scratch resistant coatings. Click here to download the CrystalSpin brochure.
CrystalSpin features:
  • Ability to load one pair of lenses at a time
  • Brushless DC spin motors with digital feedback loop
  • Compact design; optional cart with casters
  • Available in solvent-free (100 percent solids) or solvent-based configurations
Vital Stats: CrystalSpin UV-Cure coater is available direct from LTI Coating Technologies.;; (714) 690-6740

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New ‘Beam’ Technology for VSP’s otto Enhances Position-of-Wear Measurements

Product: beam
Top Line: “Beam,” a new measurement technology for otto (One Touch to Optical), VSP Optics Group’s iPad dispensing system, allows eyecare professionals (ECPs) to quickly and accurately take position-of-wear measurements for digital lenses without having to attach pattern recognition tools to their patient's frame.
“Position-of-wear measurements are captured with increased accuracy and precision thanks to otto’s unique and patented beam technology,” said Dave Delle Donne, senior vice president of VSP Optics Group. “The addition of beam to otto provides ECPs with an even richer virtual optical assistant that helps them deliver a more personalized eye care experience to their patients.”
Close Up: The new technology works by emitting a small pulse of light, which otto uses as a reference point for calculating measurements. The beam is available for iPad mini as well as iPad 3, iPad 4, or iPad Air.
As a virtual optical assistant for ECPs, otto combines customized position-of-wear measurements, electronic VSP claim processing, lens consulting, frames styling, and more to the point of care in a single app for iPad. By streamlining these functions, otto allows ECPs to focus more on delivering a superior patient experience.
Vital Stats: The new beam technology is available now with otto version 2.0. Active users of otto are eligible for a complimentary tool kit. Additional beams and other otto accessories can be purchased at

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ManagementPlus Adds New Products That Expand the Utility of Electronic Health Records

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Product: ManagementPlus Cloud and Revenue Cycle Management
Top Line: ManagementPlus, a supplier of electronic health records (EHR), electronic medical records (EMR) and practice management software for ophthalmology and optometry practices, is introducing of two new product offerings: ManagementPlus Cloud and Revenue Cycle Management.
Close Up: ManagementPlus Cloud allows practices to back up and store vital health records and applications to remote and secure servers, while Revenue Cycle Management ensures claims get timely attention to detect and avoid delays in payments and write-offs. “ManagementPlus Cloud and Revenue Cycle Management are logical extensions of our core platform,” said Bryan Thorell, chief information officer, ManagementPlus. “With ManagementPlus Cloud, physicians can be assured that patient data is safely and securely managed. When data is centralized, downtime associated with upgrades, conversions, and new software set-up are minimized, and the need for comprehensive IT server support is virtually eliminated, saving potentially thousands of dollars a year. “With Revenue Cycle Management, we are offering a comprehensive end-to-end service that helps manage all aspects of the practice’s revenue stream, from assuring patient’s eligibility, to claim denial analysis, to trends identification, to periodic quality checks to reduce claims reporting errors.”
Vital Stats: ManagementPlus Cloud automatically and systematically backs up records from a practice’s EHR or EMR system and stores it in secure data centers, thus eliminating the need for an on-site server and costs associated with having fully supported IT services. It is fully compatible with multiple operating systems and devices such as the iPad, Android, and Microsoft Surface tablets. With this service, users are able to centralize EHR, EMR and other critical practice applications at secure data centers to make the applications easier to manage. Additionally, because data is offloaded to a secure external source, patients’ data is protected against computer failure, theft, or damage to in-house servers and computer networks.
ManagementPlus’ Revenue Cycle Management is designed to codify and simplify the revenue stream of an ophthalmology or optometry practice. The service includes the following functionalities:
  • Electronic patient eligibility check: Patients’ insurance eligibility is verified prior to the appointment, reducing costly errors from occurring at a later stage
  • Claims submission: ManagementPlus will work with the practice to set up electronics claims and Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) submissions, thus minimizing the number of rejections and invalid claims while saving time, increasing staff productivity, and minimizing the chance of errors
  • Denial analysis and handling: An analytics team will review denials trends and suggest how they can be corrected to avoid any bad debt write offs
  • Accounts receivable follow-up and collections: Claim submissions are followed for up to 90 days and past due balances are collected
  • Detailed reporting: Revenue Cycle Management offers various customizable reports to manage and monitor claims from submission until they are posted
  • Quality checks: An experienced team of quality auditors will perform random quality checks to highlight trends by denial type, payor, and/or user; (800) 695-6994

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