TelScreen Intros Infrared Camera Capability For EyeRes System

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Product: Infrared Camera
Top Line: TelScreen introduces infrared camera capability for its EyeRes slit lamp imaging system.
Close Up: Infrared wavelengths allow a deeper view into the tissue, making it possible to image structures below the surface. Part of diagnosing dry eye is assessing the integrity of the meibomian glands. An infrared camera provides a view of truncated glands and areas where the glands have atrophied. When patients can see the damaged tissue, it motivates them to pursue treatment.
Vital Stats: The EyeRes system, with visible light and/or Infrared cameras, can be added to compatible slit lamps with barrel magnification changers. This includes TelScreen’s own ER-10 slit lamp, as well as models from Haag-Streit, Marco, Nikon, Reichert, Topcon, Zeiss and others.
www.TelScreen.com; (800) 769-4933

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Solutionreach Adds Net Promoter Score Functionality to Patient Management Platform

Product: Net Promoter Score
Top Line: Solutionreach, a company that specializes in patient relationship management (PRM) solutions, has added Net Promoter Score (NPS) insights to its platform. This enhancement benefits health care practices by allowing them to more effectively measure and promote patient loyalty and satisfaction.
Close Up: NPS allows providers to measure and gather immediate feedback on their patient’s experiences, in turn, shaping actions to better their practice. As NPS reflects the overall patient experience, it enables providers to stay focused on delivering the highest quality of care, the company said. In addition, NPS acts as an extension of Solutionreach’s PRM platform, bridging the communication gap between providers and patients.
Vital Stats: “We use NPS to measure the loyalty of our own customer base,” said Jim Higgins, founder and CEO of Solutionreach. “We wanted to empower providers with insights into their patient’s perceptions that will help them make more informed decisions.”
www.solutionreach.com; (866) 605-6867

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Precision Tool Technologies Intros Lens Pillow Tray Inserts

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Product: Lens Pillow Tray Inserts
Top Line: Precision Tool Technologies is introducing Lens Pillow inserts for their Versi Trays.
Close Up:
• Design fit for all Versi Tray lens holders
• Soft, pliable material repels liquids
• Prevents lens scratches
• Eliminates lens movement for precision lens placement for enhanced robotics
• Easily installed on new or existing Versi Trays
• Washable and cleanable material
Vital Stats: Two different designs are available. One design has a space for surface blocks that is open to the tray; the other has a closed center so the pillow covers the area of the surface block, but the block can still sit in this area. Precision Tool Technologies reports that the closed center has been the most popular choice, based on feedback it has received from labs.
www.precisiontooltech.com; (800) 450-8665

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