Canon Updates imageSpectrum With Opacity Suppression Feature

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Product: imageSpectrum Image Management software (version 5.1)
Top Line: Canon U.S.A. is releasing the latest version of its imageSpectrum Image Management software (version 5.1), which provides clearer images to help treat patients.
Close Up: The software contains a new opacity suppression feature, a selectable filter tool that subdues the effects of cataracts and other ocular opacities in an image to help correct blur and enhance the clarity of blood vessels. Without this feature, images with ocular opacities made it difficult for eyecare professionals to take a clear image of the eye, allowing ailments to potentially go unnoticed. Using the opacity suppression filter, images that were previously rejected can now provide vital clinical information without the use of additional tools.
“Canon U.S.A. recognizes the importance of image quality, especially when those images are used to help identify disease and disorders,” said Tsuneo Imai, vice president and general manager, Healthcare Solutions Division, Business Imaging Systems Group, Canon U.S.A., Inc. and president, Virtual Imaging, Inc. “The human eye can show the signs of illnesses that affect the entire body but sometimes these signs can be clouded by cataracts and other ailments. The opacity suppression feature contained in the latest version of imageSpectrum software can help provide eyecare professionals with clear pictures of the patient’s eye.”
Vital Stats: imageSpectrum Image Management software is an intuitive software solution offering image management and portability to help improve workflow. With imageSpectrum Image Management Software, eyecare professionals using Windows 7 can perform retinal screenings then quickly transmit the images to doctors' offices thousands of miles away, both domestic and abroad, to assist in making a diagnosis.
www.usa.canon.com; (800) 970-7227

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CLX System Integrates with Compulink to Optimize CL Ordering and Patient Marketing

Product: CLX and Compulink
Top Line: CLX, a contact lens ordering, managing and marketing system has completed a system integration with Compulink optometry practice management software. Besides providing single entry order capability to Compulink users, the integration also provides access to other CLX features including the updated contact lens catalog, real-time order tracking from several distributors, and a variety of reports designed to help users evaluate practice performance versus practice goals.
Close Up: According to Jeremy Bono, CLX product manager, the integration not only saves time and provides practice analytics, but also grants Compulink users access to the newest CLX function, My CL Reorder, an automated text and email notification for patients due to reorder. “With this simple ‘click-to-reorder’ functionality, Compulink users can now offer patients a convenient, secure re-order option, effectively capturing sales that might otherwise go to on-line retailers,” added Bono.
Nikada Kent, lead contact lens technician at Malbar Vision, a long-time Compulink user, said, “Because of the integration with CLX we now have single entry ordering available, an accurate on-line catalog, and a new marketing tool. Less time spent placing and managing orders means more time for serving patients and growing our business.”
Vital Stats: CLX System is a cloud-based management platform specifically designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of contact lens administration as well as to provide valuable data and robust metrics reporting. The CLX System has remained a leading contact lens management portal since its development in 2005.
www.CLXsystem.com; (314) 743-0781, x2339

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Over 50,000 eBooks by Project Gutenberg Now Available as Free Audiobooks

Product: Capti Narrator Project Guttenberg
Top Line: Capti Narrator now makes 50,000 free eBooks by Project Gutenberg available to people with reading disabilities and anyone who prefers audiobooks. Capti is both a web service and an iOS app enabling people to create a personal audio book library with eBooks, documents, and web pages and listen to them on the go and at leisure. It is designed for busy professionals and retirees, auditory learners and people with print disabilities, English language learners and native speakers.
Close Up: With Capti, one can add any eBook, document, or a webpage to a playlist – a personal audio book library, and then listen to them on the go or at leisure, switch between devices and continue from where one left off. While attractive for consumers, Capti is also being adopted by schools worldwide as a resource for language learning and for providing alternative formats for students with reading difficulties.
Vital Stats: Capti supports many popular file formats such as HTML, EPUB, PDF, and DOC that can be added to the Playlist from numerous sources, including the local computer, other iOS apps, Cloud storage services: Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive; read-it-later lists: Instapaper and Pocket; and, now, also the Project Gutenberg eBook library. Capti offers a solution making it easy to listen to eBooks online and across many devices, including Windows, Mac, Chromebook, iOS, and soon Android.
www.captivoice.com; (888) 533-7884

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