Shamir Insight Launches Continuing Education Portal

Product: Shamir Continuing Education Portal
Top Line: Shamir Insight is launching a continuing education portal designed to help eyecare professionals better serve their patients. The portal offers staff education in both new technology as well as refresher courses. The site offers free access to all ECPs and is now live.
Close Up: The portal contains 21 self-guided presentations that provide the latest information on Shamir products, education certifications and industry updates, all in one centralized location.
“This will be a beneficial tool for onboarding, keeping up with the latest information and as a refresher,” said Pam Benson Gibson, Shamir’s director of education, adding that the presentations cover a wide variety of topics including practice management, optics and managed vision care.
Shamir launched its Vitamin See blog last year to provide ECPs with useful information and key business strategies. The company is working on developing a similar portal for labs which it said will be released soon.
Vital Stats: In addition to Shamir’s education modules and in conjunction with Quantum Optical, for a small fee, the portal also offers over 90 courses for CE credits including four COPE courses.

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New Frames Data Feature Helps ECPs Order Frames

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Product: Frames Data Directory
Top Line: Frames Data has launched a new website feature that helps eyecare professionals quickly find frame ordering and contact information for frame manufacturers.
Close Up: The new feature, called Directory, is a search box that returns contact information for the 600+ brands currently listed in Frames Data. It can be found on the Frames Data website at www.framesdata.com and is accessible behind a login by all active Frames Data subscribers.
“This new search function makes it easy to find ordering information for every brand in Frames Data. It’s also a fast and easy way to determine which manufacturer makes what brands,” said Tom Doyle, director of marketing and key accounts. “Frames Data strives to provide all the frame information you need in one convenient place, and this feature is one more way we’re doing that.”
Vital Stats: The Directory search feature includes all frame manufacturers and brands that are active in Frames Data’s database. Users can enter the first few letters of a supplier or brand which will populate a list of suggestions. Once the desired manufacturer or brand is selected, the Directory will return contact information for that manufacturer, including customer service phone numbers, addresses, fax numbers, website links, and e-mail addresses as available. It will also provide a complete list of all the brands and collections in Frames Data that are available from the selected manufacturer. Clicking on a brand or collection from that list will display all the active frames within that selection.
www.framesdata.com; (800) 739-7555

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Western Optical Supply Redesigns Sizing/Screw Inserting Pliers

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Product: Sizing and Screw Inserting Pliers (#5106F)
Top Line: Use these pliers to check the size and shape of the lens inside the eyewire. While holding the eyewire closed around the lens, you can easily insert and tighten the eyewire screw. New parallel jaw design holds the eyewire closed more securely.
Close Up: These time saving pliers reduces the possibility of damage to the lens or frame by keeping the screwdriver tip from slipping off the eyewire screw head. Stop struggling to insert the screw into the eyewire barrel.
Vital Stats: Watch a live demonstration of The Sizing and Screw Inserting Pliers on the Western website.
www.westernoptical.com; (800) 423-3294

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