Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses Now Provide Mac and PC Screen Mirroring Through iDisplay

Product: Vuzix’s M300 Smart Glasses With iDisplay
Top Line: Vuzix’s M300 Smart Glasses now support iDisplay to provide screen mirroring and act as an additional display for a Mac or PC.
Close Up: With the iDisplay application installed on the M300, the M300 Smart Glasses transforms itself into a screen mirror for a Mac or Windows based PC by mirroring the computer's desktop directly into the display of the smart glasses. Users can also use their M300 Smart Glasses through iDisplay as an additional display by dragging and dropping part of your Mac or PC screen onto the M300 Smart Glasses. iDisplay works through Wifi or USB cable, and is used by individuals and organizations worldwide to enhance productivity and to organize their screen space in the best possible way.
Vital Stats: A demonstration video of the Vuzix M300 running the iDisplay application can be viewed through the following link: https://youtu.be/X6tsg-MoPI8. The iDisplay application, developed by Shape GmbH, is available from the major app stores.
www.vuzix.com; www.shape.ag

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MacuLogix Announces Communication Guide for Eye Care Professionals Who Diagnose and Treat AMD

Product: An eBook that provides ECPs with advice about communicating to patients who have been diagnosed with Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD).
Top Line: MacuLogix has released a step-by-step communication guide for eyecare professionals treating patients with AMD. The guide, “12 Ways to Turn an AMD Diagnosis into News That’s Worth Celebrating”, offers useful advice to help doctors improve delivery, with the goal of saving vision.
Close Up: Being diagnosed with a chronic, progressive disease that can lead to blindness is often difficult for patients to comprehend. For many eyecare professionals, it can also be particularly difficult to deliver this news to patients. Since the company’s AdaptDx automated dark adaptometer enables eyecare professionals to detect subclinical AMD three years earlier than it can be seen, MacuLogix published this eBook to help them deliver the diagnosis with confidence and improve long-term outcomes.
“How you deliver the message can make a significant difference in how a patient
perceives it—and how they act on it. To that end, good communication skills can set you apart as a practitioner and have a major impact on patients’ lives,” said Laurie Sorrenson, OD, owner of Lakeline Vision Source in Cedar Park, Texas, who collaborated with Maculogix to develop the guide. “Early diagnosis ought to be considered good news, but it can easily be misinterpreted as bad news, possibly resulting in less favorable outcomes.”
Vital Stats: “12 Ways to Turn an AMD Diagnosis into News That’s Worth Celebrating” is available online, free of charge, at www.maculogix.com/amdguide.

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IDOC Launches Redesigned Website

Product: www.idoc.net
Top Line: IDOC, a privately-held alliance of independent optometrists, has redesigned its website, idoc.net. The new site was designed in conjunction with Zero Gravity Marketing & Loyalty Benefits, which also administers IDOC’s business intelligence platform enabling IDOC to uncover data and insights to assist its members.
Close Up: The site has a clean, uncluttered design and improved functionality along with enhanced, rich content that’s focused on IDOC’s mission to help provide independent optometrists with the information, savings and expertise needed to help their businesses grow. The responsive site is optimized for mobile and is tablet friendly.
Vital Stats: New features of the refreshed, user-friendly idoc.net include:
• IDOC’s new, rebranded membership plans (IDOC Essential, IDOC Advisor, and IDOC Select).
• Improved enrollment process through the site.
• Exclusive content for members, including a blog with content from leading ODs and industry experts discussing trends and new technologies.
• Geo-targeted IDOC study group finder for ODs makes it easier to attend the 300+ local study group meetings IDOC holds every year.
• In-depth description and information on EDGEPro by GPN’s performance management tool.
In addition, the site is optimized with new video content to enhance the user experience and better connect with members. The new membership plans will be accompanied by video vignettes for further explanation of benefits, there are video testimonials from members, and members can get to know the IDOC staff with whom they are in frequent contact (dedicated account managers and consultants) through new video content.
www.idoc.net; (203) 853-3333

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