First SMILE Vision Correction Procedure for Myopia Performed in the U.S.

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Procedure: ReLEx SMILE minimally-invasive laser eye surgery
Top Line: Carl Zeiss Meditec announced that the first ReLEx SMILE minimally-invasive laser eye surgery procedure has been performed in the U.S. with the Zeiss VisuMax femtosecond laser by Jon G. Dishler, MD, at the Dishler Laser Institute in Greenwood Village, Colo.
Close Up: With over 700,000 procedures performed internationally since its introduction in 2011, and offered in approximately 600 clinics in 62 countries around the world, ReLEx SMILE (SMall Incision Lenticule Extraction) is a proven, effective and safe laser vision correction (LVC) procedure for the treatment of myopia or nearsightedness.
Following the recent U.S. FDA approval for this revolutionary procedure, Jon G. Dishler, MD at the Dishler Laser Institute became the first to perform this procedure on a patient in the U.S. on March 3, 2017.
“We are excited to see the first SMILE procedures in the U.S. SMILE, the first major advancement in laser vision correction since the 1990s, promises to reinvigorate the refractive market by providing surgeons a new premium laser vision correction option for their practice,” said Jim Mazzo, global president ophthalmic devices for Carl Zeiss Meditec. “SMILE has been growing in popularity with surgeons and patients around the world for the past five years. Over 1000 surgeons are now regularly performing SMILE procedures in their clinics, and now refractive surgeons across the U.S. can bring the benefits of SMILE to their patients.”
ZEISS is also conducting an IDE trial in the U.S. on astigmatic myopia to further broaden the spectrum of SMILE for more patients.
Vital Stats: U.S. FDA approved indications for use: Reduction or elimination of myopia -1.00 D to -8.00D, with ≤ -0.50D cylinder and MRSE -8.25D in the eye to be treated in patients who are 22 years of age or older with documentation of stable manifest refraction over the past year.; (925) 557-4100

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eSight Updates Electronic Glasses That Let Legally Blind People See

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Product: eSight 3
Top Line: eSight Corp. is launching eSight 3, the latest generation of its electronic glasses that let the legally blind see. The device uses high-tech image processing to provide individuals who are legally blind the opportunity to experience up to 20/20 vision.
Close Up: eSight 3—the company’s newest generation of hardware—gives users unprecedented control over magnification, contrast, brightness, focus and other features that are important for people with low vision. The electronic glasses contain a proprietary camera that projects adjusted video onto two OLED screens in front of the eyes, in real time. Unlike other assistive devices, eSight can be used while walking and while shifting between tasks and environments, without interruptions in the image that can cause dizziness or discomfort. Because no two people see alike (even with the same diagnosis), eSight ships from the factory with customized personal settings suitable for each user. As compared to the previous iteration, eSight 3 is dramatically smaller, lighter, better looking and more comfortable for users. Importantly, eSight 3includes Wi-Fi and HDMI capabilities to stream digital content or even send and receive pictures and videos.
“eSight 3 is a game-changer for the legally blind and low vision community,” said Brian Mech, president and CEO of eSight. “With eSight 3, people who are visually impaired due to a variety of eye conditions such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and other diseases which compromise their sight will now have the opportunity to experience a dramatically improved quality of sight and life. To date, users of eSight’s prior generation hardware have reported a greater ability to independently engage in professional, academic or personal activities that were previously out of reach. eSight 3 is a versatile, mobile, wearable and hands-free solution that provides sight without the need for surgery.”
Vital Stats: eSight recently reduced the list price of eSight 3 from $15,000 to $9,995. The eSight Affordability Program helps interested consumers secure funding for eSight 3, including: discounts for clinical study participation to those who may qualify, low or no-interest payment plans, tax credits, government support programs, corporate job placements, philanthropic donations and a crowdsourcing fundraising platform.; (855) 837-4448

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Tura Launches New Look and Enhanced Features as Part of Digital Rebrand

Top Line: Tura Inc. is launching its newly modernized website rebrand,
Close Up: The rebrand delivers ease of use, strong integration of social media and a modernized approach to providing relevant content to eyewear enthusiasts and newcomers alike. The Tura website overhaul reflects the brand’s rich and extensive history of high fashion design, conveyed through the visual power of their current brand portfolio. For eyewear lovers, the website now includes detailed coverage of Tura’s rich, eighty-year history, including a scrolling timeline from the 1930’s to the present, a detailed section focusing on Tura’s dedication to quality and a look at all of the materials and components of each of the brand’s products.
While the site’s main focus is Tura’s trade customers, the new website also acknowledges the importance of appealing to consumers with the rebranded site and across all of Tura’s digital platforms. Tura’s elevated digital look features a clean, wide screen layout with magnificent content including campaign imagery, videos, and product releases. Through the easy to navigate menu, visitors can learn more about Tura’s brand portfolio and also see each brand’s signature details, press coverage, current campaign content and social media feeds.
Vital Stats: The site features a state-of-the-art search and filter system to allow both business and consumer visitors to locate frames in a variety of ways: brand, gender, color, size, shape, materials, construction, and fit. The website also includes a brand new “Find Your Fit” function that allows users to select their face shape, size and preferences to find the best eyewear shape to complement their frame. Additional key features include the ability to bookmark favorite frames for easy reordering, real time order status updates, and order tracking.; (800) 242-8872 (TURA); (570) 546-9583

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