Coburn Releases Fully Automated Hard Coating System

Product: Velocity Coater
Top Line: The Velocity Coater is a fully automated industrial hard coating system providing “the highest throughput of any system on the market while also delivering excellent yields,” according to Coburn Technologies.
Close Up: The automation system includes a multi-stage pre-cleaning system as well as lens handling from the job tray, through a multi-stage lens pre-cleaning system, followed by a secondary cleaning system, coating, and cure, finally returning the lens to the job tray. All of this is accomplished without operator involvement.
“Most large labs have adopted automated systems through much of their production process, but that automation has traditionally stopped at the hard coater. Finally there’s a robust automated coater for the laboratory market,” remarked Charlie Seidel, director of Coburn’s Lab Works Group.
Wendell Slone, manager of the Coating Group added, “For those labs not yet ready to automate, we can offer a manual version of the Velocity Coater to take advantage of the key benefits of our machine, including high throughput, yield, and overall robustness, and the lab can add the autoloader later on a retrofit basis. There is no other coater available that offers this flexibility.”
Vital Stats:
  • Automated lens loading and unloading with multi-stage pre-cleaning system
  • On-the-block and off-the-block processing
  • 120 to 130 lenses per hour
  • Five-station UV coating machine incorporating a load, wash, coat, cure and unload stations
  • Thermal controlled coating station that keeps the coating viscosity consistent
  • Recipe driven environment for coating process control
  • LMS connectivity
  • Easy access for services and diagnostics; (800) 262-8761

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Optos Expands Functionality of Retinal Imaging System

Product: Optos California
Top Line: As clinical options for treating retinal disease continue to broaden, the need to identify pathology in the retinal periphery efficiently and correlate it with disease progression and management is intensifying. California, the most advanced ultra-widefield (UWF) retinal imaging system ever developed, is purpose-built to meet this demand.
To the widest non-contact, single-capture imaging device in ophthalmology, California adds the largest number of UWF imaging modalities, including color, autofluorescence, fluorescein angiography, and indocyanine green angiography in a table-top instrument. This newest device from Optos includes technological updates for consistent resolution and anatomical scale in the far periphery, thus facilitating cross-modality image registration.
Close Up: California is designed specifically for the advanced-retinal imaging requirements of ophthalmologists and vitreoretinal specialists. It is a compact, table-top, UWF retinal imaging device providing greater imaging functionality.
California introduces our newest imaging modality, indocyanine green angiography (ICG), while maintaining all current color imaging modalities, autofluorescence (AF) and fluorescein angiography (FA). optomap icg is used for imaging the choroidal vasculature, necessary for the diagnosis, treatment and management of conditions such as neovascular age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and disorders with choroidal neovascular membranes.
Vital Stats: The California has several software and hardware enhancements, including:
  • OptosAdvance software that facilitates multimodality review and annotation
  • Cloud-based archiving
  • Platform independent review and referral management
  • ProView, which enhances image registration for tracking retinal disease development over time and comparison of images across all retinal image modalities.; (800) 854-3039

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PFO Global Targets Online Shoppers with Rx Voucher Program

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Product: JustTheRx; Get the Rx
Top Line: PFO Global (OTCQB: PFGB) is launching a sales program and B2C website,, designed to encourage consumers who are shopping for eyewear online to purchase prescription lenses from eyecare professionals with brick-and-mortar locations.
Close Up: Consumers will have the opportunity to purchase online Just the Rx vouchers for the lens types, lens material and coating options which are redeemable through participating ECP practices. ECPs accepting the vouchers are able to redeem them by ordering the complete eyewear through the B2B website
“We specifically designed our offering to help correct the myriad of hazardous issues associated with online ordering of eyeglasses, not limited to returns by the patient. Our intention is, and will always be, to drive quality and profitability back to the ECP—where it belongs,” said Jeff LaPlante, PFO Global’s executive vice president of business development.
Vital Stats: Patients can chose company-branded single vision (SeeIt) or free-form progressive addition (FeelIt) lenses. Materials include Resolution polycarbonate (DistortNot), 1.67 (PrettyThin) and 1.74 (VeryThin) materials; clear, photochromic (Conditions 9) or polarized (GlareNot) lenses are available as options, along with the patient's choice of an included hydrophobic, oleophobic, anti-static, two-year warranteed, multi-layered anti-reflection coating (A-aRen't) or an upgraded AR/HEV coating (BlueMeAway). The premium FeeIt progressive design offers the dispenser options of frametization that include multiple corridor lengths of 9, 11 or 13mm, three designs (a balanced design, a design with an accent on distance, or a design with an accent on near) and may also be ordered "compensated" for position of wear measurements, if measurements are provided by the ECP when ordering.
Prescription parameters cover a large patient population with sphere powers ranging between +8.00D and -10.00D with cylinders up to -5.00D. Progressives have an add between +0.75D and +3.50D. Frame dimensions and design must be appropriate for spectacle Rx and, in the case of progressives, frames should be selected which allow a minimum segment fitting height of 16mm. Prescriptions with prism are not accepted at this time. The option to upgrade the lens type, lens material, or coating prior to purchase is available via a customer service interface.;; (866) 996-7849

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