Adaptica 2Win Releases 4.0 Software

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Product: 2Win software 4.0
Top Line: Adaptica is releasing 2Win software 4.0. The company said this upgrade embodies “the best and the most complete technologies to fully detect refractive errors, eye abnormalities and vision problems by measuring in the range of -15D to +15D automatic measurement of dynamic pupil response to programmable light stimulations, and accurately center spectacle lenses.”
Close Up:
Extended Measurement Range and Zoom [EZ-App]
The 2WIN now measures spherical power in the range of -15D to +15D, being the only mobile, hand-held instrument to provide such extended measurement range.
Zoom of InfraRed Retinoscopy Images
Automatic zoom of InfraRed retinoscopy enables detection of artifacts due to other abnormalities (opacities, foreign bodies etc.).
Dynamic Pupillometry [DP-App]
Automatic measurement of dynamic pupils response to programmable light stimulations. This function removes subjectivity from the pupillary evaluation and helps the detection of pupillary behavior.
Lens Centering on Frames [LC-App]
This feature allows users to accurately center spectacle lenses with reference to the actual visual axis of the eye (cornel reflex) for better vision comfort.
Vital Stats: 2Win users can click here for an upgrade. Prospective customers can click here to get 2Win. Click here for more information or email contact@adaptica.com.

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Coburn Intros Versatile Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera

Product: Nonmyd 8
Top Line: The Nonmyd 8, distributed by Coburn Technologies, is a high quality, simple to use non-mydriatic retinal camera built with traditional Kowa reliability.
Close Up: The Nonmyd 8 captures high levels of clinical detail with the sharp and clear images of the latest Nikon digital camera. A choice of fixation modes offers nine positions including mosaic for extended viewing of the retina. The industry standard USB interface connects to a desktop or laptop PC and the included Portable VK-2 digital imaging software lets you store, view, and compare your images with ease.
Vital Stats:
• Full manual control and focus for optimum image quality
• Nine internal fixation points
• Anterior segment photography
• Fundus autofluorescence (FAF) with low flash intensity
• Durable, robust build quality for remote screening
• Also available as basic model for color photography only
www.coburntechnologies.com; (860) 262-8761

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OptiSource’s Bionic Thumb

Product: Bionic Thumb
Top Line: OptiSource is launching an innovative tool called the Bionic Thumb. Billed as “the world's best frame bending tool,” the Bionic Thumb is designed for bending temples, eyewires, and endpieces.
Close Up: The U.S.A.-made tool is made from 1/8-inch thick by 5/8-inches wide stainless steel with durable, suede bending surfaces. It can be used for other purposes as well, according to OptiSource.
Vital Stats: Use the large radius over your thumb or index finger for heavy duty bending power and control. Use the smaller radius for tighter bends on thinner, more flexible frames.
Click here to watch a video about the Bionic Thumb.
1-800-optisource.com; (800) 678-4768

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