Instruments for Vision Offers Full-Featured Digital Acuity System

Product: DAS (Digital Acuity System)
Top Line: The new DAS (Digital Acuity System) from Instruments for Vision uses the latest in advanced and affordable technology. A computer, the size of a pack of gum, plugs directly into the HDMI of an LCD TV. A rechargeable handset uses only nine buttons to perform the same tasks as 30-button systems that cost almost two-and-a-half times as much.
Close Up:
Standard tests include:
• Snellen, children, E's, numbers, contrast
• Single line occlusion
• Single line
• Single letter Snellen and child
• Color test
• Red/green overlay
• Aux tests, fixation, astig. wheel, Worth 4 dot
• Educational videos, or add your own movies
• Photo gallery or add your own photos
• Wi-fi with web browsing
Vital Stats: $895, less in quantities.
www.eyeimg.com; (800) 323-4382

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The Eye Care Leaders Group Introduces Practice Consulting Services

Product: Practice Consulting Services
Top Line: The Eye Care Leaders Group (ECL Group), a provider of practice performance solutions for ophthalmologists and optometrists, is launching practice consulting services designed to help eyecare physicians optimize their operations and grow their practices.
Close Up: With this offering, the ECL Group provides the eyecare industry with a portfolio of solutions that allow practices to go beyond the electronic medical record (EMR) with its comprehensive product suite inclusive of revenue cycle solutions, analytics and benchmarking, patient retention and acquisition and capital financing, along with electronic health records (EHR).
“With the health care economy shifting towards a value-based care model, eyecare practices are experiencing the pressure of increased costs and growing regulatory demands more now than ever before,” said Sean West, senior vice president of practice consulting at the ECL Group. “With our specialized expertise in the eyecare industry, the ECL Group’s consultants offer a one-of-a-kind service by providing our customers with analyses and solutions for the challenges practices face today.”
The ECL Group’s practice consultants conduct in-depth assessments of practices’ profitability, professional time, competitiveness, compliance and risk, and identify the areas to maximize practices’ highest valued resources and alleviate inefficiencies. The consulting deliverables extend beyond recommendations to actual implementation plans that build capacity in practices. The ECL Group offers three types of engagements including:
• Challenge-Focused: Short-term engagements focused on a specific challenge or area of need.
• Comprehensive: An engagement offering analysis of overall practice health with diagnosis of key areas that are stagnating profits and productivity.
• Recurring: Consultants provide follow up for practices on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis as a resource to leadership and staff.
Vital Stats: The Eye Care Leaders Group (ECL Group) is a family of companies that serves more than 6,000 ophthalmologists and optometrists, with the common goal of improving the efficiency, profitability and competitiveness of eye care practices. Its affiliate companies include ManagementPlus, Medflow, MDoffice, EyeDoc and IO Practiceware. The ECL Group offers a comprehensive suite of business solutions including revenue cycle solutions, analytics and benchmarking, patient retention and acquisition and capital financing.
http://eyecareleaders.com; (855) 685-3292

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WOS Intros Ergonomic EZ Grip Driver

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Product: EZ Grip Driver
Top Line: Western Optical Supply (WOS) has added the EZ Grip Driver, an ergonomically designed screwdriver, to its extensive catalog of optical tools.
Close Up:
• Finger Rest: Ergonomically contoured scoop cradles the thumb and opposing pointer finger for a comfortable grip. The tool is particularly helpful for people with arthritis, large fingers, small fingers, sensitive fingers or a weak grip, according to WOS.
• Cap: Large rotating round cap dissipates pressure over a large area in your palm. More comfortable than a small cap’s pressure point or a cap with multiple sharp straight edges.
• Peephole: An opening in the shaft lets you see the blade configuration that is normally hidden from view. Convenient time saver.
• Colored Handles: Makes it easy to color coordinate a handle to a blade to save you time searching for the right driver. Alternatively, with a selection of six different colors, you can keep track of which drivers belong in which dispensing station.
• Super-Duper Torque: The ultra-comfortable grip allows you to generate a tremendous amount of twisting action to break stuck screws free or drive screws securely into the hinge.
Vital Stats: Special nylon based handle material is as durable as aluminum. Handle made in U.S. Blades made in Germany. Patent pending.
www.westernoptical.com; (800) 423-3294

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