Phantom Offers Full-Featured Automatic Lens Tinter

Product: Phantom Automatic Lens Tinting Machine, Model 95
Top Line: The Model 95 from Phantom Research is a state-of-the-art, microcomputer-controlled, automatic lens tinting machine.
Close Up: The Model 95 features dual digital time displays to show the tinting cycle set time, and also the remaining cycle time. Developed for both solid and gradient tinting, the Model 95 offers line-free performance. The free-standing machine takes only seconds to set up, is easy to use and features virtually silent operation. The versatile arm can rotate 360 degrees, and can accommodate up to four pairs of lenses at one time. Other features include continuous agitation of the dye solution, a 30-second to 60-minute timer with dual digital time displays and an electronic beeper to indicate cycle completion.
Vital Stats: Package includes the automatic lens tinting machine, one lens holder (Model V1-RS), and a UL listed power adapter. Click here to see Phantom Research’s online catalog.; (800) 225-5559; (619) 449-7754

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EyeCarePro Adds Security Layer to All of Its Websites

Product: EyeCarePro Websites With SSL (Secured Sockets Layer)
Top Line: As optometric practices look at the security of their patient data, one of the greater vulnerabilities is the practice website. By adding SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) to all of its websites, EyeCarePro has significantly increased the transmission security of patient data when new and returning patients complete intake and appointment forms online.
Close Up: EyeCarePro has taken online security a step further by allowing HIPAA forms to be part of an eyecare practice’s home page, as pictured in the screen shot above. There is nothing to download and print and nothing to be emailed or sent through unsecured mechanisms. Completing an embedded form on a website protected by SSL means a patient’s data flows from the website to the eyecare practice’s office, or in many cases today, directly into the practice’s EHR system with little to no staff intervention. The end result is a safe and convenient way for patients to make an appointment and submit the data required, according to EyeCarePro.
Vital Stats: Many website addresses are unsecured, and this is indicated by http:// in the website address. Adding a layer of security to protect your site from hackers is called secured sockets layer or SSL and can be detected by looking at the beginning of a website address for https://. The “s” is an indicator of the site being secured by this software.
Google has announced that this is now a quality "signal" that they track and means that websites that are secure (have https://) will be seen more positively by the search engine giant. “While there are over 200 signals involved in a referral from Google, we can only surmise that this will lead to higher rankings and more importantly, more referrals to your website,” an EyeCarePro spokesperson said.; (415) 481-9008 (sales and consultation); (866) 886-4442 (support and service)

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eyebobs Website Features Clean Look, New Functions

Top Line: eyebobs is relaunching its website. The redesigned site looks cleaner and brighter, and is easier to read. Additional information is offered about each style, including frame measurements; material, shape and “size” are more clearly defined.
Close Up: Several new features have also been added:
• 360 photography allows customers to see frames from every angle
• Virtual try-on, which makes picking the perfect pair an entertaining proposition (available on desktop only)
• A wish list, so customers can let family and friends know what to get them for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
• Updated “My Account” functionality that serves up order status, order history, gift card balances, returns and more
• Expanded content to help customers shop and keep them in the know about all things eyebobs
• Customer reviews
• A call-out about “New Arrivals” and “Last Chance” at a glance
"The new eyebobs website gives our consumers a significantly improved experience, with 360 degree imaging, our new virtual try on tool, and a fresh look that takes the experience to another level. It maintains the ‘irreverent and slightly jaded’ personality our consumers have come to expect, and allows us to rapidly scale and expand into new categories,” said Mike Hollenstein, vice president, consumer direct, eyebobs.; (866) 393-2627

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