iViews Imaging System Intros Cloud-Based Co-Management System

Product: iViews Cloud-Based Co-Management System
Top Line: iViews Imaging System is now including new modules that will expand the reach of regional eye care clinics. These modules streamline the co-management of the patient’s eyecare and imaging.
Close Up: iViews has created a central repository of diagnostic imaging and data that comes from diverse sources—cameras, perimeters, OCTs, topographers and more—so that they might yield more sophisticated clinical insights. The cloud-based systems helps itinerant doctors stay in touch by providing access to their patient records while on the go.
Vital Stats: By logging on to an iViews cloud, eyecare professionals can easily track referrals between health care professionals, share diagnostic reports, split technical and professional codes, and create virtual reading centers or remote screening centers to review images and data.
“Given the increasingly central role that imaging plays in eyecare, the current available process seemed untenable for the long-term. To that end, we have created an iViews cloud-based solution. Our clients want to have everything in one place so they can look at progressive disease, observing change over time, with all the data right there in front of them,” said Paul DiFiore, vice president sales, iViews.
“Because the iViews application software loads patient data directly into instruments, it streamlines the patient workflow for the clinic. The ocular images and data are uploaded directly for viewing and allows eyecare professionals to see the images of the eye from a variety of instruments, effectively providing a clear view of the patient’s eye health. This clear view allows for quicker solutions for eyecare patients; particularly those with diseases that can lead to blindness, such as glaucoma, retinopathy and cataracts.”
http://iviewsimaging.com/; (727) 734-8393

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2020EHR Releases Medflow 2.0 EHR System

Product: Medflow 2.0 EHR System
Top Line: 2020EHR, an electronic health record (EHR) and practice management solutions provider for ophthalmologists, is releasing Medflow 2.0 EHR, a cloud-based EHR system. Medflow 2.0 EHR streamlines the entire workflow, providing logic and guidelines to increase speed of data entry, while also satisfying regulatory requirements.
Close Up: Medflow 2.0 EHR automated care plans are enhanced with features to make ophthalmology assessments run smoothly and efficiently. In addition, the simplified process links treatment profiles and findings automatically with the correct ICD-10 codes.
“Medflow 2.0 EHR delivers usability, simplicity and configurability,” said Jim Messier, vice president of product development, Medflow at 2020EHR. “Our advanced EHR system is designed to enhance the patient-physician relationship, decrease stress and improve office harmony. With Medflow 2.0 EHR, our physicians and staff can focus on what is most important—patient care.”
Vital Stats: Medflow 2.0 EHR intuitive care plans instantly autofill important data such as medication orders and returns visits, as well as deliver letters to referring physicians and patients through the patient portal. Tools including dashboards, longitudinal chart reviews, vision and pressure graphs and past summaries enable physicians to quickly review and understand any patient condition.
www.2020ehr.com/medflow.php; (855) 685-3292

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drchrono Releases Medical Billing App in the App Store

Product: Medical billing app for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and web
Top Line: drchrono, the EHR on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and web for physicians and their patients, is releasing a medical billing app for the iPad, allowing medical billers to view claims and review billing statuses from their mobile device.
Close Up: The first version of drchrono’s app gives medical billers and executives of medical practices a quick snapshot of the practice's financial health in real-time, for example, how fast claims are being paid out, rejection rates and other vital financial stats.
“drchrono's commitment is to help independent medical practices thrive. Today drchrono is known as the best mobile EHR on the market to improve a medical provider’s productivity at the point of care and now we are striving to improve all ambulatory practices’ financial health with an innovative approach to medical billing and revenue cycle management,” said Michael Nusimow, CEO and co-founder of drchrono. “Our new medical billing mobile app will revolutionize the way doctors and health care executives look at their business.”
Vital Stats: drchrono is also releasing surgical center billing into its EHR platform so medical professionals can support their private practice while maintaining billing for surgeries and hospital grade billing, all within drchrono.
www.drchrono.com; (844) 569-8628

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