Modernizing Medicine Announces Enhanced Image Management for Ophthalmology EHR System

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Product: modmed Ophthalmology, now with EMA electronic health record system, EMA and new image management feature
Top Line: Specialty-specific health information technology company Modernizing Medicine showcased its expanded solution suite, modmed Ophthalmology, including the award winning electronic health record (EHR) system, EMA, and new Image Management feature, earlier this month at American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) in New Orleans, La.
Close Up: Modernizing Medicine demonstrated its ophthalmic image management solution designed to provide centralized access to patient diagnostic images and reports and interface with diagnostic imaging devices including OCTs, visual fields, corneal topographers and fundus cameras.
The company also showcased the MIPS solution in EMA that lets clients collect their MIPS data within the flow of the exam; track their MIPS composite score and progress on each measure; benchmark their performance against peers; and potentially earn ACI bonus points with their Specialized Registries.
Vital Stats: Modernizing Medicine also demonstrated solutions in the modmed ophthalmology suite including:
• EMA, the ophthalmology-specific EHR system developed by practicing ophthalmologists. This cloud-based system is available on a native iPad application and includes built-in medical wisdom for ophthalmic subspecialties, including retina, ocular plastic surgery, cataracts and refractive surgery, cornea, glaucoma and more. It knows the ophthalmologist’s workflow and helps physicians move through exams faster, automates outputs and saves time with predictive algorithms.
• EMA’s built in MIPS composite score reporting and data submission.
• modmed kiosk, a native iPad application designed to help increase patient engagement and save staff time by enabling patients to perform self-service tasks at the doctor’s office.
• Practice Management—a seamless system that functions in conjunction with EMA.
• Analytics—a platform that allows practices to turn data into insights, from enterprise to a patient level, to improve clinical, financial and operational performance.
• Mapping to AAO’s IRIS registry (Intelligent Research in Sight), the world’s largest eye disease and condition registry.; (561) 880-2998

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Topcon’s Aladdin Biometer and Corneal Topographer HW3.0 Incorporates the Olsen IOL Calculation Formula

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Product: Aladdin HW3.0
Top Line: Topcon Medical Systems announced that its Aladdin biometer with corneal topography HW3.0 incorporates the Olsen IOL calculation formula in its latest software. The addition of the Olsen formula to the already robust software of the Aladdin offers an even wider selection for surgeons to calculate intraocular
lens power with precision and confidence, the company said.
Close Up: The Olsen formula utilizes a newly developed concept by Thomas Olsen, MD, called the C-constant which predicts the Effective Lens Position (ELP) when performing in-the-bag IOL implants. This model also predicts the lens position of anterior chamber IOLs.
“If you have accurate measurements of lens thickness together with anterior chamber depth, then you have a very accurate method of predicting the physical location of the IOL after surgery. This is what the C constant is about,” Dr. Olsen told the Review of Ophthalmology.; (800) 223-1130

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Olympus Launches Smart Glasses for Business Applications

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Product: EyeTrek Insight EI-10 smart glasses
Top Line: Olympus America is launching the EyeTrek Insight EI-10 smart glasses in the U.S. The patented optical system in the EI-10 enables users to see its display without blocking eyesight and easily access information whenever needed without interfering with their activities.
Close Up: Within its lightweight and compact form factor, the EI-10 incorporates both wireless LAN and Bluetooth technology for wireless connection to a network or to peripheral devices. The EI-10's long battery life and hot swap capabilities allow for extended use in a variety of demanding business settings.
The EI-10 is equipped with an attachment mechanism that allows it to be easily mounted to safety glasses or prescription glasses, so it can be used in a variety of environments with varying safety requirements and business use cases. Embedded sensors allow for easy navigation of the user interface and applications, which include photo and video capture and playback, QR code reader, and utility functions for custom developed applications.
The EI-10 is equipped with the Android operating system and users are able to develop customized applications via the development tools provided by Olympus. Additionally, Olympus is currently partnering with product and software developers to further enhance users' experiences with the El-10.
Partners including Rochester Optical, a leading optical wholesaler, have worked with Olympus to develop prescription eyeglass frames with an integrated EI-10 mounting mechanism. Westunitis, a Japan-based software company, provides business solution software for use with the EI-10.
Olympus will continue to build their partner portfolio to facilitate the development of new opportunities and applications for the El-10 user.
Vital Stats:
• Compact, lightweight design optimized for extended use across business applications
• Wireless LAN and Bluetooth for wireless connection to various networks and devices
• Unique optical technology with a semi-transparent effect allows visualization of images and data without impeding eyesight
• Incorporated sensors allow for a wide variety of custom-developed user applications
• Android-based with robust development tools for product integration and application development
The EyeTrek Insight EI-10 will be available in November for an estimated street price of $1,499.99. For a complete list of specifications, or for more information, visit the Olympus website:

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