MEI’s EzFit No Block Lets Small Labs and Stores Edge Lenses Without Using Centering Blocks

Product: EzFit No Block
Top Line: MEI’s EzFit No Block is designed for first-time small labs and high-end or high-volume retail stores that want to perform ophthalmic lens edging without blocks. Until now, this was only possible with high-output MEI machinery designed for large-scale companies. Thanks to the NoBlock module, which is also available as an upgrade, EzFit can automatically carry out error-free lens centering without blocks.
Close Up: The NoBlock includes a lensmeter, blockless centering system for single vision, bifocal and progressive lenses, and automatic machine loading/unloading with a dual loading arm. This module allows the next lens to be loaded while the machine is edging the previous lens and, in combination with EzFit, enables the machine operator to correctly position the lens without any specific optical skills and automatically compensating for any errors. The operator simply positions the lens under a centering system that centers and removes the lens to introduce it in the cutting chamber.
The NoBlock module can work in two different ways: continuously, to maximize output, or in single pairs, to edge both lenses in sequence automatically. With the continuous method, EzFit can work without interruptions, allowing a new job to be prepared while the previous one is still in progress. With the single pair method, both lenses are loaded and then edging is performed automatically.
Based on TBA (Throw the Block Away) technology, which is already used in some MEI machines, the NoBlock system streamlines the workflow and makes it even more competitive for small labs and optical chains. “Industrial companies have stopped using centering blocks for some time now and we thought it was important to offer this benefit to smaller companies as well,” commented MEI CEO and technical director, Stefano Sonzogni. “The comments have been very good and demonstrate that our desire to meet the needs of clients is appreciated.”
Vital Stats: EzFit No-Block will be available in November, when the first installations will be developed.; (630) 521-8588

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Ezer EZ-Horus Auto Camera Offers Easy Fundus Screening

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Product: Ezer EZ-Horus Auto Camera
Top Line: The new Ezer EZ-Horus Auto Camera from U.S. Ophthalmic offers easy, convenient fundus screening. The unit’s unique, lightweight design delivers crisp, clear images with 5M pixel resolution. Both still images and videos are captured with the touch of a button and displayed on a lightweight, 3.5-inch full color LCD display with touchscreen capabilities. The EZ-Horus Auto Camera features a 45-degree field of view as well as MPOD analysis capability. Users can easily transfer the images to a laptop, PC, or to the internet for telemedicine and co-management purposes. The unit is Wi-Fi compatible.
Close Up:
• 45-Degree Field of View
• MPOD 3D Map
• Seven Internal Fixation Points
• Live Video Streaming
• Lightweight, Handheld
• Touch Screen
• Auto Focus
• Power Focus
• Dual Screen Mode
• Multi-Imaging Modes
• 5M Pixel Resolution
• Enhanced Playback and Display
• Patient Organizer
Vital Stats: Free shipping; (786) 252-5351

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Epson Partners With Atheer on Moverio Smart Eyewear Platform

Product: Epson Moverio for Enterprise Applications
Top Line: Epson, providers of the Moverio augmented reality smart eyewear platform, announced a partnership with Atheer, creators of the AiR (Augmented interactive Reality) software suite, to deliver remote expert collaboration, rapid task flow deployment and on-the-go task documentation on the Moverio platform for enterprise applications.
Close Up: Optimized for the Moverio smart eyewear platform, the award-winning Atheer AiR Suite Enterprise solution enables deskless professionals to view checklists and step-by-step procedures on the glasses with hands-free interaction using gestures and voice. In addition, the suite enables professionals to communicate with remote experts via video to resolve problems quickly. The AiR Suite also features a simple drag-and-drop authoring tool to create procedures and task flows optimized for the glasses, eliminating development time.
"Our AiR Suite for Enterprise on the Epson Moverio platform can deliver easy collaboration, management and rapid task flow creation and deployment to 'deskless' professionals in the industrial space," said Ryan Fink, vice president, business development, Atheer. "By leveraging the robust features of Moverio smart eyewear, we can offer an efficient wearable computing solution that makes hands-on work easier and safer."
Michael Leyva, product manager, new ventures for Epson America, added, "Our collaboration with Atheer enables a compelling solution for enterprises that is ready to be implemented today. This partnership with Atheer is part of our ongoing strategy to leverage the best smart eyewear software available to take full advantage of all the capabilities of the Moverio platform."
Vital Stats: The Moverio Pro BT-2000 smart headset is an extremely rugged and durable commercially available platform built specifically for industrial use. The headset enables workers in various locations to see exactly what their counterparts are seeing to provide informed support and training. In addition, the Moverio Pro BT-2000 incorporates sensing and connectivity features that enable a wide range of cutting-edge augmented reality and other applications for manufacturing, logistics, maintenance, education and other fields.; (800) 873-7766

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