Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Unveils Digital Guide for ECPs to Optimize Online Presence

Product: Digital Guide by Acuvue
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care is launching an all-new Digital Guide by Acuvue Brand Contact Lenses, a resource to help eyecare professionals develop or optimize a digital marketing strategy to encourage new patient visits, stay engaged with current patients, and keep them informed of new contact lens options.
Top Line: The actionable and interactive guide includes topics such as targeting, websites, social media and more, with tips for reaching patients where they are online, simple updates to optimize a practice website, and effective ways for leveraging social media to reach different patient groups. It is available for free download from www.AcuvueProfessional.com. In addition to the Digital Guide, professionals can download and use a number of free, customizable assets, including digital banner ads, social media posts and email templates via www.MyAcuvueResourceCenter.com (free registration required).
“Many eyecare professionals are also business owners or operators, and effective marketing is critical to growing any business, especially one that requires attracting new patients and encouraging them to return,” said Millicent Knight, OD, FAAO, FAARM, vice president professional affairs, North America, for Johnson & Johnson Vision Care. “With the Digital Guide by Acuvue Brand, our goal is to equip more eyecare professionals with the know-how and tools to create a successful digital marketing strategy that encourages new patients to visit an eye doctor, learn about contact lenses and stay engaged in their own eye health.”
Close Up: Every chapter in the Digital Guide begins with an exercise to introduce a key concept to help give a better perspective of what a typical patient may encounter. After the concept is studied in detail, each chapter concludes with a worksheet that helps the professional to map out a digital strategy and next steps to begin reaching more patients. Professionals are able to spend more or less time on sections of the guide, based on their practice’s patient demographics, what is working in the current digital strategy, and the areas of their strategy that may need to be augmented.
Vital Stats: The Digital Guide can be downloaded for free from www.AcuvueProfessional.com, in the Practice Resources section. The guide is also available, alongside a number of digital assets for marketing a professional practice and the vision correction options they offer, at www.MyAcuvueResourceCenter.com.
www.AcuvueProfessional.com; (800) 874-5278

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drchrono Adds Patient Self Check-In and Shareable Patient Education on iPad to Mobile EHR Platform

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Product: Kiosk
Top Line: drchrono Inc. is introducing Kiosk, an online tool that equips provider offices for patient self check-in and improves patient education functionality on iPad, enabling providers to share their materials with patients. drchrono EHR is versatile and can be customized for any given medical specialty and practice size.
Close Up: Kiosk allows patients to self check-in on iPad for an appointment, reducing waiting times and improving the patient experience. With Kiosk, provider offices can equip their front office with an iPad stand that patients can use to check in, verify insurance information, and sign any necessary consent forms without needing a staff member to manage that process.
drchrono’s new Patient Education feature also offers providers an easy way to upload and share patient education materials on any iOS device or the web anytime. This is particularly convenient and provides critical time-savings for healthcare providers who are frequently on the move or on patient sites to share these kinds of materials on mobile devices.
Vital Stats: drchrono is a new Apple mobility partner. As a mobility partner, drchrono will be able to broaden healthcare industry adoption of medical records through its native iOS app and transform how physicians provide health care. The drchrono app has been optimized for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch and supports the latest features of iOS and watchOS.
www.drchrono.com; (844) 569-8628

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Arotek Intros HCoating-BT, a Tintable, UV-Curable Hard Coating

Product: HCoating-BT Scratch Resistant Coating
Top Line: Arotek, an innovator and supplier of hard coating, is introducing HCoating-BT, their latest abrasion-resistant coating for ophthalmic lenses. HCoating-BT is the best tintable and UV-curable hard coating of all the products that Arotek has supplied so far.
Close Up: HCoating-BT was formulated as a result of Arotek's continued Intra-Molecular Altering (IMA) technology development. IMA is an alteration of molecular design within a chemical to produce the desired stabilized structure and viscosity. HCoating-BT further enhances the properties of tintable hard coating and offers superior adhesion, faster tinting, higher abrasion resistance, and excellent AR compatibility.
Vital Stats: HCoating-BT adheres well to all kinds of lenses including standard 1.50 index plastic, Trivex, polycarbonate, 1.56, and high-indexes up to 1.74. Its adhesion survives standard boiling water tests, witnessed by leading industry labs.
www.hcoating.com; (815) 301-8789

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