Laramy-K, OpticianWorks.com Launch Free Optician Training YouTube Channel

Product: Laramy-K Optical’s YouTube Channel
Top Line: As part of their education mission John Seegers, director of education and Keith Benjamin, director of marketing for Laramy-K Optical are now producing free, weekly training videos that cover a wide range of optician-related topics. The YouTube channel https://youtube.com/c/laramyk-optical features video lessons covering prism, Prentices Formula, the 30-45-60 rule and more.
“Laramy-K has always tried to be on the forefront in offering online educational material. In keeping with our mission to serve independent opticians, the Laramy-K YouTube channel will allow us to have a broader reach and ultimately help raise the bar for opticians everywhere,” said Janet Benjamin, president of Laramy-K.
Close Up: The series is presented in a friendly yet informative way and viewer participation is encouraged. According to John Seegers, “A new series on in-office finishing is currently in production. Our plan is to release video content that covers all the lessons from the OpticianWorks website and far beyond. Our production process is already evolving, we are trying our best to be different by providing videos that are both entertaining and educational.”
Vital Stats: Laramy-K Optical, the only exclusively-uncut laboratory in the U.S., established in 1989 in Indianola, Iowa is a leader in the use of free-form technology. The company offers a complete range of free-form and conventional uncut surfaced lenses and AR coatings, serving all industries.
OpticianWorks, established in 2008 and acquired by Laramy-K Optical in 2015 is the first 100 percent web-based education site for optician education. OpticianWorks training courses include optics, anatomy, optical products, sales and business management and finishing.
www.laramyk.com; http://opticianworks.com; (800) 525-1274

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New Eyefinity EHR Feature Reduces Clicks by Half

Product: Eyefinity EHR
Top Line: Eyefinity EHR video demonstrates the new functionality of the copy forward feature.
Close Up: Based on customer feedback, Eyefinity introduced its latest feature designed to reduce clicks/swipes in Eyefinity EHR. The copy forward feature in Eyefinity EHR allows the user to quickly document a new exam by duplicating a patient’s prior finalized exam. This enables the user to avoid having to select every element within the new exam, cutting exam taps and swipes in half. Copy forward is best used for annual comprehensive exams.
Vital Stats: Copy forward allows you to bring forward a prior finalized exam to today’s visit. It brings forward data such as the chief complaint, medication history, refractions, procedure codes, cup-to-disc ratio, and more. You can copy forward an exam that was previously done in ExamWriter. This is available on both the native iPad app and web. Watch this quick video for more information.
www.eyefinity.com; (800) 269-3666

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Precision Tool Technologies Offers Optional Thumb Hole Feature for Versi Trays

Product: Thumb Hole Option for Versi Trays
Top Line: Precision Tool Technologies now offers a optional thumb hole feature for its Versi Trays.
Close Up: The thumb holes in the sides of the trays make it easier for lab operators to carry the trays from station to station. Operators can hold the tray with a comfortable grip, especially when carrying an stack of trays.
Vital Stats: If you have an automated stacker and de-stacker Precision Tool Technologies can assist you to modify them if needed. This is an optional feature in Versi Trays in the standard 2.75-inch height as well as in 3.25-inch tall Versi Trays. All Versi Tray optional features can be seen on Precision Tool Technologies’ website.
www.precisiontooltech.com; (800) 450-8665

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