Reliance Medical Products Launches I-OPS In-Office Procedure System

Product: I-OPS In-Office Procedure System
Top Line: Reliance Medical Products and Haag-Streit USA have released the new I-OPS In-Office Procedure System, an ergonomically optimized Instrument Delivery System that allows physicians to perform injections and other minor in-office procedures much more efficiently. Developed in collaboration with Christopher Riemann, MD of the Cincinnati Eye Institute, I-OPS eliminates wasted movements, which saves time and improves patient flow, as well as patient safety and comfort.
Close Up: Physicians can now perform a multitude of procedures without the need for an assistant or the need to turn around and reach for supplies. By increasing productivity and efficiency, physicians are able to see more patients during the day. By eliminating the need for an assistant during procedures, the physician’s staff is also able to focus on documentation and other productive tasks that increase patient throughput and help improve the accuracy of records.
Vital Stats: The modular I-OPS System features a durable tray with space for up to nine interchangeable inserts. The ability to organize and set up procedures beforehand brings consistency and standardization to procedures, which can save time and also reduce the risk of medical errors. Physicians can keep a hand—and their attention—on the patient, reducing patient stress levels and increasing their comfort.
The modular system accommodates up to nine accessory components, and is easily configurable to physician preferences. The I-OPS tray and accessory kit come with two syringe holders, deep and shallow cups and one each of a dropper bottle holder, twist bottle holder and gel pack holder. If the physician prefers to customize his or her system, inserts are available for purchase in any combination a la carte.
The basic I-OPS arm fits almost any manufacturer’s stand pole and is easy to move to swing out of the way of patients. It also comes with Reliance Medical Products standard one-year warranty.
Click here to view an I-OPS video on YouTube.; (513) 336-7255

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US Ophthalmic Debuts Full-Featured Lens Meter

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Product: ELM-9000 C Lens Meter
Top Line: US Ophthalmic is releasing its newest lens meter ELM-9000 C, featuring Korean technology backed by a two-year warranty. It is part of the Ezer digital practice and communicates directly with the EDR-9000 (digital refractor).
Close Up:
All-Lens Measurement: The ELM-9000C accurately measures all lens types, including progressives, which are automatically detected. There also is no need to adjust the Abbe number with the ELM-9000C.
Wide Measurement Range: The ELM-9000C offers a wide measurement range of -25.00 to +25.00 and can measure sphere, cylinder and prism at the same time.
• Intuitive User Environment: A full-graphic LCD display walks the user through every step of the lens measurement process with noticeable icons.
Contact Lens Measurement: The ELM-9000C offers fast and accurate measurement data of hard and soft contact lenses.
High-Resolution LCD: The ELM-9000C features a 7-inch full-graphic LCD screen with 120 degrees of tilt for added comfort.
Lens Marking Device: The high-quality lens-marking device delivers accuracy every time and is easy to replace after its long life.
PD Measurement: The ELM-9000C features a high-tech PD measurement that automatically detects lens motion.
UV Transmittance Levels: No matter the prescription, the ELM-9000C accurately measures UV transmittance without the need for compensation.
Automatic Printer: Once readings are complete, a built-in, high-speed printer quickly generates the results.
Vital Stats: 30-day satisfaction guaranteed; free shipping; (787) 272-5351

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Healthe Intros Eyesafe, a New Generation of HEV Blue Light Screen Covers

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Product: Eyesafe
Top Line: Healthe LLC, a Minneapolis-based company, is introducing Eyesafe, a new generation of High Energy Visible blue light screen covers for use on digital devices. The company has developed a proprietary, emission-reducing film comprised of polymers and light absorptive dyes which filter blue light transmission between the 380nm to 500nm with a particular emphasis on 420 to 460nm, the most harmful range.
Close Up: Embedded within the Eyesafe products are custom combinations of light absorptive dyes including UV/IR and visible dyes allowing for specific wavelength transmissions. A durable, thin and pliable polymer protects digital screens from scratches and may be applied on and off effortlessly. The film and lens technology can be applied directly to the screens of digital devices or embedded directly within glass layers. Other applications for the technology include lenses, computer monitors, and contact lenses.
Vital Stats: Eyesafe is branded for three unique versions, RPF15, RPF30 and RPF60. RPF stands for Retinal Protection Factor and the options cover 15 percent, 30 percent and 60 percent filtering of blue light. For the optical community, the RPF60 provides the maximum protection filtering out 60 percent of blue light within the 420 to 460nm spectrum.
Eyecare professionals can obtain the RPF60 product by contacting Healthe at or by calling (844) 439-3723. The website features information on HEV blue light exposure as well as industry research and information on eyecare professionals who carry the Eyesafe product.
Healthe has developed a clinical kit, which includes the product as well as a display to present it to the patients. The kit is compact and holds up to 45 phone and tablet covers. There is also an option for clinics that choose not to hold product but still wish to recommend a solution to their patients through a simple e-commerce on line system for ordering and delivery. Patients can utilize their Health Savings Account cards to pay for Eyesafe products.; (844) 439-3723

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