Optovue First in U.S. to Receive FDA Clearance for Corneal Epithelial Thickness Mapping

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Product: Epi-Mapping for iVue and iFusion OCT systems
Top Line: Optovue announced that U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared its epithelial thickness mapping software (epi-mapping) for quantitative measurements of the epithelial and stromal layers of the cornea. Epi-mapping is the first non-contact, quantitative method for corneal epithelia and stromal measurements, and it is the first and only FDA-cleared product indicated to provide corneal epithelia and stromal measurements that aid in the diagnosis, documentation and management of ocular health and diseases in the adult population.
Close Up: In epi-mapping clinical studies, disruptions of the epithelial layer were found in patients with all stages of keratoconus, a progressive eye disease in which the normally round cornea thins and begins to bulge into a cone-like shape. An irregular epithelial layer was also observed in dry eye disease, which affects nearly 20 million people in the U.S. If left undetected, these conditions can adversely impact refractive surgery outcomes. Pre-surgical assessment with epi-mapping could help determine whether patients are suitable for refractive procedures. Finally, epi-mapping also provides important information about how the eye is healing after refractive and corneal surgery.
Optovue’s new mapping software provides epithelial thickness information in a fast, non-contact and easy exam. Traditional epithelial measurements require high-frequency digital ultrasound and saline. In addition, epi-mapping software complements other diagnostic tests by providing different information about ocular health that may be clinically valuable prior to testing such as topography and tomography, or topography-guided procedures including LASIK and PRK.
Vital Stats: Epi-mapping is commercially available on the iVue and iFusion OCT systems, and will be highlighted at the upcoming Vision Expo West meeting in Las Vegas, September 13-16, 2017, and the American Academy of Ophthalmology meeting in New Orleans, November 11-14, 2017.
www.optovue.com; (866) 941-9240; (510) 743-0985

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Optometry Translation App Now Available on Apple and Google Play Stores

Product: OpTranslate Optometry Translation App
Top Line: OpTranslate is a mobile app that helps optometrists conduct eye exams on non-English speaking patients. It was developed by Dmitriy Richter, a third-year optometry student at the New England College of Optometry.
Close Up: Currently available in Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Haitian Creole, the mobile app is designed to train eyecare professionals to become competent multi-lingual practitioners, expanding their range of practice and enhancing the doctor-patient relationship through improved communication. Future languages in development (free of charge) include Mandarin, Russian, Hindi, Korean, and Vietnamese, according to Richter.
• A full comprehensive eye exam split into six sections, available in all languages. Additional sections include contact lens exams, binocular vision testing, and pre-written diagnoses.
• Helpful written explanations, patient education resources, and labeled diagrams make the doctor-patient connection stronger than ever.
• A simple and intuitive layout, comprehensive glossary, offline capability, and language quizzes help train the optometrist into a multi-lingual provider.
• OpTranslate is ad-free. There are no monthly subscription fee and no future paid upgrades.
Vital Stats: The app is available from the Apple and Google Play stores. OpTranslate is available in all countries and territories for $4.99 USD. The app runs on iOS 8.0 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets.
www.optranslate.com, www.facebook.com/OpTranslate, OpTranslate.App@gmail.com, or Twitter @OpTranslateApp.

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AmSun Launches Website Highlighting Sunwear Production Services

Product: americansunglassmanufacturing.com
Top Line: American Sunglass Manufacturing, a U.S.-based company with over 30 years of experience in sunglass and Rx manufacturing, has launched a new website featuring its on-time sun lens edging and sunglass assembly services.
Close Up: Targeted primarily to frame manufacturers, sunglass companies, and Rx frame lines, the website also highlights the company’s model design capabilities and fulfillment services. The company’s mission is “to help eyewear businesses worldwide develop quality lens products using U.S. resources when possible,” from start-ups and e-commerce to retail brands.
“A key goal of the AmSun website is to communicate to frame and sunglass companies that we can help them expand their product offering, and are equipped to be an integral part of their production team,” said Patricia Machado, president of AmSun. “We are reaching out to sunglass companies that wish to offer Rx, and Rx frame lines that want to include sunwear. Whether they simply need assembly of eyewear components, or full production of their Rx sunwear products, we can get the job done with a quick turnaround.”
In addition, through its partnership with Augen Optics Rx Lab of San Diego, Calif., AmSun can offer branded sunglass companies the option to compete in the U.S. sun lens market with a full or partial “Made in the USA” product claim.
“We are excited to let more businesses know about our sunlens expertise with the launch of this website,” Machado added. “We have already partnered with many large and small companies to produce branded sun lens products from start to finish with a ‘Made in the USA’ product claim.”
Vital Stats: The Augen Optics laboratory is equipped with three MEI Sphera 3 edging machines capable of edging over 4,000 lens pairs per day. The lab’s website includes a YouTube video showcasing the production equipment and capabilities.
In addition to its AmSun collaboration, Augen Optics Rx Lab offers injection molding services through its partners and parent company, Augen Optics USA, and has in-house engineering capabilities to generate any frame or lens design from scratch using 3D auto-cad drawings and modeling.
www.americansunglassmanufacturing.com; (866) 284-3611; (619) 575-0697; Patricia@AmericanSunglassManufacturing.com.

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