Eschenbach Updates MagniLink Voice II Reading Machine

Product: MagniLink Voice II Reading Machine
Top Line: Eschenbach Optik of America is introducing the new and improved MagniLink Voice II, a second-generation reading machine with high performance, contemporary design and expanded features. This user-friendly device easily
converts text into speech. Its slimmer compact design makes the reading machine easy to travel with and takes up minimal space when set up. An optional battery provides up to five hours of portable operation.
Close Up: The MagniLink Voice II is easy to set-up: just unfold the handle, place the reading material underneath the camera, and press the orange button to begin hearing the text read aloud. It can read misaligned documents, full letter pages and has automatic language detection with voice feedback on all of the functions. The reading speed, volume, audio profiles, voices and light can be adjusted to the individual user’s preference. It has three user modes including basic, full and customizable and now has an option to connect to an external monitor via HDMI output so scanned text can be displayed visually while it’s read aloud.
Vital Stats: The MagniLink Voice II is available with two options: HDMI monitor output and internal battery.; (800) 487-5389

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OptimizeRx Integrates with Eye Care Leaders to Deliver Improved Eye Care and Cost Savings on Prescriptions

Product: Eye Care Leaders (ECL) Platform Integration with OptimizeRx
Top Line: Eye Care Leaders (ECL), a leading provider of practice performance solutions for ophthalmologists and optometrists, has integrated with OptimizeRx Corp., a leading aggregator of pharmaceutical-sponsored services in electronic health record (EHR) platforms.
Close Up: Through a dynamic platform integration, ECL and OptimizeRx will provide cost saving and patient information services within EHRs that are part of ECL’s portfolio of performance solutions for more than 6,800 ophthalmologists and optometrists. ECL brings together the most trusted names in EHR technology, including Medflow, Integrity EMR, MDoffice, ManagementPlus, IO Practiceware and EyeDoc.
OptimizeRx will operate seamlessly within the EHR platform to provide support for health care providers (HCPs) and valuable services for patients. The EHR will alert HCPs to potential savings and information for patients that can result in reduced prescription costs and improved overall health outcomes. Further, multiple independent studies confirm that leading pharma manufacturers have realized ROI ranging from 300 percent to 1,200 percent in terms of pharma-sponsored patient financial support programs that are integrated into the EHR workflow.
Vital Stats: OptimizeRx core EHR workflow solutions include:
• Financial Messaging: Copay savings, vouchers and other valuable patient support can be delivered to patients electronically at the point of care and support more affordable prescriptions.
• Brand Messaging: Patient education and key clinical brand messaging materials can be delivered at the point of care, in electronic or printed versions, offering pharmaceutical and healthcare companies more effective ways to expand HCP and patient support.;

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Tech-Optics International Releases 2017 Catalog

Product: Tech-Optics International 2017 catalog
Top Line: Tech-Optics International, a resource for low vision and magnification products for optical professionals, has released their 2017 catalog.
Close Up: New products being introduced in the catalog include waterproof loupes to ensure ease of cleaning/disinfecting, LED floor, clamp and desk lamps with magnification, high power reading glasses +4.00, +5.00, +6.00, fully adjustable LED headband loupes 2.5x, 3.0x, 3.5x & 4.0x, safety glasses with full lens magnification, clip on loupes 8x, 10x, 15x & 22x, custom prismatic and high plus spectacles and much more.
Vital Stats: To receive a free catalog with hundreds of optical magnification devices call or visit; (800) 678-4277

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