Topcon Announces Worldwide Release of IMAGEnet Connect

Product: IMAGEnet Connect
Top Line: Topcon Corp. recently announced the worldwide release of IMAGEnet Connect, a vendor neutral ophthalmic workflow, image and data management system that connects eyecare devices and systems used in clinics for streamlined data management. Eyecare clinics that do not require a full function EMR, but require connectivity to existing information systems can use IMAGEnet Connect to provide connection to HIS/PMS*5, enhancing clinical and operational efficiency, Topcon said.
Close Up: ifa systems AG (ifa) has been a leading European company in ophthalmological electronic medical record systems for more than 20 years. With its acquisition of ifa, Topcon has obtained the platform to accelerate the development of effective IT solutions which can centrally collect and manage the data across the eyecare workflow from screening, examination, diagnosis, treatment to prognosis management.
Topcon’s first such commercially available solution, IMAGEnet Connect, is the combination of Topcon’s hardware technology and ifa’s advanced software technology. More conventional eyecare data filing systems are commonly referred to as PACS*1 systems and IMAGEnet Connect can play a role as a PACS system, according to Topcon. However, IMAGEnet Connect goes beyond traditional PACS functionality, with vendor neutral archiving and extensive workflow management capabilities, the company said.
“Topcon has been developing solutions that help all eyecare professionals to improve their workflow and to assist in clinical decision-making to provide treatment for their patients and customers more effectively,” said Takashi Eto, senior management executive officer and general manager of sales. “With the introduction of IMAGEnet Connect, we are enabling our customers to collect and manage the clinical data as simply and efficiently as possible.”
Vital Stats:
• Vendor neutral archive which is compatible with more than 450 devices.
• Allows clinicians to view all clinical information on a single program.
• Provides efficient workflow management.
• Intelligent patient flow tracks progress from check-in to check-out.
• Provided statistics optimize the practice workflow and minimize patient waiting time
• Integrated test interpretations, clinical remarks, diagnosis and treatment plans.
• Intuitive data input with structured data for diagnosis, compliant to ICD-10*2, SNOMED*3 and LOINC*4,
• Worldwide sales channels and service network. (Topcon advises customers to check with their Topcon representative to see if IMAGEnet Connect is available in their country.)
www.topconmedical.com; (800) 223-1130

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D-Eye Intros App Version 2.0 for iPhones

Product: D-Eye Version 2.0 App for iPhones
Top Line: D-Eye Srl, a developer of smartphone-based retinal screening, is introducing its version 2.0 app for iPhones. The updated app, available as a free download from the Apple Store, enhances functionality, allowing healthcare practitioners to more easily screen for eye health issues.
Close Up: New features include auto focus calibration for myopic, hyperopic, and emmetropic eyes, saving time when conducting each retinal exam. An image mask feature is also part of the new app, allowing users to highlight the posterior pole in real time. Image editing features have also been expanded to include contrast, brightness, RGB, Gamma, and saturation. iPhone 6, 6S, 6+, 6S+, users can now easily log on to the D-Eye app via the new “Touch ID” feature.
Vital Stats: D-Eye and the D-Eye app can be used with the iPhone 5, 5S, SE, 6, 6S, 6+, and 6S+. Version 2.0 is a separate app from 1.0. No data can be transferred from 1.0 to 2.0. Before deleting 1.0 from the smartphone, images (no specific patient information) should be moved to the camera roll for safe keeping.

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OptiSource Intros the Swinger, a Ceiling-Mounted Retractable Mirror

Product: Swinger Mirror (Item #99-392-01)
Top Line: OptiSource is now the exclusive distributor of the Swinger brand mirror. This two-sided, shatter-proof acrylic mirror features a 10-ft. retractable cord mechanism that can easily be installed to any drywall or drop ceilings.
Close Up: Swinger allows optical stores to eliminate tabletop mirrors, freeing up their valuable counter space. The retractable cord allows the patient to adjust the mirror to the perfect height with a simple pull-down or push-up motion and to freely move it closer or further for their perfect focal distance. When not in use, the mirror is pushed up, out of the way.
“I got tired of running around my store asking: where are my mirrors?” said Kelly Shaffer, inventor of the Swinger mirror and an optician for nearly 30 years. “Besides adding the convenience and cool-factor to my store, I also gained back my valuable counter space to make more frames visible, unimpeded by bulky stand mirrors.”
Daryl Squicciarini, president of OptiSource, added, “After a soft launch at Vision Expo West this year, we saw firsthand how attendees were instantly captivated by the concept and recognized the convenience and space-saving solution this mirror could bring to their optical stores.”
Vital Stats:
• Frees up valuable counter space
• Always available in the perfect spot
• Adjustable height and focal distance for patient’s convenience
• 9” mirror
• Shatterproof acrylic mirror
www.1-800-optisource.com; (800) 678-4768

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