Coburn Technologies Intros All-In-One Lens De-Taper and Cleaner

Product: Duality
Top Line: Coburn Technologies is introducing Duality, a new system that combines a lens de-taper and cleaner in a single unit.
“Duality is unlike any other machine on the market today,” said Alex Incera, president of Coburn Technologies. “We have combined two crucial steps of lens processing into one machine, and have automated those processes in a cost effective and compact platform.”
Close Up:
Duality is built with a variety of key performance features, including:
De-Taping Mechanism: Duality effectively removes surface saver tape off a broad variety of lens geometries and materials eliminating the labor associated with the traditionally manual process.
Two-Sided Lens Cleaning: Clean lenses are critical to improving coating yields. Duality provides a thorough removal of all debris often found on a lens after surfacing – polish, tape adhesive and blocking materials. First, the lens is put through mechanical brush action cleaning, then a high pressure wash with detergent, followed by a rinse and dry.
Fully Automated: Fed by a conveyor, the lens is automatically removed from the tray, de-taped, cleaned on both sides, and prepped for coating without manual intervention.
Savings: The investment in Duality is easily justified with the labor savings usually applied to tape removal and lens cleaning, and is significantly lower than the cost of the competitive products, according to Coburn Technologies.
“With the introduction of Duality, we are expanding automation one step further in the lens production process. Duality, together with our Velocity automated coater, offers hands-free processing from tape removal through cleaning and coating,” said Wendell Slone, director of Coburn’s Lab Works Group.
Vital Stats:
• Small Footprint: At less than 12 feet, this system has a significantly smaller footprint the size of the nearest competing products.
• Fast: Each of the three stations—tape removal, front side cleaning, and back side cleaning—completes its function in 20 to 30 seconds.; (800) COBURN-1; (800) 262-8761

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PogoTec Offers Charging Case and Adapter for PogoCam

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Product: PogoTec Smart Case and PogoLoop
Top Line: PogoTec now offers a small, lightweight, portable Smart Case device to accompany PogoCam, the company’s small and lightest camera that attaches to eyewear. The Smart Case automatically recharges the PogoCam battery, backs up images and video captured on the device to an internal memory chip and transfers content wirelessly to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth.
PogoTec is also introducing PogoLoop, a proprietary adapter that allows almost all eyewear to attach PogoCam. With PogoLoop, it’s possible to attach PogoCam to the wearer’s current eyeglass frame or to other frame not equipped with PogoTrack.
Close Up: PogoCam connects to the Smart Case using a standard USB-C connector and can hold 8,000 photos or up to 45 minutes of video. The device, which measures 69mm x 40mm x 18mm, is designed to fit into a pocket to provide added protection and functionality to PogoCam. The Smart Case charges PogoCam in as short as 35 minutes and has the capacity to provide up to five recharges before being recharged itself. Once PogoCam is connected, all images and video are automatically transferred to an internal memory chip as well as any smartphones or devices connected via Bluetooth.
PogoLoop is a proprietary, patent-pending universal connector easily installed by opticians and consumers that supports the magnetic attachment of PogoCam and future eye wearables to almost all frames available on the market today. PogoLoop can remain attached to one’s eyeglass frame, thus providing the ability to quickly attach a camera for those photo moments one does not want to miss. It can also be removed and reinstalled as desired.
Vital Stats: PogoCam, including its wireless Smart Case and other accessories will have a suggested retail price of $149. When purchasing a PogoCam on PogoTec’s ecommerce site,, initial customers purchasing PogoCam will receive a free pair of fashion non-prescription sunglasses with PogoTrack. Customers will also receive PogoLoop with purchase, a small, flexible connector that allows PogoCam to be attached to almost any style of glasses or sunglasses. PogoLoop comes in multiple sizes and a template guide to help consumers choose the right size for their eyeglass frames.
According to PogoTec, PogoLoop will be available in a free adapter kit with purchase of PogoCam, which is planned to be available at thousands of consumer locations in 2017, including eyecare offices, optical shops, big box and specialty stores in the U.S. PogoCam and well-known branded non-prescription sunglasses with PogoTrack will be bundled for sale on the PogoCam ecommerce site, Prescription eyewear with PogoTrack will also be available in optical shops and eyecare offices in 2017. Additional channel partners are being added for 2018 and beyond.

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GPN Adds Features and Functions to The Edge Platform

Product: EdgePro
Top Line: GPN is debuting EdgePro, a significant enhancement to the company’s analysis software, The Edge. The expanded EdgePro platform includes new features making the practice analytics simpler to understand via a new “Opportunities Dashboard,” and highlighting lost revenue opportunities, as well as providing upgraded functionality for benchmarking, tracking, and spotlighting the relationships between products, services and fees that drive the business. EdgePro also offers mobile accessibility allowing users to view their data from any hand-held device.
Close Up: The new platform is based on a re-architected server environment that takes full advantage of modern cloud-based technologies, enabling the EdgePro suite to deliver at extremely fast speeds, regardless of the size of the practice, number of locations, or the amount of information being returned, the company said.
“This structural design will support the company’s rapidly growing client base as well as the up-and-coming developments and new features,” noted Evan Kestenbaum, GPN’s chief information officer. “EdgePro offers a re-organization of the traditional Edge data, re-grouping products and performance indicators, giving the user the ability to see and understand their business trends more easily, yet maintaining their ability to drill-down to the details for fuller exploration of key items.”
Vital Stats: EdgePro offers HIPAA-compliant collaborative relationships with Officemate, Revolution EHR, Compulink, Crystal PM, My Vision Express and MaximEyes. In addition, EdgePro is the only certified integrated partner for Eyefinity Practice Management and Acuity Logic. Soon to be added to the GPN family of HIPAA compliant relationships will be Foxfire and Uprise, the company said.
“EdgePro is the result of pairing top-flight data analysis and proprietary AI with thoughtful understanding of the real-world needs of practitioners. With this platform, we’re turning information into insight,” remarked GPN CEO and president, Jay Binkowitz.; (631) 626-9783

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