Eyes 4 Lives Intros Dr. i-coach, a Device That Monitors Eye Activity

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Product: Dr. i-coach Cloud Database and Platform
Top Line: Optical device company Eyes 4 Lives has created a device to effectively monitor an individual's screen interaction in real-time to reduce issues that can lead to myopia, eye strain (a.k.a. Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS), and dry eye. Doctors can access the cloud-based platform and utilize the data collected through the device to give professional medical advice.
Close observations through time, collected by the device, can reveal habitual changes that are hard to observe through a single eyecare visit.
The data collected by the user community can be useful for future medical research.
Close Up: The Dr. i-Coach sensor monitors how long computer users have been in front of the computer and at what distance. It is equipped with a blink rate monitor which alerts the user whenever blink rates are too low, minimizing the effects of computer-induced eye strain and dry eyes. It will force computer users to take a break or alter their distance from the screen in order to rest their eyes. Dr. i-Coach also monitors sitting position and posture, reminding the user if the screen is too high or low. Thanks to facial recognition software, individual users are able to log in and see the device's history and maintain a log of their computer habits. Their eye doctor can also log in to see the patient's data to enhance the diagnoses and treatment recommendations.
Vital Stats:
• Distance Monitor
• Timer
• Sitting Height Monitor
• Blink Rate Monitor
• Environmental Light Detector
• Visual Acuity Test
• Macular Degeneration Test
• Color Perception Test
• Patient Recall
Click here to see a video about Dr. i-coach.; (877) Eyes4Lives (393-7454)

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Volk Intros Two Direct Image, High-Res Single Use Lenses for Laser Treatment

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Product: Volk1 Capsulotomy Lens; Volk1 Iridotomy Lens
Top Line: Volk is introducing two direct image, high-resolution lenses that enable laser treatment in a single-use design:
The Volk1 Capsulotomy lens is for performing resection of the capsular bag using a laser, following an IOL implantation where opacification of the remaining capsule occurred. The Volk1 Iridotomy Lens is for performing a peripheral iridotomy procedure.
Volk1 Single Use lenses aim to reduce the potential for transmission of infectious disease while eliminating reprocessing costs (disinfection).
Close Up:
Volk1 Single Use Capsulotomy Lens
• Image Mag. 1.57x
• Laser Spot: .63x
Volk1 Single Use Iridotomey Lens
• Image Mag: 1.70x
• Laser Spot: .58x
Vital Stats:
• Quality of Volk-manufactured optics deliver high-resolution magnified images in a sterile, one-time-use design.
• Assurance: Eliminate the potential for cross-contamination.
• Convenient: Do away with cumbersome, costly reprocessing of durable, reusable lenses.
• Volk1 Capsulotomy lens allows for precise laser beam placement at the capsular bag.
• Volk1 Iridotomy lens delivers the highest magnification imaging of the iris.
• Pre-sterilized and packaged in sealed Tyvek pouches. Sold in boxes of 10 lenses each.; (800) 345-8655

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LKC Technologies Intros RETeval Complete, the First Non-Mydriatic ERG System

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Product: RETeval Complete
Top Line: LKC Technologies is introducing RETeval Complete, the first flash electrophysiology system that requires no dilation. The patented system allows for easy to use and portable electro diagnostic visual testing. Its lightweight design and intuitive interface allows for full visual flash electrophysiology testing that integrates into any clinical setting. The unit is designed for accuracy, portability, and accessibility.
Close Up: RETeval Complete performs fully compliant ISVEC protocols. It performs full field flash electroretinograms (ERG) and flash visually evoked potentials (VEP). It features a wide array of flash ERG/VEP protocols, as well as customizable protocols. It has built-in patented pupillometry to track pupil size which allows the device to adjust flash and background luminance. The accompanying skin sensor strip electrodes allow non-invasive, non-dilated, and non-sedated testing for any patient in any clinical setting.
Vital Stats:
• Clinically validated.
• Handheld 4.5 lb. device is easy to store anywhere.
• Battery powered, allowing for testing to be performed anywhere.
• Compatible with any operating system in the clinic. Connect to any existing system or network.
• Fully built-in ISCEV compliant protocols for flash ERG/VEP.
• Custom protocols available upon request.
• Built-in photometry for calibration during testing.
• Sensor strip electrodes allowing for non-invasive, non-sedated testing.
• Built-in pupillometry adjusts for flash and background luminance allowing for non-dilated tests.
• Immediate results displayed on screen and automatic PDF reports generated and viewable on any computer.
• EMR interface available.
• Multi-lingual support.
• Simple to use joystick and LCD display screen.; (800) 638-7055; (301) 840-1992

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